MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit without Saying a Word

MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit without Saying a Word


In my last article entitled . How to succeed in MLM without
really trying, we discussed limiting your recruiting
efforts only to those people who have indicated a
discontent or an unwanted condition in their life.

Once the prospect indicates an unwanted condition, it will
be your impulse to pounce all over your prospect and tell
them about your great company, your great product and your
great compensation plan. You will feel a very strong urge
to overwhelm your prospect with all of the reasons why your Network Marketing business opportunity is the best thing for them to help
them solve their problem.

The minute you start selling your prospect, you run a
VERY high risk of coming across as someone who has been
poised and waiting for the opportunity to strike. You run
the risk of losing your credibility and damaging your
relationship with your Network Marketing prospect.

So, the questions is, what DO you do?

The answer is nothing .let me repeat that,do nothing!

Don’t talk about your business, your product, your company,
your opportunity. Don’t utter a single word about your MLM

The best thing you can do at this point is to wait. Wait
for 24 to 48 hours. THEN you can approach your prospect with
a possible solution to their problem.

Why wait? Because waiting will demonstrate to your
prospect that you have given some sincere consideration as
to weather or not your opportunity is right for them. It
shows that you have thought about them, and their unwanted
condition. It shows that you are offering a solution to
your prospect’s problem rather than just trying to build
your own organization.

24 to 48 hours has passed since you met with your prospect
and discovered their unwanted condition, or their

Now it’s time to follow up with your MLM prospect and
demonstrate your sincere interest in your prospect’s
unwanted condition by letting them know that you have been
thinking abut them and their situation and that there may
be a solution.

You might say something like ,Hey Bob, I have been thinking
about what you said the other day about not being able to
afford a vacation this year were you kidding me, or were
you dead serious?

If your prospect confirms that they were serious, this is
where you now ask your prospect if they would be interested
in exploring a possible solution to their discontent. Say
something like If you could find a way to be able to
afford more vacations, would you want the information?

There are really only two answers here – either they would be
interested in exploring a possible solution, or they
wouldn’t. If they are not interested in a possible
solution to their discontent, that should tell you that
they are not likely serious enough about solving their
problem to be a strong candidate for your business.

Terminate the prospecting process right here, but continue
with the relationship. This way, you remove yourself from
the equation before you reach a point where the prospect
can say no to your business proposal.

If, o­n the other hand, your prospect demonstrates and
interest in considering a solution, simply lead them to
your marketing system.

Working your warm market leads in this fashion will help
you determine who your best prospects are, and it will lead
them to your business opportunity at the right time for
them, and for the right reasons for them.

Watch for my next article; 100% rejection free MLM
prospecting in Network Marketing.

Steve Lowell is president of SJ Lowell Inc. in Ottawa,
Ontario Canada; a business consulting firm and founder of
The MLM Executive Round Table at
Register for the free 30 day MLM Daily Meeting Minute and
receive powerful network marketing tips each day for 30

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doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Recruiting- MLM ONLINE RECRUITING 101 for Network Marketing

MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Recruiting- MLM ONLINE RECRUITING 101 for Network Marketing

 By Doug Firebaugh
Recruiting on the Internet in MLM is very popular! Yet, there are still many folks who are hesitant to jump into the arena of the Internet. I assure you the best way of learning HOW to use the Internet is to just do it!

And if you have already chosen to be a part of the Internet culture, then we congratulate you on a decision that we believe is where you need to be. The recruiting process on the Internet is NOT unlike the process offline, you still must prospect, contact, present, follow up, get the decision, and train and duplicate. But you need to understand that there MUST be a methodical process of creating the environment for attracting people to your website and then to ATTRACT them to your Network Marketing business.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONLINE MARKETING SECRET: There is a LIVE HUMAN BEING behind the computer monitor that you are trying to recruit. Treat them as such, and with respect and professionalism. This is one of the Foundation Secrets that you must understand.

Everybody you prospect to on the Internet is breathing, has goals and dreams and understands that there is more to life than just surviving. And giving your prospect PERSONAL attention is even MORE important on the Internet than it is offline!

You MUST understand that your emails and ALL your communication is being read by a LIVE, BREATHING, HUMAN BEING on ‘the other side’ of the computer screen. I repeat this because even though it is obvious to most people, most people on the Internet fail to ACT like it in their MLM recruiting efforts.

