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MLM -The Biggest Principle of Success

home based business success

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The Deepest Principle of Human Nature is to be appreciated…..” William James

MLM Praise in your Home Based Business.

Can go a long way in creating what you want to happen with people that you work with, socialize with, or even are family with…it’s powerful….

Here is a little known Network Marketing secret….

Most people wake up every morning feeling that they are not truly appreciated, and what they do is taken for granted.

Sound familiar?

Are you aware that according to a recent study in psychology, that it’s only getting worse…not better?

It is impossible for someone to become successful in MLM and a Home Business life without someone cheering them on, and believing in them somewhere, sometime in their life…

But the sad part is….

Most never get any kind of praise, and never have, in their home business life….

And the Hunger for recognition and praise increases…Daily….

Start becoming an MLM “Praise Factory”
..and start finding great things in small and insignificant tasks…

Start saying,” Wow! You are great at this!”or,”Wow! You really look nice today!”or,” You know….I really do appreciate all you do, I just wanted to let you know…’

And if you are hungry for praise and for being affirmed…you become an MLM “Praise Factory”…


When you praise someone, it is planting a seed…Not in that person’s heart…but yours….because every time you praise someone in Network marketing, somehow in ways we will never understand, it comes back into your life in the form of increased strength, power, and confidence… the elements needed for MLM success in life…

The seed you planted with words in their heart… takes root in your own….

And a “Praise factory” magnetizes you to MLM Success in ways we will never comprehend…

But it does happen….

Praise has almost a “Force” to it that when engaged, it can bring to your life the things you hunger for…by giving to others what they hunger for….

The Power of PRAISE in MLM.

What does Praise stand for?

Power Releasing And Increasing Success Energy….Did you get that?????

Become a “Praise Factory”…go out of your way 5 times a day to touch someone’s heart..and let them feel appreciated..

And the Power you release in your life by simply doing that small thing….

Will bring some HUGE things back into your own life and Network Marketing business…

You’ll find out….

Blessings…doug firebaugh

copyright 2011 PassionFire Intl.

Network Marketing- How Do I Get Off To A FAST START?

fast start home business

home business fast start

MLM Network Marketing Training – How Do I Get Off To A FAST START?The

FAST Start Training for the new MLM distributor


That is how most people want to go in this business…and rightly so…

But you have to have a system or process to get there..that is what this training is about..a quick way to get off to a fast start and make something happen….

There are 4 key components to a good F.A.S.T. Start Training, and they are:

1) First things first…
You must be trained on the first parts of the education process in this business…and those are the important points on “

A) The Company facts and details on the history and management
B) The Products and the benefits of each product plus piece points
C) The Compensation Plan and how it works and how you make money
D) Your Upline and who they are
E) Developing your product story and your business success story
F) The Paperwork and how it is done
G) The Tools that you will use to build your business

2) Action steps you will take…

What will you do once you have gone through the “First things first” part?

A) You will learn how to do your Memory Jogger
B) You will learn how to approach and contact them
C) You will learn how to Neutralize Objections
D) You will learn how to do a Presentation
E) You will learn how to Follow up and ask for the decision
F) You will learn how to retail the products

3) Start the process Step By Step….

Once you have been trained on the basics of the Action steps, you start the actual process of Network Marketing….

A) Prospect for the initial contacts
B) Contact them
C) Deliver the Message
D) Follow up with agreed plan
E) Ask for the Decision
…Prospect for the initial contacts…

This is where you choose who on your Memory Jogger will be contacted..

…Contact them…

This is where either you or you and your upline contact the names…

…Deliver the message…

This is where you either set up an appointment to go see them, get them on a conference call, or get them to try the product, or whatever else you set as the message…

…Follow up with agreed plan…

This is where you simply follow up and keep in touch with the prospect…

…Ask for the Decision…

This is where you get a decision of what they are planning on doing as far as product, business, or referrals…
This 5 step by step system is a VERY Basic and easy path to follow for the new distributor…it gives them 2 things;

1) Initial Education on the basic information on WHAT
2) A Step By Step on HOW

These combined with a strong dose of MOTIVATION and LEADERSHIP will make for a HOT FAST Start training for you and your folks…

4) Then see what Path you will go with them…

Where do you go from here? Product sale? Recruiting? More Info? Referrals? Bring to a meeting? Decide what needs to be done…

Then Do it….

