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Are you tired in your home business of trying to get people’s attention and they seem to ignore you?

Do people seem to “disappear” when you start to talk to them about your home based business?

In MLM in social media, there are many people trying to get people’s attention to talk to them about their network marketing business.

How do you set yourself apart from all the other networkers out in the social zone and get people’s attention? It is easy if you understand how to, and it is quite powerful.

Many people in social media, whether on google+, facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever, use these places to prospect for their business. And what happens is they do not understand that there is a process of conversation in social media. That process starts with an Impactful Conversation that you start with someone.

If you create IMPACT with your initial communication, then your odds of recruiting them just skyrocketed.

People are NOT recruited by what you say…

But how you made them FEEL.

That is why that you need some powerful “Ice Crushers”- not ice breakers. And I believe the more powerful the Ice Crusher is, the more powerful the Impact.

Here are three quick Ice Crushers that will work for you in social media when you are connecting with people on their blog or commenting on their post:

1.  “Wow. That is powerful stuff. And I truly appreciate you sharing that with us. Is there a place that I can plug into that you share more info like this?”

This will get anyone’s attention.

It lets them know you want to connect on a more powerful basis with them.

2. “I totally agree on what you just said. I have a question: Do you have an ebook or any type of resource that goes into this further?”

Looking to xomeone as a Resource is a powerful way to Compliment them and get them to start a conversation with you.

You need to become a Resource, but also create the conversation with prospects that they are also a resource for many.

3. “This has really made a difference in my thinking. You have a gift that is obvious. I would love to connect with you because you are the type of Leader I would like to share with some folks I know. Can we connect on skype?”

This alone will almost guarantee that you get an audience with this person.

It calls them a Leader and also displays their leadership through your comment.

Ice Crushers are something we have been teaching for a while for social media to our Private Clients.

These are only 3 that get the conversation going in a way that you can eventually ask this question:

“Are you at a point in life that you are open to secondary revenue sources?”

That is not an Ice Crusher, but an Ice Melter for your MLM home business in social media network marketing.

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