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MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Are you in a home business?

Are you in a direct sales or network marketing business?

Are you building a team in your mlm?

There are many folks out there, about 100 million worldwide, that are building some kind of a team for their home based business. They are busy prospecting, contacting, etc when they are engaging their business of network marketing when they are working from home.

How about you?

What are YOU doing to recruit new folks into your team?

Online marketing?

Offline marketing?

Social Marketing?

Mobile Marketing?

Some other kind of marketing that will bring new blood into your team?

ONE thing has to happen in order for the new person to join you: YOU RECRUIT THEM.

But often many folks are NOT recruited because they were well, not recruited correctly.

Some folks say that this is a “throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” business.

They are amateurs if that is what they are thinking. Pure and simple amateurs.

Today, you need more then just numbers. Numbers are easy to gain with social media and mobile recruiting…but that is not enough.

You are missing something.

Something that will PULL people towards you and often they will recruit themselves.


Well, before we get started, let me ask you a question:

WHAT got you interested in the home business profession? What ONE THING?

The answer for 99% of the people is the same.

It is for me.

It is for you.

And it is for most every other leader and distributor in this profession of home business.

Think back…and see what GOT YOUR ATTENTION.

The weird thing is, what usually gets a person’s attention to enroll in a network marketing business, is often overlooked and often even forgotten. The new distributor is more focused on Financial goals and activity goals to worry about anything else.

How about you?

The ONE THING that 99% of the folks get into this business for is simple:

They see Great VALUE in the business and products for changing their life for the better in some way.

Ok…if that is the case…

Then here is what most recruiters are MISSING in their  recruiting and are not even aware of it, whether offline or online recruiting. Whether mobile recruiting or social recruiting.

It is the same.

WHAT is that missing element in most recruiting?


What is THAT?

When you recruit someone, you MUST bring some kind of VALUE to the process. You need to set a MINIMUM goal of some kind of VALUE.

The MINIMUM goal you should set as a Value Goal is for the prospect to SEE YOU as a VALUE to their life and as a leader. If you achieve that, then you are well on your way of moving the prospect into the recruiting process.

Even a simple work of kindness is VALUE beyond compare.

A Value Goal for a weight loss product would be to bring VALUE of a slimming down to the prospect or someone they know.

A Value Goal for skin care would be to show the prospect what Value the product was to other customers and then connect the prospect’s face to the hope of those pictures.

A Value goal is something that you SET and then your subconscious goes to work to bring the goal about.

This will accelerate dramatically your marketing success in your mlm network marketing home based business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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