RELATIONSHIPS are just as important over the Internet as it is offline. Sometimes even more important, since today’s marketing methods on the Internet are not all done professionally.

Remember, the same principles hold true for building relationships on the Internet. It usually takes a series of consistent exposures. It takes time to build trust. And personalization is VERY important, especially on the Internet and MLM recruiting.

Everyone wants to be treated well, and with respect. And they also want to feel that they are special. So with your understanding that there is a LIVE human being on the other side of the computer screen. You need to create the scenario that you may go beyond the computer.

You MUST CONNECT with your person OFFLINE after gaining their interest, to create the start of the relationship, usually via telephone.

The other side of that computer monitor is a very special place that you must always keep in mind when recruiting, as that will determine a lot of where your recruiting grows, or doesn’t grow.


1) To FEEL they are respected for who they are and their values honored.

2) To FEEL that someone cares about them instead of just want to recruit them.

3) To establish a connection with someone they FEEL they can trust and can help LEAD them to success!

If you can TOUCH, then TELL, you will much more likely to have a viable prospect than not.

Ask them about:

Family. Interests. Success. Hobbies. Career.

We call that the ‘FISH-C Formula’ for Connecting.

EMAIL 101:

ALWAYS Use a Signature (sig) File!
This is free advertising for your company and for you. I cannot believe how many emails I still get from folks who don’t use this great feature….it will be in the ‘options’ section on the navigation bar in your email program. In your Signature File, you should ALWAYS include your name, email address, phone number and website address. Yes, include your phone number! You want to be personal right? They MIGHT want to call you directly!


Having a website is a MUST. Here’s a few basics about getting your own website if you don’t already have one, and how to increase traffic to generate more leads and a larger warm market on the Internet. Your advertising focus MUST be on getting people to visit your website.

Have you noticed that EVERY type of media now advertises their website? Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, every advertisement you see or listen to now advertises their website encouraging you to visit. Why? Convenience and Culture. Everyone who has Internet access can check out your information at THEIR convenience, and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, is part of our Culture now. AND it’s cost effective!

A Network Marketing distributor website with PULLING POWER is a strong indication of the seriousness you and your company project, and most companies today have a website
that can be pointed to and accessed for information and links. Even though most are limited to what they allow you to do as a distributor, you still need a ‘visual commercial’ on the Internet, and company websites will work fine. And there are some HOT company sites out there.

Always CROSS-MARKET. Always advertise your website AND your phone number. This way anyone can contact you to get the information they need.

Not everyone has DSL. Some are still on dial up.  And some people will still prefer to call you to answer questions or build the personal contact that is required to form a relationship. If you have your own recruiting website, that is best. You will be able to have it designed and programmed to do exactly what YOU want.

However, it can be very expensive. There are several ‘self-replicating’ websites with pre-programmed web pages designed for recruiting out there. A self-replicating website offers EASY DUPLICATION.  You go to the website, enter some information and sign up, then you can have your own personalized version of a main website.

Many of these websites are free, and the best looking sites may not be your company’s own website. But, if your company offers a self-replicating site that is personalized, utilize it!   Get ALL your downline using this training system! And it’s great for prospecting too.

Everyone wants something FREE! Even other networkers can’t say no to at least checking out your website, and maybe your opportunity later. You probably won’t actually be selling anything from this website, but it’s a great way to increase your leads and start building new relationships. Use them as a learning tool!

One thing you must learn in recruiting on the Internet. YOU MUST DO SOMETHING!

Just do something EVERY day. Persistency and consistency are two the best skills in Internet marketing. Continue trying new advertising methods and new websites to increase traffic. Make sure you follow up with every email you receive, offer something of VALUE to them. Tell them about a great new e-zine of yours that they can subscribe to for free or some other item that keeps your message in front of them on an ongoing basis!

Having your own website will work best for bringing people off-line to online. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, strangers, everyone to visit your website. Call them and personally invite them to check it out.

Just say, ‘Hi Betty, this is David, do you have a second? Great! I need your help on something. I have a new website and I really wanted to get your input on it. I think it is something you will be interested in when you’re finished will you give me a call back so we can chat? Thanks Betty.’

How difficult was that? You MUST learn to think ‘outside the box’. Get people curious. Be personal. Then you will be more effective.  Your success depends proportionately on your activities and attitude! Most people always seem to find what they’re looking for. Are you looking for Success or failure?

