MLM Training-Psychology behind the Objection

MLM Network Marketing Training – The MLM Psychology Behind the Objection

The group I was honored to help lead was a great group…and we had a lot of great talent in it…but the one thing we all understood was that: 

INFERNO Secret: 

The lack of understanding about Objections in MLM will create more objections….. 

You see, objections are just part of this business… As gasoline is to a car…or kerosene is to a fire… 

It is a “catalyst”, or a map, to make something happen, or accept that nothing will happen… That is up to You…and solely up to you… 

No one likes objections…at least that is what the paradigm is for the Industry….but we never taught how to “handle” objections… 

But to embrace” them… they were a clue to what was going on and what was to be done next… 

You must understand this….All objections in MLM from a psychological standpoint stem from 1 of 2 things…. 

The 2 Things that ALL MLM Objections Come From.

1) Natural Defense Mechanisms…. 

2) Lack of perceived Value…. 

And usually the defense mechanism kicks in when lack of Value is felt….although some NDMs are from past experiences…

How can you create an environment to lessen the NDMs that kick in with a lot of people? simple… 

Create a sense of “ownership” with your MLM prospect with your project or business by: 

The 4 Things to Create “Ownership” with an MLM Prospect.

1) Sincerely asking their input and thoughts on how to improve what you are doing…and take notes..

2) Edify their accomplishments and transfer that feeling to your presentation… 

3) Say….”I don’t know whether this is for you or not…it may not be…but I simply wanted to share some ideas and maybe get your insights…” 

4) “All I want is what is right for you and your family….and this may not be a fit…but if it is, I truly don’t want you to miss it…” 

What people contribute to,(ideas, insights, etc), and feel their values are honored, that will lessen any objections, as they have taken part ownership in your success..(CLUE!!!!!!!!!!) 

For a HOT Training Resource on MLM Objections: “Objections Course 101”

INFERNO Secret: 

People will be more attracted to something they contribute to and add to, then what is just “presented” to them…How do you create a “Massive Value Perception?” Simple… 

LISTEN to what they say when you ask this question…. 

“I want to ask you a serious question…. ….If there was One Thing you could change for the better… in your life…what would that be? And how would your life change because of it?” 

Then again…LISTEN to what they are telling you….because they are giving you Value CLUES to what is important and VALUED in their life, and that there is a part of that that is not being honored and fulfilled in their life, and they want to change it…. 

The Value Statement in MLM Recruiting.

INFERNO Secret: 

Wrap your recruiting around that value statement… “If there was honestly a way… that I could help you obtain that in your life…would that be something you at least would want to be made aware of?” 

And what you have done is put yourself in a “Value Posture” that will be felt through your recruiting process…whatever process you use…. People MUST perceive value….and a POSTURE of value if you are to create a “Minimum Objection” recruiting environment...and when you do get objections, you can relate them back to the value posture… 

“How will not having the money affect your desire to change…..”? “Again…if we could figure out a solution to it, then we can still start the change you want in your life…true?” 

Continue a Value Posture, and keep it focused on what they want to change….and assure them they can…. 

There are many ways to neutralize objections…but understand… People will never object to someone truly, honestly, and with their best interest at heart, helping them to obtain what is valued or missing in their life…. 


Blessings…doug Firebaugh PassionFire Intl

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