Using a Burning Bowl Ceremony for Prosperity – Randy Gage

Using a Burning Bowl Ceremony for Prosperity by Randy Gage. Randy Gage, MLM & Prosperity Guru, explains how to use the Burning Bowl Ceremony in order to get rid of negative baggage that may be holding you back, so that you can start attracting the things your desire! ** A New Way Of Letting Go! ** Everyone is given two sheets of paper – one sheet of paper was for writing down the old things we wanted to let release and the second sheet of paper was for writing down the new things we wanted to attract into our lives to replace the old things we were releasing. The paper with the new things we desired in our lives is then folded up and put into a self-addressed envelope that the Unity church would mail back to us later on in the new year as a reminder. The paper with the old things we were ready to let go of was folded so it could be released to the Universe to transmuted into the light we needed in our lives. we lit paper with the old things we wanted to release by the fire of a huge white pillar candle that was placed in the middle of a large brass bowl. Once the papers were lit, we laid them down in the bowl that was partially-filled with sand to burn up completely. We were told to lay the paper down to burn and never look back at the paper, which was definitely symbolic of letting go. As I got into my car and went on my way home, I felt renewed. I felt reborn. Burning bowl ceremonies can be done at any time of the year. It is a great thing to do as a party with friends

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