The FAST Start Big Three in MLM.

A FAST Start training needs to be 3 things:

1) Easy to train on

Don’t complicate it…make it easy and fun…and make it easy to learn…

2) Easy to Learn

Yes, easy to learn, as if it is not, then you will only end up de-motivating and confusing many of your prospects…

3) Easy to Duplicate

THIS IS A MUST! If you do it right, and make it easy to duplicate, you will find that the training will become more and more being taught doen in your group and by your budding Leaders…

Get your folks off to a FAST Start with this F.A.S.T. Start training…,it will create some excitement and also lots of activity…
PassionFire has a FAST Start Training Manual- A HOT Start- The First 14 Days! Check it out at our online store!

blessings…doug Firebaugh

(c) 2005 all rights reserved PassionFire International

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting

MLM -How Do You Build an MLM Organization?

Your MLM Business Plan of Action

Your MLM Business Plan of Action

The 4 Phases of Building Your MLM Organization.

You will build your MLM group in Phases.

That is one of the best kept secrets in Network Marketing…it is a business of phases and growth…

What is a phase?

It is a period of time in your life that you go through and through those times you experience many things…one being growth…

Your MLM organization is no exception….it will go through 4 phases of growth…if you let it…


Most downlines never go through all 4 phases, as they get stuck in one and stay there…


You will stick with it and continue building your group till it reaches the phase you want it to be at…


What are the 4 Phases of MLM organizational growth?


This Phase is the first period of time that you and your fledgling downline will go through….and it can be a rough one…

This period of time is where you are new, and really don’t know the business, your skin is not 2 inches thick, you have no prior experience in MLM, and you are on a major learning curve, and you will make mistakes….

This is where you are actually developing your belief and trust in the industry, and many things can shake your focus and belief….





Set Backs.

People telling you NO.

And the list goes on…
You really are fragile in this business, because you have not developed your “Success Muscles” to help you go on in face of adversity…and your group is as well…

This is where a lot of people quit…they never “get it” that you must grow beyond the Fragile Phase to build a business….They got their feelings hurt constantly by their negative prospects….because they were in the Fragile phase and never grew beyond it….

In the Fragile stage is where most people quit, as they cannot take the Negatives and Disappointments that are innate to MLM and entrepeneurism…but their problem was NOT the negatives…but their lack of understanding how to take them and what was REALLY happening with that kind of response….PAssionFire has a module on that…called “Inoculation”….read it again if you already have…
This second phase is where you have grown beyond the Fragile phase, and now your group is starting to grow more solid and be more consistent in Volume and paychecks…In the Solidifying phase, you start to see some Leaders emerge, and volume becomes solid and steady….as well as paychecks start to get steady and consistent…

When your group moves into this phase, you will know it and sense it as well….your leaders will start to experience success as well as you and it is consistent…and you will see some leaders start to create their own identity in this business…

And you will sense some beginnings of momentum as well….

You will start to see some growth in your group that you had absolutely nothing to do with, and it will continue….

And you will see some new faces starting to show up in your group that you don’t know who they are, or their names….

THAT is when you will FEEL your group starting to Solidify….and that is where the majority of people quit…

80-90% of people who leave this business leave during the first 2 stages….and most leave during the first….


This phase is where the big money starts showing up. You can make a living in the solidifying phase…a nice one…but this phase is where the big checks start showing up, and show up they do…not only for you, but also your leaders as well…

This phase is where you start to have “Layered Leadership” and that simply means you have Leaders in layers in your downline in many legs…and they now start to have Leaders showing up in their group as well….and the numbers in your group now number in the thousands, and many are active Leaders….

The Mature Phase also shows that your leaders have taught and duplicated how to build leaders in their group, and the dynamics of your group here become exciting as “Mature Pockets” start showing up and they no longer need you, as they have “splintered” into their own leadership organization…

This phase, $100,000 a year is commonplace…
And Millionaires to be start showing up….


This is the “WEALTH CREATION” Phase….this phase is where Wealth is created and accumulated and Millionaires roll up in this business….

This phase is where no matter what you do, you cannot mess up your business…and it will continue on in the event of your death…

The Rock Solid Phase is where also you have many Mature “Pockets” of distributors in your group, and now you have Mature Leaders that have big groups and many layers of Leadership…

Many people get close to this phase but never achieve it as they lack the Leadership skills to take it to this level…and many are close to it, but yet don’t understand it is that last 10% effort that most never give that determine the Rock Solid phase.

