MLM Training- 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Ask for What We Want

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MLM Training on Asking for the sale.

Do YOU ask for what you want for your home business recruiting success?

Do you hesitate to ask for what you want ever- for your network marketing business?

How does that help or hurt your mlm business?



There is NOTHING that will accelerate your business more or faster, then ASKING. So why do we hesitate and NOT ask for what we want?

Here are 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Ask for What We Want and that alone can COST YOU A FORTUNE.

So, why do people stumble when they have an opportunity to ask?

 Five reasons, really:

1. Ignorance.

Many of us don’t know what to ask for. Either we don’t know what is available to us because we have never been exposed to it, or we are so out of
touch with ourselves that we no longer are able to perceive our real needs and wants. And, in many cases, we don’t know who to ask, when to ask, or even HOW to ask.

2. Limiting and Inaccurate Beliefs.

Since our childhood, we’ve been programmed by our parents, and through schooling, religious training and even the media to STOP asking.

3. Fear.

Having learned all about rejection, embarrassment, vulnerability and hurt in our childhood and early adult years, we find it easier to settle for less than deal with the fear that’s resulted from these past experiences.

4. Low Self-Esteem.

Most of us feel unworthy or too inadequate to create the kind of life we want. As a result, we don’t believe our needs and wants are worth pursuing.

5. Pride.

Many of us are convinced we need to do everything for ourselves, or we’ll look foolish or lose respect among our family and peers.

Take Control!

The truth is, when you take control of your life by asking for what you want and need, you can accomplish anything your heart desires. No doubt, you know of people who seem to walk into any situation and any relationship expecting success. They achieve success again and again because they’ve learned – and acted on – one simple truth:

 You will reach your goals only with the help of others.

What are common characteristics shared between people who’ve mastered the art of asking?

They know what they want.

They are clear about their vision, purpose and goals.

They believe that what they’re asking for is very possible.

They are passionate about what they are requesting.

They act even when they’re afraid or feel fear.

They learn from experience so that they become better “askers” with every ask.

They are persistent. If at first they don’t receive, they ask, ask, ask until they do.

You can turn your life around, regardless of the obstacles you currently face. Get clear. Get passionate. Take a giant step past that fear. And if
at first you don’t succeed, take this minor setback as a signal to you . . . to ask again for your mlm network marketing home business!

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