Remember, learning is a continuous process and if stop learning, you stop living. Learning HOW to effectively use the Internet for recruiting does take time and effort, but YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


In network marketing, whether online and offline, the Fortune is in the Follow Up!
If you are going to be successful recruiting on the Internet,  you MUST follow up with your interested prospects. Would you discover a gold mine and not finish the digging?

It is the same concept. So many people are afraid to complete the process because they are afraid someone will tell them ‘NO’. Here’s My Secret: It’s not the YES’s in this business that create wealth. It’s the NO’s. You will get a NO the majority of the time. But those with the biggest pile of No’s create wealth in the long run.

 How you handle the No’s will determine if it will be wealth, or only a wish to be successful in your network marketing business and in life.

You are in the business of COLLECTING DECISIONS. It doesn’t matter if it is a YES or a NO. Either way, you must collect them! You MUST FOLLOW UP to collect the decision, and that is where you make your money — getting the decision. Especially on the internet.

For every 12 No’s you get, you most likely will get a Yes. Fear plays a lot in recruiting on the Internet because many folks have fear that the results they want will not happen. You generally get in this business what you expect to get.  And you generally don’t get what you don’t ALLOW to be in your life. If you collect a LOT of decisions, you will make a LOT of money. If you collect a few decisions, you will make a few dollars.

The more you follow up, the more your check will go up! Believe it or not, over 80% of network marketers NEVER follow up!

And I bet if you did the opposite, and followed up on 80% of your interested prospects you would create an MLM money machine that would create WEALTH from the Internet.


Less than 30% of the distributors we surveyed had a system of following up, and contacted the people on a methodical basis they had sent information to.

Less than 10% did that daily! Can you believe that?

And the answer we got when we asked them, ‘Why didn’t you follow up?’ was consistently ‘If they are interested, they would have called me.’ Most folks will not call you back because they see that as your responsibility, and many want to see how serious you are about your business.

The fortune you are seeking is not in the prospecting, not in the contacting, not in the presentation, nor the website, nor advertising (online or offline.)They all help to determine the
ultimate result. But If you don’t follow up, you will NEVER sign them up! If you just follow up on the prospects you have, you can triple your income fairly quickly. Consistent follow up when recruiting, screams LEADERSHIP!

How many folks will get excited about something that you aren’t excited enough over to call them back to seek their opinion? The CONSISTENCY in your follow up will mostly determine the consistency in your paycheck.  There is a gold mine in front of you, but you must dig. You must labor to find the gold vein that is within the mine. It is there, yet most people walk away from it laying down their shovels and fortunes, in return for an easier way to get through life and living off of the fool’s gold that other miners cast aside. Don’t lay down your shovel and accept fool’s gold that only fools will try and cash in. Your gold mine is in your list of follow ups.

There is a breathing human being on the other side of the computer monitor. NEVER forget it and you won’t be forgotten. Keep the focus on them and only on them. They will FEEL that you are sincere, personal and have THEIR best interest at heart, which probably will mean they will take you more seriously as a Network Marketing recruiter on the internet!ing Trxperts


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiting- The KEY Phrases for Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 3.

MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiting- The KEY Phrases for Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 3.


The KEY Phrases for MLM Recruiting.

Here are some KEY words and Phrase for Network Marketing Recruiting:

1)”Secondary revenue source”
2)”Introducing into the business community”
3) “Run across an idea”
4) ” I am a small business owner like you”
5) “I Need your input(insight)”
6) “Increase your revenue stream”
7) “Expand your potential market base”
8) “Increase market value of your contacts”
9) ” I am new in the business community, and introducing
10) “I have an idea that I would like to run past you on
increasing revenues.”
11) ” Revenue Option”
12) ” Market Expansion Tool”
13) “An idea that has impact on the bottom line”
14) ” A value based idea that can improve revenues”
15) ” From one professional to Another.”

These work very they have the terminology that a lot
of business professionals can relate to.Come up with some of
your own.

There are also words and phrases you NEVER use!

And yes, you may get some questions.
And yes, you may get some objections.
And yes you may get some negative responses.


There is a way to turn that into a “Professional
Value”, and get the small business owner on your side.
And also there is a Gold Mine in every office that you call

Plus there are MLM Secrets of recruiting Small business owners
that are Magnetic!!!

What is it?.And what are they?

You will learn all that in part 2. Next week.of a 3 Part series.




doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI / all rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 2

MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 2


Now the question is..

How do you initially approach them?

The MLM Small Business Owner Approach.

