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MLM Prospect Attending an Event.

Do you have any trouble getting prospects to attend a webinar event for your home business?

How do you get them to your network marketing recruiting webinar?

How do you invite them to your mlm webinar?

There is so much information out there and it can get confusing. We suggest to keep it very easy to do and duplicate.

This is training on a 4 Step Recruiting System that we recommend you follow and focuses on inviting people to look attend an event for a presentation after they have had an intitial exposure.

The actual process of working this business and making money is:

1) FIND   (people you know)

2) ASK  (with CD/DVD/Video/Mobile Video/Sizzle call/Audio)

3) SHARE  (Invite them then to the daily Recruiting Webinar / Conf call or do a Three Way with your sponsor.)


 You need to reach out and SHARE some education and information with them. Getting them to see the message of your home business company is a must. To do this, you must turn their dreams into possibilities and beyond.

The SHARE step is the Presentation about your NETWORK MARKETING. company There are many different ways to create a Presentation, including using tools and events. But the NUMBER ONE SHARE Tool is the weekly Webinar / Conference call .

Invite your prospects to a special presentation of only 30 minutes, and even available 24/7 online at:

What are you doing at 12 noon today? Do you have 15 minutes that you can spare to attend online a webinar about what you saw on the DVD?”

Here are some other ways to use your tools to create a SHARE experience:

 NETWORK MARKETING DVDS: Hand them out for viewing.

NETWORK MARKETING CDs telling the story: Hand them
out for listening.

NETWORK MARKETING Brochures: Show them to inform of
available Products.


NETWORK MARKETING business cards: Hand them out for
contacting you.

(Also use online videos, landing pages, and other online marketing tools.)

The SHARE Presentation:  INVITING People to see the Online Recruiting Webinar.

The Single Greatest Wayto SHARE your Network Marketing company is to let your prospect listen to the National Webinar / Teleconference. INVITE them to this and let them hear a presentation that is guaranteed to be professional and powerful. You will LISTEN and LEARN the  presentation as well.  It doubles as a training tool for the new Reseller/distributor.

 1.“I am so glad that you enjoyed the video/audio/CD! Having a home business is one of the true ways to create a better life today. Let me ask you a question. Do you have 15 minutes at noon today or tonight at 9 pm? We are having a national Online Success Presentation that says it better than I can, and I would love for you to be my guest. Will you be my guest?”

 2. “Donna, I am so glad that you liked the DVD I gave you. It has changed my life Here is what we need to do next. Are you busy tonight for about 15 minutes at 9 pm? I would love for you to hear one of our top Leaders in the company who is going to do an incredible presentation on how to Succeed long term with Network Marketing.  Can I count on you to be on the call with me as my guest?”

 3. “Frank, this excites me. I am excited that you liked the DVD. Tell you what–why don’t you join me as my guest on a special webinar tonight that will present in-depth information on how to succeed with Network Marketing? It will last about 15-20 minutes. Can I count on you to be my guest?”

These are 3 powerful ways to ask a prospect to view a meeting/event for your mlm network marketing home business.

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