MLM Training- The 5 Laws of Closing Your Prospect NO ONE Will Tell You

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MLM Closing the Prospects training.

The Power of Closing your prospect must be released in your words and actions- are they for your home based business?

Are YOU using the 5 laws of Closing for your network marketing business?

What are you doing to bring your closing ratio up in your mlm business?

The Power of these 5 Laws are amazing in getting you to understand why most people will NOT close the majority of their prospects in their home business.

What happens if you break the law and speed in your car, and get caught? Can you say YOU GET FINED?

Ok…we known hat Laws if you break them have consequences, and some times can be severe. But yet, many people still have a tendency to disrespect the laws.

But laws if adhered to, can bring better results, and often a better life experience. Can that not happen in business?

Can you not have a better experience in your home business if you adhered to certain “laws” that have been put in place?

Closing is not that hard when you have a prospect- IF you adhere to certain realities and “Laws” that are in play. I cannot tell you how many people in seminars have told me – and this is worldwide- that they cannot CLOSE anyone.

Yes, they can.

But they are in a “lawlessness” state and breaking the very laws they do not even know in most instances.

Do YOU know the 5  Laws of Closing Your MLM prospects?

Most do not, and have never even heard of them. But if you know them and follow them, you will find that your business and results will EXPLODE in a way that you never thought possible. I know. I have been there and once we figured some things out, our business and closing ratio ROCKED!

Ok..what are the 5 Laws of Closing Your MLM prospect?

1. The Law of CIAFOL.

What is THAT?

The most important Law of closing your prospect:

Closing Is A Form Of LEADERSHIP.

Simple. Pure. Right on. If you LEAD the prospect, and just not close them, you will find your business and closing results will SKYROCKET !  Yes, there are other parts to closing, but you MUST close through the Lens of Leadership and if you do, you will find your results much better.

2. The Law of NO PRESSURE.

Closing is NOT pressuring. It is COMPLETING. It is Following THROUGH. It is DRAWING into. But it it NOT pressuring.

Pressure can PUSH the prospect away and you can lose them.

But if you “ASSURE” them, not pressure them, then you will find your closing ratio growing.

Pressure vs. Assure.

Your call.

3. The Law of Agreement.

The prospect MUST come into agreement with the you before you will ever close them.

Agreement WELDS the prospect to your Leadership with the Fire of Hope. And if you bring the prospect into agreement, then the closing will happen more natural, and more powerful.

Get them to AGREE with you.

Agreement brings a great day in your business.

4. The Law of Quiet Confidence.

There is NOTHING more Magnetic then Quiet Confidence. It PULLS people into the “closing net” and they feel very comfortable..


Because Confidence brings “relief” to the prospect in knowing they have made the right decision and TRUSTS you to help them get the benefits promised.

Weakness pushes the prospect AWAY and it does that every time.

Confidence brings PULLING POWER without saying a word. You KNOW you are a Leader and can lead this prospect to the life they want, and to a destiny they once only dreamed of.

Be confident, but NOT arrogant. Arrogance is a cancer to your business and you will never close anyone with it.

5. The Law of “WYOWY.”

What is THAT?

“With You Or Without You.”

“I am going to the top of the mountain and I am taking a LOT of people with me- with you or without you.” That needs to be your focus and mindset.

It is a “Whatever” mind set and basically puts a fear of loss in the prospect.

These are briefly the 5 Laws of Closing No One will tell You for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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