So those are the 4 phases of Organizational Growth in MLM….

Fragile, Solidifying, Mature, and Rock Solid.

Where do you see your group heading?

The answer to that will determine your future in MLM…..

blessings…doug firebaugh (c) 2005 PFI

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MLM Network Marketing Training Article for Home Business Success

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MLM Success – What Are The Emotional Pitfalls of MLM?

New Distributor Emotional Stress

MLM New Distributor Emotional Stress

The New Distributor’s Emotional Roller Coaster in MLM.

Every distributor goes through it. You will to.

Every millionaire in MLM went through it.

So will you if you haven’t already. We call it the “MLM Emotional Roller Coaster”, and it can be an interesting ride during the frustrating times in this business…

You will be high as a kite on excitement on week….and then next week low as whale dung ….all because of your emotions and disappointments.


You will be disappointed by what you think is going to happen, but doesn’t…and it is part of this business.

A lot of folks cannot handle the Emotional Dynamics of this business, and your emotions can really be tested…but it is not innate to MLM…it is innate to being an entrepeneur and starting any business.

You must learn to let the downs be not so down, and the highs be not so high…this will give you an “Emotional balance” which will make your new enterprise more stable in your working it…

The M.O.N.E.Y Principle of MLM Success.

There is a Principle I have been training on for years…

I call it ‘The M.O.N.E.Y. Principle “ of Success in Network Marketing…..and it is one that you can take to the bank…

What is the SECRET for Networkers to create a LOT of MONEY in MLM?

M.O.N.E.Y. stands for:

“Management Of Negative Emotions-Yours”.



It’s all about managing what is trying to manage you!!!!!!

And understand this…..


Whoever is controlling your emotions…..will control your business.




Setbacks in MLM will happen and it will create major disappointment and discouragement…and you MUST not let it affect you long term. Sure, you will get down a little as you are human…

The Setback Solution in MLM.


There is no disappointment so strong that 3 new sign ups cannot handle.

I had a millionaire tell me last year that she was so discouraged her first 2 years that she nearly quit 3 times….but she hung on to the dream….and learned a VERY VALUABLE Secret:


ALL Negative emotions are TEMPORARY…they will subside.

Once she learned that, she knew that she was “In a Mood” and that would pass eventually and she would go to work harder than ever…(CLUE!!!!!!!!)

There are exceptions of course….but very few. Most new distributors do go through a myriad of emotions the first year, and most never learn to control them…


How do you control your lows that will come in this business?

1) Talk to Your Upline about how they handled it.

2) Read MLM books and continue to learn.

3) Ask “What is worth learning from this?”

4) Know that WHO is SUPPOSED to be in your business will be….

5) Know WHO is NOT…won’t be…

6) Let yourself grieve for a bit if you need to do that….call someone who has been there and get some understanding….

7) Get back to work asap….MASSIVELY to replace the one who “got away”…

You have to control your emotions, because they will determine about 80% of your first initial success…then they will determine about 80% of the rest of your success when you start your MLM career…

blessings…doug Firebaugh /PassionFire Intl

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(c) 2005 all rights reserved

Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing- Is There a Step By Step Process to MLM?

The Network Marketing MLM Way of Success

The Network Marketing MLM Way of Success

Yes There is. It is a PATH to Success in MLM.

“The 5 Modules of MLM”

There are 7 days to a week, 12 months to a year, and 60 seconds in a minute. This is all part of our life culture, and our life we live. MLM has the same pattern of structure in this industry.

There are 5 basic Modules, or steps, that drive the business of MLM and each module has it’s own importance. We will cover all 5 in great detail in PassionFire, and you must become very familiar with the modules. They will bring great success to you and your business, or great frustration, that all depends on YOU.


The Modules of MLM have a Power to them that you can make work FOR you….or AGAINST you….that is totally your decision.

Most people in MLM bring a certain pattern of thinking and living to their business, and these modules dove tail nicely in their pattern of life. And each module has it’s own purpose, and success.

Each is a part of the whole, but if worked in sync, then these modules can create a “flow” of work and success in your business that will amaze you.

Ok…what are they?

1) Prospecting
2) Contacting
3) Presentation
4) Next Move
5) Decision
Working the 5 Modules in Network Marketing.