The best way to approach them about Network Marketing is in a VERY Professional manner and with a VERY Professional verbiage.


The less you say, the more chance you have of getting an appointment, warm market or not.The more professionalism you have, the less negative responses you will get.

Here are several KILLER approaches for the telephone/Face to
face for .


” Hello Ben? This is Mary, and I need your help on
something.I am introducing into the business community a new idea that could really impact revenues for small business owners.I would like your input and insights as to how it could be
applied to this community.when do you have10 minutes?”

“Hello Ben? This is Mary.listen.I have run across an idea that I believe can increase revenues for many small businesses in our has tremendous value, and I need your help and input as to how to introduce it into our Locale.when do you have 10 minutes?”

” Hello Ben? This is Mary, and do you feel that increasing revenues in your business would be something that we could spend 10 minutes discussing?”

“Hello Ben? This is Mary.I really need your expertise on something.I have run across a way that small business owners can substantially increase their revenues and am looking for the best way to introduce it into the marketplace. When are
you available for about 10 minutes?”

“Hello Ben? I need your help on a project I am getting ready to introduce into the business community. You are very well versed in business, and I want to run an idea past you and you give me your thoughts on the value of it as a secondary revenue stream to small business owners.”


Hello.My name is Doug, and like you, I am a Business owner in this community.I am simply introducing myself to folks like yourself, and also an idea that has proven to increase revenues substantially for small business owners like you and me.May I drop in for a 10 minute visit this week to simply introduce myself? I would love to meet you and learn more about your business.and share an idea that could increase your profitability.”

Also, you can send out a short letter/ email simply saying basically the same thing.

Dear Jamie.
My name is Doug, and like you, I am a small business owner here in the local business community. The reason for the letter, I have found an idea that can help increase revenues for small business owners substantially. I simply would love to meet you, learn a little about your business, and share an idea that has helped me. I will be in touch to see when what day would be convenient.

Professionally Yours.

These are just a few of the ways you can approach small business professionals for your MLM and Network Marketing Business.



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 1

MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Recruiting- Recruiting the Small Business Owner- Part 1


The MLM Recruiting Gold Mine.

There is a virtual Gold Mine out in the marketplace for network marketing that is being virtually ignored by most folks.

The Small Business Professional.

And this Gold mine is endless as far as potential, possibilities, and profit.
We all need to get into our warm market, and rarely is a warm market totally exhausted.

But we ALL know small business professionals in our warm market, and they are a lot of times very willing to take a look at a “secondary revenue source” and an MLM Business..


When approaching small business owners or professionals for Network Marketing, you MUST use the right words and phrases or you will turn them off.

Who would be some small business professionals?

1) Print Shop Managers/Owners.
2) Book Store Managers/ Owners
3) Restaurant Manager/ Owner
4) CPA
5) Attorney
6) Stock Broker
7) Jewelry Store Manager/Owner
8) Service Station Owner
9) Local Pharmacy owner
10) Grocery Store Owner/ manager
11) Book keepers
12) Fitness Trainers
13) Health Professionals
14) Medical professionals
15) Consultants

The List is endless. Everywhere you look is a potential Gold Mine for your Network Marketing business. Look in the yellow pages, and the Chamber of Commerce.You will be shocked how large the market is.


Try to stay within the range of 10- 25 employees to start off.This is a good number and usually the owner is in a position to make the decisions without a lot of red tape.

The small business owner is a Gold Mine in MLM and Network Marketing.




doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI / all rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting


by Doug Firebaugh

MLM Success Muscles.

There is a Law of Success called the Law of Resistance…

And it says that there is no success without resistance to build your ‘Success Muscles‘..

Resistance is everything in fitness training…there must be resistance on the
muscles in order to build and develop them to the size and shape you want…

The resistance or opposing force on your muscles, forces them to work in a
manner that will create new opportunities for them to expand due to the pressure exerted on them….

The body sends the right nutrients and muscle building material to create and solidify the growth.

It is the same in MLM Recruiting….

There is NO Success in Network Marketing recruiting without having resistance, and you will never grow in your skillset if you don’t encounter the word ‘NO’ and negative responses…

When you do, your brain can send you ‘Muscle building nutrients’ to build your resolve, determination, focus… and skillset…

What happens when you hear the word NO is simple…

You take it as a negative and look at it as you have done something wrong… (Subconscious thinking)…

It’s part of being human….

