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MLM LIVE Networking Secrets.

Are you doing LIVE networking for your home business?

What are you doing for connecting with people in your mlm business?

Do you have a plan for networking in your network marketing business?

LIVE networking is still one of the most poweful things you can do, especially today with and Social Media LIVE networking events are powerful recruiting spots that can yiled some great results. Online is great- but LIVE is great too.

Do YOU LIVE network consistently?

What is the MOST NORMAL and MOST NATURAL for you to talk to people and expose a message to them?

Is it giving them something to listen to, watch, read, or experience?

You need to decide what that would be as that is what you will be best at when talking to people about your products or program. What you feel the most comfortable with you usually do more often and more powerfully.

Operating from STRENGTH is critical.

And when you do, your results generally are so much more powerful and enduring. There could be many answers to what people feel comfortable with, bit whatever YOU feel comfortable with, you should start with.

We believe that the OPENING Conversation is critical and all part of the Networking process. It does not matter if you are in a networking session, at dinner, at the mall, at a party, or even at church. Your opening conversation is what is going to impact the prospect and get them to want to listen to your message.

I want to cover something that we call the “5 NWPA Rules” of Marketing:

1) Network Where People Are.

 2) Network Where People Advertise.

 3) Network Where People Assemble.

4) Network Where People Achieve.

 5) Network Where People Ask- for MORE.

These 5 Rules of Power Networking concerning networking are critical andwe are going to go over them briefly.

1) Network where people are.

This mean you need to be on the lookout for places that people are networking. They are listed in many places. And we will give you in future posts several places to check for your business as well as home business where to go to connect with people that are natural networkers.

2) Network Where People Advertise.

Where do people advertise? Where do people spend money for exposure? These are the people that are SERIOUS about their business. Connect with them and tell them about your thoughts and tactics for networking and success.

 3) Network Where People Assemble.

Where do people gather and why? There are so many places that people assemble and meet. You need to be there and connect with them and do it in a big way. Where do you find the places? We are going to teach you.

4) Network Where People Achieve.

It is called the “Winners Circle.” Where do the winners go? How do you get access to the winners in network marketing and how can you connect with them and even maybe meet them?  Simple. Take one to lunch and ask them how they did it. Then ask for referrals to also interview.

5) Network Where People Ask- for MORE.

Many people are always looking for more out of life. Many networkers can be found in places as they are looking for more, searching for more, wanting more, and demanding more for their business. You have that more and we will teach you some places that you can go to find them and tell them in future posts.

These are 5 Powerful LIVE networking rules for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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