1) Prospecting

Simply, if you don’t have people to talk to about your products and services, and business, you are unemployed in this industry. You must have people to share your product stories and successes with, so they can become a customer, and maybe a distributor.
Prospecting will be covered in depth in TrainingFire, bit it all starts with someone to talk to, and someone to share your message with.

2) Contacting

If you know people, and have a list of potential customers and distributors, but you never call them, then you have what I call a “wish list inventory”, as success will only be a wish on your part. You MUST engage them in conversation and use that as a vehicle to share your message with them. You have made a list of prospects, but now you must have a point of contact with them, and that usually starts with a conversation.

3) Presentation
You now must move forward from the contacting phase and move into the education phase, or the presentation. This will be where you educate them on the company, products, and the business, and do it in a manner that excites them and grabs their attention. All of this you will learn in TrainingFire.

You must use the presentation as a way to establish a connection with the prospect to the business or products. Get their questions answered, and here is a secret:


Don’t make the presentation a dissertation. It is NOT to dump everything you know in a single sitting. It is simply to create s level of knowledge and excitement in the prospect so you can move them forward in the process.

4) The Next Move
This is where you decide what the next move will be, and where you go from there. Do they want to try the products and services? Do they want to attend a meeting? Do they want to have a 3 way with your upline? And again, all this will be taught in TrainingFire…
5) Decision.
Here is where you complete your paycheck.

The MLM Reality of Success.


No decision…no paycheck.

You MUST get a decision, no matter what it is, and you will be taught different ways to get a decision in PassionFire, and very effective ways to persuade softly.

This whole process is simple, but deadly….first you get someone to talk to, then you contact them, if they have an interest than you educate them, and then see where they are interest wise, and those that do have a solid interest, move to more education, and finally get the decision that is right for them…simple, and deadly in effectiveness..

Follow the 5 steps, or modules, and you will learn how to turn it into a “Yellow Brick Road”….of gold.


Doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl.

(c) PFI / All rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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How Do I Prepare for MLM Success-The Inoculation of the New Distibutor

New MLM Network Marketing Distributors Must be Inoculated!

New MLM Network Marketing Distributors Must be Inoculated!

Network Marketing and MLM Success – What do I need to do to Prepare to Succeed in Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing?

The Inoculation… What the You Are Going to Face in MLM.

When you want to prevent something from infecting you body…what do you do? You get a shot…or an Inoculation.

There are many viruses and germs out there that can take away our health, and create a sickness in our body which can become a real problem if not cured…..We need to keep up our Physical health….. and sickness away from us…


The same goes to our “Success Health”.

What is that?

When you eventually join a Network Marketing Company, you are moving into a very focused Success Environment that demands your Success Health remain strong…as there are a lot of Negative Infections that can invade you success health and create a Virus or “Flu” of doubt, disbelief…and eventually a cancer of failure…..

Most people in this world never experience Success of any significance in their lives…and they have a very weak immune system to negative thinking and negative lives…

And when they get that”Flu of mediocrity or failure…”…

It rarely leaves their world..and they become Infected Terminally for Success….they were not Innoculated, nor aware of the Success health problems….as they are more focused on Survival health…as most only do that through life…….

You MUST Become inoculated from all of the negatives and failure focused thinking out in the world…you must keep your Success Health at FULL Force when you join an MLM Network Marketing Company!
By understanding the INFERNO Secret of why a lot of people are negative about your business and future success…..and if you understand this next Secret…you will be Innoculated from ALL Negative Thinking no matter who it is….and no matter what compnay you enroll in.
Most People do not want you to become successful and pass them by….

Your Success will Mirror their Mediocrity and failures…….

And it will totally render their Excuses they have been clinging to and hanging on to as a Farce..

You have proven their excuses wrong……and it will force them to look at their life as it really is…

Going nowhere as far as the Ladder of Success in Life….

There is something we at PassionFire call the “Unspoken Understanding…”

What’s that? simple….

It is understood and never really spoken…….

“If you don’t mention my rut filled, talent wasting mediocre life……I won’t mention yours….”

And Success reveals that as it really is……just an excuse for ACCEPTING Mediocrity in their life…and doing nothing about it……

What Do I DO to Become Successful In MLM?

If you are going to be successful in this business….you MUST Innoculate you and your distributors from people who will try to convince you this won’t work…it never has, and it never will….how does an Unsuccessful person merit attention when they won’t even look at the facts of the matter?