But what you are not aware of is that certain Success Forces were put into
motion in you and your business that you can either work for you…. or against you…

It’s called ‘Resistance…’

The word NO… or Opposing Force in your recruiting attempt stretched you a little in your mind and emotions and forced you to react in some manner… you decide how you respond… positive or negative… your choice…..

But the moment that you look at negatives or resistance as BUILDING YOU….  AND YOUR MLM BUSINESS…. and an integral part of it, you will have tapped into the power of the Opposing Force in MLM

And you will get better… simply from the mental/emotional resistance that FORCES you to grow and expand who you are…

As you grow…so goes your business and recruiting…

Network Marketing Success Growth.

You will get:

1) Better at neutralizing objections…
2) Better at staying emotionally motivated…
3) Better at doing riveting presentations….
4) Better at building energy in you and people…
5) Better at finding the RIGHT people….
6) Better at handling the pressure and resistance of the word NO….
7) Building your confidence to do this business…
8) Building Your Focus…

And if all of the above happens…. you will need to open yourself a NEW bank account…

And there will be NO resistance on your part to do that I am sure…. (smile)

Simply…Resistance builds your ‘MLM Recruiting Success Muscles’…

And they are built One ‘NO’ or Negative Comment at a Time…..

Without it… you never will obtain the Emotional Strength, Recruiting Mastery, and Success that you seek… H

‘I wouldn’t be interested’…

‘This is a pyramid’…

‘I don’t have the time’…

and any other negative opposing comment has tremendous value to your future in MLM…

Each time you hear them… and the resistance happens… you are building you a little more on the INSIDE… to make it easier to work this business on them OUTSIDE…

HOT Training Resource- “Getting Ready for W.A.R.- Winning the Success Battle!”

The Last MLM Word.

Remember…the last word in resistance is ‘stance’…

Take a ‘mental stance’ that all negatives in MLM are building you and your

Like sore muscles, it may hurt for a little bit….

But once those ‘MLM Recruiting Muscles’ are built…and THEY WILL BE…

Then…You will be the ‘Schwartzneger’ of Network Marketing Recruiting!





doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI / all rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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MLM Network Marketing Training Retail To Recruit for MLM Success –

MLM Network Marketing Training Retail To Recruit for MLM Success –

MLM Network Marketing Training- Reatil to Recruit in Network Marketing

Hey Guys! HOT Article!!! DF

The MLM Challenge.

We’re all aware of how difficult it is to find business builders.

To me a business builder is one who wants to start their own business and not do it as a hobby. They want to have all the advantages of having their own business.

This can be tough…Even with the best recruiting techniques.

For me one of the better ways to find business builders is to Retail to Recruit.

Personally I think your MLM business should be made up of 75% retail customers and 25% business builders.


Having more retail customers ordering from you week after week, month after month, year after year creates that residual income we all want. Plus you now have an army of customers that are spreading the word about your products. People will talk more freely about products that are doing well for them, then they will about a business opportunity.

In one case people feel they are sharing, in the other they feel like they are selling (guess which one?).

When people talk about products they’re sharing an experience, when they’re talking about a business opportunity they feel like they’re selling. It’ a shame really you should feel the same way about both.

Anyway in my company we make great money with retail sales and business builders. But It’s easier to find retail customers than business builders, plus your income is generated faster. (of course that depends on your pay plan, for example I get paid every week with ours).

The Network Marketing Paradox.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think it’s easier to introduce the idea to someone who is in love with your product/service they can have their own business or to someone who has never tried your product or service?

Kinda of a dumb question, because I know you know the answer.

Once someone has been using you product for about 30 days or so. And before I go on I trust you have been in contact with your MLM customer to see how he/she likes using your product. More importantly have they used your product at all.

You would be surprised at how many people will buy a product and not use it.

If you do come across someone who has not used your product don’t say “WHY NOT”.

Tell a story.

For example, lets say you sell product XYZ and you called a customer and they have not use it yet.

Me.. “Hi Bob, this is Duffy how do you like XYZ?”

Bob.. “Oh I have not tried it yet it’s still in the box, no time to busy”

Me.. “I can relate to that Bob. When I first started taking XYZ I started noticing a difference after only 3 days, I could fall asleep faster and I woke up more refreshed and with more energy and I am getting the same feedback from my other customers as well. I’ll give you a call in few days and see how you’re doing. Talk to you then, have a great night.”

