MLM Training- Three Game Changing Factors in Today’s Home Business

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MLM Home Business Factors.

Do you keep up with all the changes in home business today?

Are you aware of the changes over the last 5 years that have occurred that are impacting network marketing?

How are you using them in your mlm?

In the Home Business arena today, there are three very important words that are more than true.

 Things Are Changing.

Those 3 words are right at the very core of a powerful shift in the Home Business and Network Marketing industry.What worked 5 years ago, may not work today, as there are New Rules that have been laid over the Home Business grid, and either you play by them-or you
don’t. If you do not, then that can end up possibly working against you in the long run.

Many companies have come and gone over the years, and I have seen some succeed wildly, and others struggle massively. And there many times is no rhyme or reason why it happens.

But today, with the introduction of the new Rules in Home Business, which many are still unaware of, things are transforming right before our eyes quickly.

Don’t get me wrong…

The same principles we all use will always work for your Home business, but the approach to them are changing as we speak, and transitioning many companies either into either DYNAMOS – or DINOSAURS.

Depending on the decisions being made, the same thing can be said for Teams in Network Marketing. Some teams are accelerating their growth like crazy, while others look at those teams as if they are crazy.

All this is occurring because of the introduction of the New Marketing factors in the Home Business Industry.

There is a New Marketplace and a New Market Shift and we must accept that.

There are three things that have changed and impacted the Marketplace that will impact your business. These three things are very important for doing business today in the home business profession and network marketing.

If you can embrace these three factors, you will accelerate your business dramatically.

1. The Social Factor.

The last 7 years, the impact of social networking and social media has been huge. And this is THE place to prospect if you are looking for ACCELERATED prospecting. Whether facebook, twitter, or youtube, you will find that the social media space is continually morphing the marketplace.  But the social space is changing as well, and quickly due to  another Game Changing factor:

2. The Mobile Factor.

EVERYTHING is going Mobile in network marketing and mlm. EVERYTHING. If you are not “mobilized” you already are behind the eight ball. Every one needs at least a mobile website, and today it is moving into much more that that. Mobile recruiting is getting more and more popular and soon will be the rage in home based business.

3. The App Factor.

In the very near future, you will find a new way to recruit using “gamification.” from APPS. Most people today with mobile devices have downloaded apps on their mobiles, and use them. And you will soon find what I call “App Recruiting” using apps and gamification for recruiting home business prospects into  your business.

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These three Game Changing factors will prove to be critical and will work IN HARMONY in the future to create what we call ‘Digital Recruiting” in the Mobile space. This will help build your mlm network marketing home business more swiftly.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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