INFERNO Question….

What Success in their Life do they have……to try to determine yours?


They have been Successful at keeping their own Success at bay……and they want to try to keep yours there too…..

There are folks out there who will want you to become Successful and be your biggest cheerleader….

But this Business will be simply not for them…..

They will encourage you and tell you to “Go for It’……

These folks will be great Consumers and Referral Sources for your MLM Products……
But for the Most part…..Folks will decry your joining a Network Marketing Company as a

“Silly Dream”……


What Life do you want to end up with? Depends on who you listen to……If you listen to someone who dared to escape the Rut Jungle, and Rat race, and make 100,000 dollars..

…you have a good chance of doing that….
If you listen to your negative friends…take a look at their life…that is where you are headed…
The MLM Leadership Secret.

Leaders never listen to any negatives…they know why they are there…to stop them.

You need to take a SHOT for the NegativeFlu out there….
See How Others Triumphed………(SHOT)……and then copy and model their Focus… their Attitudes…Their Habits…and Actions……
Innoculate yourself…and your group with a FLU SHOT!

“Forget Loser Urgings……See How Others Triumphed!.”


Take others with you!!!!!! When Folks start being Negative……ask them…

“How would you like to radically change your situation?…I can help!”…

As you go up the Ladder…….take them with you…….
Your Success will go through the “Fire of Ridicule……”..and it’s normal…..

If you were going to open up a restaraunt…there are people who would

try to talk you out of it……DON”T LET THEM!!!!!

YOU, and YOU ALONE….will live your life…donot let someone else try to live it for you because what you are trying Intimidates them…..

Get a FluShot!!!!!!…..and Keep your Success Health Healthy… and your Business long after you join your MLM Network Marketing Company!


doug firebaugh / PassionFire Intl.

(c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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Home Business Success -MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plans- What to Know Before Choosing.

MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plans

MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plans

MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plans – What Types of MLM Compensation are there and How do They Work?


What should you look for in an MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plan?

Simple answer:


That is what drives the MLM industry…the quest for a better life, a better future, and a better income.

Why did you join your company?

For something to do?


That is why 99% of all folks who enroll in MLM companies join…for a better lifestyle…and the hope of making more money is what drives the industry…

Every company has a way they pay their distributors, known as a “Compensation Plan”..or “Comp Plan”. Every company has one and that is how you are paid…by the volume you have created by the Comp Plan.

You go out, and create Volume of sales, and you get a certain percentage of the sales. Most plans focus on the sale, or movement of products and services to the marketplace, and that is what drives the wealth vehicle.

There are different types of Comp Plans to know about and consider, and there are many more Hybrid forms…but generally there are 5 different types, and you need to really understand the Plan that your company has.

The 5 Types of MLM Compensation Plans.

The 5 Basic Kinds of Compensation Plans are:

1) The Stairstep
2) The Unilevel
3) The Binary
4) The Breakaway
5) The Matrix
1) The Stairpstep

The Stairstep is a simple plan that has requirements that you must meet to get up the “Stairs of Success”…each stairstep is a promotion based on Volume usually, and each promotion you make more money. Usually you must qualify each month for the rank you obtain to get paid at that rank. And the stairstep usually has a number of levels it pays down to.

2) The Unilevel

The Unilevel is a simple “Number of levels” that the company will pay you, and usually there is no promotion or rank. You make money by getting a certain override off of the volume, and usually there is a requirement of volume to qualify for a check.

3) The Binary.

The Binary is an interesting design for a Comp Plan. It usually has 2 “legs” that you can have “Business centers” in, and you have a volume requirement to get paid on each leg. There is what is called “balance” in the Binary…you must balance the volume form each leg to make sure you don’t have a runaway leg…one leg explodes, while the other one sits idle…you must balance the two, and you usually can override the same volume a number of times with different business centers.

4) The Breakaway.

This plan has been said to have become somewhat unpopular in the industry, as you could lose the business you build, once it gets to a certain level of success, and it “breaks away” to no longer be a part of what you get paid on. It usually is a stairstep type of Plan, but I have seen it in others as well. I disagree. It is a good plan for those who work it.
5) The Matrix
The matrix is a computer driven plan that people are put into your group by computer, and they go in the next available slot. Usually this plan is combined with some form of a Binary, and it does work well if there are a lot of people that are recruited. When you recruit someone, the computer searches down for the next open slot, and positions them there. There are some plans that allow you to override the computer’s selection if you want them to go a particular place in your downline.
Ok…so now you must choose what kind of plan you feel you want…

Once you join a company, see your upline if you have any questions at all, and get familiar with the plan you have and how it works.
DO NOT get too complicated about Compensation plans.. Keep it simple and make sure you understand that you CAN MAKE MONEY with it…as that should be a great concern.