I did not challenge him, I accepted his excuse and I went on to tell him a story of how XYZ has helped me. Do you think he is going to leave your product in the box for one more day…I doubt it.

But even if he does, just keep telling stories of the things XYZ is doing for you and others.

However, if your customer has not tried your product after 2 or 3 phone calls (5 or 7 days). Personally I would offer them a refund. With that the customer will either say no and try your product, or they will accept your offer. If so, great, either way it’s a win-win.

The MLM Reorder.

Ok, it’s been 30 days or so since your customer has been using your product and they love it, what now?

The next time you talk to a customer you can say something like this:

According to my records, it’s time for you to reorder. How would you like to save up to $10 off your next purchase? For every name you give me of someone I can send a brochure to, I’ll give you $1 off up to $10. Is that fair?


If they are internet customers you would be offering them a $10 rebate after they place their next order. The above is for local customers that you are personally delivering your product to.

This is a great way to get warm leads.

Then you take a flyer or brochure and put a yellow sticky note on it and say Hi “Sally” Mary Jones has been taking this product and feels great and thought you might be interested. Your name, your address your phone number.

Then, after you mail the info to the referrals, you call them in a few days. And say:

Hi Sally. This is Your Name, You don’t know me but Mary Jones asked that I send you a brochure. Did you get that brochure? Listen, our product is helping a lot of people around the country–it’s helped Mary.

The product is less than a dollar and a half a day and it’s got 100% money back guarantee. Would you like to try it or do you know anyone who’d like to try it?

The MLM Money Breakdown.

I used what it costs to use my product each day for the above example, replace that with the break down of your products cost per day.

Now it’s been about 2 months after your original customers first purchase. Depending on your products user rate you may have talked to them as little as 2 times, but that’s ok.

Now say something like this:

Hello _______ How are you doing?

Have you experienced any additional positive results with your product?

Listen, I can’t offer you a discount this time. “4” of the people of the “10” names you gave me are on the product and they’re loving the product. They’re going to reorder the product. Would you like to supply them and make the profit or would you rather I supply them?

If they say they would like to earn the profit, show them your presentation.

You’re retailing to recruit in MLM and Network Marketing.

Until next time.

To Your MLM Success
Duffy Rogan

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doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Recruiting-How Do You Recruit People in MLM?

MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Recruiting-How Do You Recruit People in MLM?


The MLM Recruiting Question.

I get this question a lot.

And the answer is I don’t recruit people, people recruit themselves.

Now your saying…What?

I set goals each week. This week for example my plan is to talk to 7 people about my MLM business opportunity. But I may need to talk to 20 people to find those 7 to talk to.

What do I mean?

I listen to people.

I listen to people.

One more time…

I listen to people.

If I here someone talking about how their having financial troubles (who isn’t). I would say something like this to them.

“Have you thought about doing something about it?”

If they answer “No”. And many people will say no, I forget about them. Why would I want to convince someone they may need my help. Most people do, but most people don’t want it, and that’s just fine. That is all part of mlm recruiting.

The MLM Recruiting Secret.

I’m only looking for people that want my help.

So if a person says “Yes”. They have just raised their hand and said “I’m looking for help”.

Plus I have been given permission by them to give them a presentation. I have over 10 different presentations I could give, but of course I have my favorite one.

You see, by only talking to people that raise their hand I have rejection free prospecting. And I can tell you that’s a lot better then being on the phone for 10 hours a day hearing the word no and waiting for that yes.

That is NOT network marketing recruiting success.

Three MLM Recruiting Secrets.

To save yourself a lot of aggravation here’s what I suggest.

1) Start listening to people. Listen for people that say to you “I’m Ready”

2) Set weekly goals of how many people your going to talk to, and I mean give a full presentation of your opportunity.

3) Only talk to people that raise their hand to you and say “I’m Ready”.

Remember no matter how you cut it, it’s a numbers game for Success.

But you have to decide, do you want to work hard or work smart.

Until next time.

To Your MLM Success
Duffy Rogan


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doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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MLM Network Marketing Training- The Ten Commandments of WILDFIRE MLM Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Training- The Ten Commandments of WILDFIRE MLM Recruiting


What is an MLM “WildFire?

It is a Fire that is out of control, and consumes anything in it’s path. That is the type of recruiting you need….WildFire Recruiting. Blazing, Hot, and OnFIRE with Focus, Purpose, Passion, and Power. Ignite a WildFire in your group and watch your Recruiting go WILD! Here the “Ten Commandments for WildFire Recruiting!”

