MLM Training System- The 5 Things You MUST CONSIDER for a System

mlm training system the 5 must haves

mlm training system home business


Are you using an EXPLOSIVE  MLM Training System?

Is it working?

Is it effective?

Is it a waste of time in your mlm home business?

MLM Training Systems are everywhere. You can look everywhere and you can find them.

But they are actually quite effective if done right.

I have been training for over 25 years, (almost right out of college) and have found a lot of these systems to be really good..

Or really bad.

Which system are you using?

Whatever system you ae using , there are 5 things you MUST consider before making a decision to purchase one.

What are they?

1. Online marketing training as well as offline.

Many mlm training systems today are either all ONLINE focused, or OFFLINE focused. In today’s marketplace, you cannot be just one. You MUST be offering both to the members. This will create BALANCE– and what I call “System Equity” for the members.

2. Automation.

The system MUST be automated and run 24/7. I have seen some good systems with great training- but NO automation. That is not something today that will really do well. The videos as well as any other training processes must be automated and play on demand. The system as well must train to automate your home business when appropriate- such as link building, pinging, autoresponders, etc.

3. LIVE Training webinars.

If your system does not offer LIVE training webinars and events, then you may want to rethink your thinking. Any good system will offer LIVE training events- online as well as offline to amplify their online system.

4. GREAT customer support.

If your system is limited on customer support, then you may want to reconsider your considering.  GREAT customer support is a MUST and no exceptions. It is imperative to know your problem will be heard and resolved if you have one. Check on this one. Test it out. Any good company will have this.

5. Affordable.

Any mlm training system should be affordable and not thousands of dollars. It may be a monthly membership or a one time fee. But it must be something that is affordable and will not clean your wallet out.

Oh…and there is One More MUST:  


Ths mlm training system you are looking at MUST be proven with testimonials as well as social proof. If you have these things as part of your mlm training system, you will have a powerful training source that can explode your business in your home based business.

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