The 4 General Areas of a Network Marketing Comp Plan.
Generally, when you consider a Comp Plan, you will want to know about 4 general areas about it that many people will want to know about….
1) The First area is Retail Profit.

You must show the prospect that they can earn a retail profit with your products and services…usually it about 50%…

2) The Second Area is Team Overrides.

This is where, just like a Real Estate broker, or Insurance Broker, you can develop a team of Reps and help them become successful, and get paid a certain % of override off of them, just like the Real Estate and Insurance Brokers do.,,,,,you are sort of a “Master Broker” for your company, and help others do the same thing. This is where most people have trouble with MLM….they don’t understand that what we do is just like a Real Estate or Insurance Broker…only better.

3) The Third Area is Leadership Bonuses.

This is where you help develop Successful leaders in your group, and you get an additional bonus or override form your group….you get rewarded by helping others develop their Leadership….the most fair compensation in the world.
4) The Fourth Area are Rewards…like trips and cars.

This area is a favorite among Network Marketers…..once you have reached a level of success, many companies will give you an additional car payment money, and also take you on trips that you can qualify for…a great incentive to work!!!

Be sure you understand the components of the Comp Plan you choose …this was just a VERY General Overview, and that is all.
The More Simple you keep it, the more powerful it becomes in MLM and Network Marketing..

doug Firebaugh / PassionFire International

copyright 2005/ all rights reserved

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Home Business Success- MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting

What Should I Consider with Choosing MLM Products?

Choosing an MLM Network Marketing Product Line

Choosing an MLM Network Marketing Product Line

MLM Network Marketing Products – What Kind of Multi Level Marketing products are available and what should I look for?

The MLM Success Formula for Products.

You must understand this next statement:

The successful network marketing company is “Product Focused and Business Driven…”

What does that mean? It means that your company must always be products and services focused, but driven by the business opportunity.

And your products and services must be the “anchor” of your MLM business.

If you are looking at a company that has bad products…so goes your business…you MUST be sure your company has QUALITY Products! QUALITY creates part of the VALUE in the prospect’s mind!

Your products create the value to the consumer, and you must be able to talk intelligently about what your are offering to them.

There are many types of products to market in MLM:

Nutrition. Skin Care. Technology. Vitamin Drinks. Legal Services. Internet Malls. Toys. Food. Cars. Real Estate. Computers. Educational Materials. Make up and Cosmetics. Water Filters. Air Filters. Cell Phones. Long Distance. Electricity. Diet and Weight Loss products. Anti Aging Products. Music. Books. Scrap Books. Religious Materials and Products. Clothes. Personal care items. Mortgage Services. Financial Services.

The list of MLM Product Possibilites is almost ENDLESS.

But here is a warning:

Do Not get too detailed about your products and services you choose, no matter what you choose to sell …you see, people really don’t care, for the most part, about the ingredients or technical aspects of your products and services…


Most people have one question about your products and services…”How are they going to improve my life..and do they really work?” This should drive your choice of products.

Your job is to educate, NOT SELL, the customer on the merits and value of your product and service line. If you educate them, and you will learn later in TrainingFire how to do that, you will find them much more open to trying them….

The Rules of MLM Product Selection.

What type of products and services does your company provide you? You must know what we at TrainingFire call the “Rules of MLM Product Marketing…”to help you select the products right for you.

There are 4 of them:

1) “The Rule of Details..”

Don’t get lost in the details of your products and services…get lost in the VALUE that they bring to the customers life. Learn about what you are marketing, but then blend that in with how it will help CHANGE their life..(CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!)

2) “The Rule of How to…”

You must understand how your products and services do work, but only to the point of being able to talk intelligently about them. Don’t overwhelm the prospect with your knowledge…but EXCITEMENT about the products.