1)”Thou Shalt Make the Prospect Comfortable.” You must make the prospect comfortable quickly, and keep them in a comfortable state of mind. How do you do that?

Simple. You must be comfortable with what you are doing, and showing no pressure at all in your conversation, and keeping it warm and friendly in what you say and do. And keep talking about them, what interests them and what they are looking for. People are comfortable talking about what interests them, not you.

2)“Thou Shalt keep the Conversation Focused on the Prospect.” The prospect is listening to a particular radio station – KIA-AM. It is a VERY important radio station to the prospect.

It is radio “Keep It All About Me”.

You must keep the Network Marketing conversation focused on what they want to see happen in their life, and their future. Focus on them and them only, and continue to ask questions and keep a “TINY” focus- “Their Interests Not Yours!” It’s ALL about the prospect. Keep your focus on them.

3)“Thou Shalt Build Trust.” If the prospect does not trust you, than you will not recruit them. You MUST get them to trust you, as this is one of the cornerstones of recruiting. Come across as “agenda-less” and no motives, except to see if your business is something they would want to explore. And operate in total integrity.

If you don’t, it will catch up with you. Keep their life in focus, not yours. If you do, your business will become a greater focus to the prospect.

4)“Thou Shalt Hear the Prospect, not just Listen.” Many people listen to an MLM prospect, but few hear the prospect. The prospect will tell you all you need to know to recruit them, if you hear what they are saying. Listening is processing the words, but not the meaning and emotions. Most people are too busy thinking what they are going to say next, to ever hear a prospect.

“Would you please tell me what you meant by that? That was interesting…” or “Tell me what you are really are looking for in life…” are good statement for hearing. Those that listen with the ears have shallow listening…those that listen with the heart and to the emotions, have Success Listening, and actually hear the prospect with a depth that is Magnetic to Success.

5)“Thou Shalt Take the Pressure off the Prospect.” So many folks in this industry, have a tendency to put some form of pressure on the prospect thinking that will help motivate them. It doesn’t. Pressure is a sure way of pushing the prospect away, and their defenses going up.

Take the pressure off with a “Pressure Valve” phrase, like “I am not sure this is something that is right for you or not.” “Or, I am not sure this would be a fit for you….” These simply take the pressure off, and show the prospect that you “…only want what is best for you and your family”.

Secrets to Becoming a Recruiting Magnet”

6)“Thou Shalt Connect with the Prospect and They Must Connect with You.” Connection is the secret to getting the prospect moving towards you psychologically. It is the process of asking questions, and finding things that you have in common, you can relate to, you can share, you both agree with, etc.

The more that a prospect feels connected to you, the more that your recruiting magnetism is growing. “You and I have some things in common…” “I can relate to that!” “I totally agree with you…” are Connecting Phrases for Recruiting. It is a fact that who people feel connected to, they listen to closely, because they feel comfortable with them.

7)“Thou Shalt Paint Word Pictures in Full Color.” We think in pictures. When you think, you actually “see” an image in your mind, and that picture becomes a thought. Your prospect thinks that way too. And if you are giving them only details and facts, then it is not going to set their dreams in motion. You must “paint them there” in their dream,on the canvass of their mind with your words and emotions.

“Imagine the feeling of….” “Can you see yourself…?” “How would your family enjoy…” “What would happen if you really did achieve this..?” “I can see you living in that home…can you?” Find out what the prospect wants to happen in their life that is not happening, then “paint them there” in their mind with your words. Your words are the brush strokes on the canvass of their mind, and your emotions are the colors. Paint a picture of Success, in High Achievement Technicolor.

8)“Thou Shalt Pour Out Hope, not Hype.” “Pouring out” is an art that Successful people and MLM Leaders have mastered. It is simply taking the best of your emotions, and pouring them into a person with your words, caring and belief. Hope is the “Master Product” in Network Marketing. Many people are so focused on getting the prospect excited, they forget that Hope is more powerful than hype.

Hype comes from the head, and Hope comes from the heart. One is heard, and the other is felt. Pour out with your words and emotions the Power of Hope for a better future, income, and lifestyle. As your pour in, the prospect will begin to pour out their heart, and you will know the truth of what they are hoping for in life.

