MLM Network Marketing Training -Why Can’t People Succeed in it – Part 2

home business woman angry

home business woman angry

4) Have you intensely educated yourself on how to REALLY do this business effectively and professionally …or have you chosen not to?

5) Have you been telling yourself the truth about what you are REALLY doing daily in your business…or NOT doing…or have you chosen NOT to?

6) Have you talked to enough people today to create some serious MLM Fire in your business, or have you chosen not to?

7) Have you focused on what will create success, not comfort, and then done it, or chosen COMFORT?

8) Are you going to finally GET SERIOUS about this business and give yourself permission to succeed…or deny yourself that choice?

9) Are you going to listen to all your excuses and reasons why Network Marketing won’t work…or have you chosen not to…and you just go out and do it and prove everyone wrong?


Your choices and decisions in this business will dictate WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR HOURS, and the effect those hours have on your business…


All your home business is …and ever will be…is a summary of what you and your downline have put…or NOT PUT…into the hours you have worked your business……Garbage in….Garbage out…

Are You Kidding Yourself in MLM?

Most kid themselves into thinking they have been working, and in reality, they have not been constructing a business…but conning themselves into constricting a future…


I hope so…..I want this article today to be like a 2X4 up against your heart and get you to see what is REALLY your choices and desires for you in this Network Marketing industry….

if you do, and step up and start changing those choices into decisions and then let that decision become unalterable…it’s Success or Nothing…Freedom or Nothing…

Then you will find the Success Track that all leaders need to be on with their folks and with their Vision…

2 Words….IT’S TIME. To get Serious about building a Serious Business…


The Seriousness Factor in Your MLM Business.


The SERIOUSNESS of your actions in this business will ALWAYS determine the SERIOUSNESS of your paycheck. Now THAT’S Leadership Reality! if you choose to believe that..and GET SERIOUS…get yourself a new bank account…you are gonna need it..


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