3) “The Rule of Focus…”

Keep your focus on the MAIN product and services….if there are a LOT of them, keep your focus on the ones that are the main ones, and learn about them, and master what you need to talk about them. The others, you need to be aware of, but keep your focus on the MAIN ones, and know how to talk about them.
4) “The Rule of Value…”

You will never market any products to anyone if they don’t see VALUE in what your products. Know what the value is to the consumer with your products, and know, when it is prudent, the overview details of the products to enhance the value of your products.

The 2 Kinds of MLM Products.
What kind of products and services are there out there?

Basically 2:

1) Tangible

2) Intangible.
These are the products you can TOUCH, SEE, SMELL, and TASTE. They are the ones you can hold in your hands….like make up, vitamins, diet powders, cleaning solutions, part favors, toys, and the list goes on….

And the Tangibles are the biggest portion of the industry…especially the supplement portion…because most people like to market what they can TOUCH and FEEL.

Intangibles are the products and services you CANNOT touch, see, and feel. They are the services like Internet services, Legal Services, Tax services, Life Insurance services, and similar types of products and services. It is a very fast growing part of the MLM industry.
These products you need a little more detail knowledge about them as to show the customer they can provide VALUE to their life. And the understanding of HOW they work will provide some good conversation with your prospects on the benefits of owning your services.
You need to ask yourself some questions about your products…

“What would bemy favorite product and why?”

“How would my products benefit people and change their life?”

“What products does the company sell the most of?”

“What is the average price of each product?”

“What has some great testimonials about your products?”

“”How large is the market for your products and services?”

“Who is your competition?”

“Why would somebody want your products?”

“What products seem to have the most SIZZLE about them?”
Most MLM companies have multiple products, and the one you like the most, you will be the most PASSIONATE about, and will talk about the most.


The product you have the most PASSION about, you will create the most value for.

The Passion Value Rule for Network Marketing Products.

That is what we call the “Passion-Value” Rule. Know what you are the most passionate about, and you will have the most “Emotional Attachment” to, and that would be the product you will be most likely to talk about the most.

Know your products ands services line that you choose …understand the overview of them, and focus on the MAIN ones, and keep your focus on those for the most part. Have and understanding of the other products and services, but usually, 80% of your volume will be done by 20% of the products….keep that in mind.

Doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

(c) 2005/ all right reserved

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Choosing an MLM Network Marketing Company: What Do I Consider?

Choosing the Right MLM Network Marketing Company

Choosing the Right MLM Network Marketing Company

The MLM Network Marketing Company


You need to understand that you must be sold on 4 things in this industry:

1) The Company

2) The Products

3) Compensation Plan.

4) YOU.

This Module we are going to take a look at your MLM company and what you need to know to conaider it, and about it to talk about it, and feel comfortable about it. There are certain things that you need to know about it that will become part of your presentation.

What do you need to consider to choose a great MLM company?

And people will also want to know that you represent a good, solid, stable Network Marketing company. They will want to know about certain issues, facts, topics, details, and areas about the MLM company, and you need to cover them.

Put yourself in their place

If you were looking to join a Network Marketing company, what would you look for?

What would be important to you?

Basically, there are 5 areas that you need to look at in order to know about and choose an MLM company.

The 5 Areas to Consider When Looking at an MLM Company.
And most people will want to know about these areas.

What are they?

1) The Management.

Who is the CEO and Founder of your company?

What is the story behind the founding of the company?

What kind of experience and reputation do they have to tell about?

What makes them unique and different than all the rest?

Do they have any special notoriety that is worth telling people about?

How long have they been in business?

What is theri reputation?

2) The Finances.

What does your company look like on the balance sheet?

Are they debt free?

Do they have backers and investors?

Do they run a tight ship at home office?

Do they pay their checks on time?(GREAT question)
3) The Home Office

Where is the Home Office?

How many employees do they have?

Do they have their own building?

Are they totally computerized and ready for the future technologically?

How many people do they have working for them?

4) The Shipping Department.

Do they have their shipping department in house or at another location?

Do they have a toll free line?

Do they have a money back guarantee?

Do they ship the products out on time?

What is their return ratio?
5) The Distributor Services Department.

Do they have a DS Dept?

How friendly are they?

Do they know that they are doing?

Who heads it up?

How quickly do they respond?
These are some of the questions you need to know about choosing your Network Marketing company.

The more that you know about your company, the better you will feel about them.

Take as tour of the home office the first chance you can. Meet the people in the different departments.

This will give you a much better understanding of what the MLM Corporate office is about, and who you talk to when you call, and it will give you a much better presentation about your company.