9)“Thou Shalt have Something FOR the Prospect, not want Something FROM the Prospect.” Many times, we come to the prospect, and we have a “dollar bill stuck on our foreheads.” We have our hands mentally reaching for their wallet, and also for their contact list. The prospect can feel this very quickly. You must not approach a prospect with your hand out mentally empty, as if asking for a crumb of bread. You must have your hand out filled with Hope, Dreams, Success, Fulfillment, and an Incredible Lifestyle, ready to give that to them.

If you do, you will have a radically different mind set. One is a “taking mindset” and the other is a “giving mindset.” The prospect will ALWAYS be drawn towards a GIVING mindset, not a taking one. Have the Gift of Success and Lifestyle ready to give your prospect, not the desire to take something from them. “For you” will always have more power than “From you” in recruiting.

10)“Thou Shalt Not Be Emotionally Attached to the Result.” So many times, we get discouraged, and down, when the results of our recruiting efforts do not align with what we want to happen. Our emotions kick in, we start doubting ourselves, and what we are doing, and fear starts to creep in…the Fear of Failure.

Then you get so discouraged, you end up giving up. This happens because your emotions were controlling you, not you controlling your emotions. You must step back from the results, as you must understand that many people are too busy living their life to ever put more life in their living. Timing may not be right.

They may be totally happy where they are in life. They are not saying no to you, but to themselves. Don’t get emotionally attached to the possibility of your prospect enrolling until they have given you reason to. Discouragement is a result of your emotions dominating reality.

Reality is, there are more people out in the world who are looking for you, then you could ever imagine. Go talk to them, and bless them with your MLM business, instead of being bound and imprisoned by the chains of negative emotions.



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting Failure: The 5 Biggest Reasons People Fail in Recruiting – Part 2

MLM Recruiting Failure: The 5 Biggest Reasons People Fail in Recruiting – Part 2

3. “The Distributor not talking to the Right People”

Wasting massive amounts of time. That is what most distributors do when recruiting…and continue to do…they talk to the wrong people, and then bring in the wrong people…and then have a downline of mostly wrong people…

Who are the right people?

People who light up and catch Fire when you show them your home business, and then light other’s up when they talk…not someone who complains after only 2 days because the application is the wrong color…

Or the wrong size…or the upline is not doing enough to welcome them aboard…2 phone calls is not enough…you know the type…

There is what we call the Recruiting IQ”...and that helps tell you if they are the right one..

.IQ stands for “Ignite Quickly”…and if they catch fire quickly…they have a great chance of being the “right one” to pursue…


To attract the Right One for your Home Business must BECOME the right one….you must become who you want to attract into this home business...through personal development and empowerment….

4. “The Distributor not Talking Right to people...

“This is a business of communication…and thus of verbiage and emotion as well….

The Wrong MLM Message.


A lot of distributors are simply saying the wrong things to the wrong people with a wrong message…You must talk to people with a YOU focus…

It is called the T.I.N.Y Focus…Their Interests Not Yours…And you focus whether online or offline, on what interests them and do it Professionally.

Nothing turns someone off worse than a self focused and self absorbed Direct Sales distributor who is only focused on recruiting a person for THEIR reasons…not the reason of the prospect… and the words they are using reveal a lot…Me…me…I….I…me…me…I… I….me…me….me…you.


You should say the word “You” at least 4 times more than the word “I” or “me”…in any Home Business presentation..

INFERNO Exercise: Here is an exercise…Try recruiting someone without using the word “I” or “me”….use we and us…and see how the prospect’s interests increases as you use YOU 4 times more than Us or We..

The Talking Too Much Factor in MLM Recruiting.

5. “Talking TOO Much to people You are talking to..

“Some folks have diarrhea of the mouth…and they talk…and talk…and they talk….and then talk…and talk….and talk……and by the time they finish…the prospects finished….

Don’t Dump on people! Create a RECRUITING ENVIRONMENT.

That creates the prospect to do most of the talking…Ask a lot of questions…Listen a lot of minutes…ask a lot of questions…


Most people LOVE to have an audience…but they hate to BE an audience…you BE an audience of one for massive listening to your prospect, and don’t create a “Sat Chat”….

What is that?

A Saturation chat….where they feel saturated with your words and info, and feel they have enough information to tell you…No.

The Power of Magnetic Questions in MLM and a Home Business.

IIf you are going to be a HOT MLM must CONNECT with your folks…

And the best way to do that is to become an audience of one…

And ask a lot of “Magnetic Questions…



blessings…doug Firebaugh PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI /All rights reserved

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Home Business Success -MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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