The MLM Network Marketing Company you select is very important. Be careful, make the right choice, get the facts, know the basics of it, and be proud that you are associated with them once you join.

blessings…doug firebaugh / PassionFire International

copyright 2005 / all rights reserved

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Is MLM a REAL Business? The Business Perspective of What MLM is in Marketing

Is MLM Network Marketing a REAL Business?

Is MLM Network Marketing a REAL Business?

The Business Perspective-Network Marketing
We went over what MLM REALLY is as far as the Success Perspective…now let’s cover ….

The Business Perspective……..
Simply…Network Marketing is a business that is about Marketing and Distribution.

You market Products through pseudo”Mini-Franchises” that when joined, contain the ability to distribute products to people…either Person to Person Marketing, or via shipments through the mail, UPS, or other channels of distribution to a persons home for delivery of products they have ordered from you… or from the company with your distributor number. …

This is especially popular now with online ordering and Stores being created with a multitude of products!

Take a look at some of the most Popular companies…IBM, Microsoft,, Nike, Reebok, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Barnes and Noble, RCA, Lands End, and the list is endless…..

Let me ask you a question…
What do they all have in common concerning MLM?

Think about it……and it’s the same thing ALL successful companies have in common…and what is that?
Multiple Channels of Product Distribution, and not keeping their product a Secret!

They ALL have set up numerous distribution outlets to market their products, and have constantly kept their name out in front of folks….(that is called “Name Branding….”)
..Can we learn something from this?



In Network Marketing, you have the ability to Market product through
Multiple Distribution Channels(called a Downline), and not have to put up
the millions of Dollars it takes to introduce a Product into the Marketplace…and the other part of that we can learn from…Don’t keep it a Secret!

You must utilize the Power of EXPOSURE to create the Interest in your products and Business that you want. People have to Know about it!!!!!!!

Let’s take a Grocery Store chain…say…Safeway or Kroger….why do they have stores in so many cities and states?…To INCREASE EXPOSURE…which INCREASES SALES!!!!!!!..

They have found the Power of what we call “Multiple Unit Marketing”….The more number of exposure “Units”(outlets) you have out there, to move and sell product, the more your name will get out there to more people…..

Which will increase familiarity and sales….. and move more product through those retail outlets……

Thats why is on over 700,000 websites! Multiple Channels of Distribution…and “Exposure units”.
The Power of Networked Distribution in MLM.

With MLM, you can do the same Marketing Strategy through the power of “Networked Distribution”…through Multiple Units as well…called Distributors! In effect…

What you have done is create a Network of “Distribution Channels” for your Product( a downline) which you can receive “Brokerage Royalties’ or Overrides on that can be quite substantial…

And all that is… is taking the Best of Corporate Marketing, and Refining it into what we call “Personal Marketing”…..each distributor is a Personal Marketer for the company with a chance to take Traditional Marketing ideas, and engage them in less than traditional ways.
The MLM Distribution Network.

And then can go out and build a Multiple Channel “Distribution Network,” with hundreds for thousands of “Outlets” that can move and market products seamlessly……. That is “Networked” Marketing at it’s best…..and can create an Incredible Revenue Source for many people…..through the movement and sale of products of all kinds.

To approach this Marketing Force as a Business is a MUST! Too many folks Do not…they approach it as a hobby, or just “Trying it”…..which guarantees failure…..Every millionaire in MLM approached this Business as a Business and took nothing for granted…will you? Good question!

Network Marketing IS a business..a Powerful Business …with Personal growth Fueling it…and Driving it Forward.

The Secret of this Business is to build a Framework and Structure of the “3 Cs”…..

1) Build a Structure of CONSUMERS.

Create a Structure and Foundation of a Consumer base….and create a network of satisfied Customers…A Consumer Base is a MUST!

2) CONSTRUCT a Distribution Group or Framework of Distributors from your Base of Consumers with people who want to be a part of your business….and Construct it Solid!

3) CONTINUE building a CONSUMER Base, and CONSTRUCTING a Solid Group of “outlets”, or Distributors, and then…….

LEAD them to the Captured Vision of their Hearts…….LEADERSHIP is the KEY to a SOLID and Long Lasting business in Network Marketing!

What Do I Consider with an MLM Company?


doug Firebaugh

PassionFire Intl © 2005 all rights reserved

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