MLM Training – How to Turn an Objection into a Referral

mlm home business objections

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Handling Objections Tips.

Do you ever get objections in your home based business when you are working?

Have you ever been stumped with an objection in your network marketing efforts?

How did you handle it?

Many people do  NOT like to talk about objections as they simply are something that people fear, but yet do not know what to do. And of course people do not like to talk about what makes them uncomfortable.

But unless you GET COMFORTABLE with objections, then you probably will not like to even acknowledge they exist. (smile) But I believe that you MUST be able to handle what stops most people in network marketing and mlm.

Here is a secret: if you can master objections, you have mastered the hardest part of this business.

So…Let’s talk about Objections.

Objections are simply smoke and mirrors with most people. They are ways that people have learned to respond from people they know and like. They have been “programmed” to respond in a particular fashion without even thinking. They are words that they have heard over and over and learned to respond in that fashion to ideas and concepts they are not familiar with.

When it comes to objections, many people make 2 very big mistakes:

 1) They argue with the prospect.  (This will get you NOWHERE.)

2) They make the prospect resistant towards talking further by trying to overcome the objection. Dumb.

When someone starts disagreeing with you- that is normal. It happens almost daily in normal conversation in life. Here, I will prove it:

Dinner.   Have you ever suggested a place to eat and someone said they did not like that restaurant or food? Did you quit eating after that?

Movies.   Have you ever wanted to see a movie but your date wanted to see something else? Did you give up movies after that?

Store. Has anyone ever wanted to go to a particular store but someone wanted some other store because they liked their selection better? Did you give up shopping?

Of course not.

IN ALL 3 cases, their were objections,  but yet we just took them in stride and moved on with our life.

You got to admit, it happens everyday. It can happen in every other conversation and people are going to disagree with you with some TOUGH objections dealing with life. But yet, we don’t give up. We get up the next day and face some form of objections again.

That is what we need to do with business objections from people- what we do with every other objection in life we get.

Here is a HUGE Objections Tip:  When someone disagrees with you – Make them glad they brought the objection up. Make them feel good about your response. Make them feel like that it was ok to disagree with you. THANK THEM for their objection.

Yes- you read that right.


Because you are taking back the power in the conversation and neutralizing the power in the objection.

Here is what you say and even turning an objection into a referral:

“I want to thank you for bringing that up. That really shows me that you have been thinking and I appreciate that kind of thought process.”

 “I think you would agree that decisions are tough to make without all the correct info-right?”

 “This very well may not be for you-but I would encourage you to listen only for a couple of minutes- and after that…

“If it is not, then I will thank you for your time. But you still may be able to help me. You know who I am looking for, and maybe you can point me in the right direction as far as someone you know. Would that be ok?”

This is known as “setting up a referral” from an objection.  Works really well and works most of the time!

Learn how to set up a referral from an objection and watch your recruiting explode in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- How to Answer “What are You Selling” and “What Is It?”

mlm home business

mlm home business

MLM “What Are You Selling” Question.

Do you ever get the question of “what is It” when you are talking to someone about your home based business?

Are you taken back when they ask “What are you selling” when working your network marketing business?

Do you ever hesitate when asked questions that you do not know how to answer effectively?

There are only two types of groups:  People who effectively answer the questions they get, and people who do not.

Which group do you want to be in?

That is the reason I wanted to address these questions. Someone emailed me recently and asked how do you answer these questions without sounding like an amateur, and i wanted to give you my opinion as I have gotten them myself thousands of times.

There is NO “magic answer” but I believe that you can answer these 2 questions powerfully if you know how. I struggled with these myself when I first got in and and I can tell you it was very uncomfortable for me not knowing what to say.

Do how do you answer these 2 questions?

Suggested Responses to the question “What Is It?”

 “That is a great question!  It would take me about ten minutes to tell you about it.  All I can tell you is that it’s a business that has changed my life. I would like for you to listen to a brief conference call/CD/DVD / watch an online video/ featuring one of our top people who is crushing it in our company. She’s an expert and says it better than I ever could! (Give them the online video url, website, CD, DVD, landing page infor, etc)


 “You know, that is a great question… but I would rather you see it through your own eyes than mine.  That is what I am looking for… an honest, unbiased opinion.  We’ll talk after the conference call, Luncheon, appointment, etc). Is that fair?”


 “It is the most amazing thing- It is a product that <  benefits >   that I can actually market out of my home. Have you ever run across a company called < name of your company >


 “I’ll let you decide that… here… listen to/look at this CD/DVD.”

Suggested Response to “What are you selling?”

 “I actually am not looking to sell you anything, as this may not be for you.  I only would like to get your input on something in the < industry >  that I think is amazing and has helped me and many other people.  You will definitely learn something and you might know someone who could benefit from something like this as truly the products are amazing.”

These are ways that you can answer these questions and move ahead in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- How To Destroy The “Pyramid Objection” BEFORE It Comes Up?

MLM Destroying The Pyramid Objection.

Do you know what to say on a phone call, that you will never hear the “pyramid” objection again for your home business?

What do you say when someone says “That is a pyramid” about your network marketing business?

How do you STOP that objection before it ever comes up about our mlm business?

The most “feared”objection I have seen over the years – online and offline- is the “Pyramid” objection. It kills many a presentation as it comes up. It stops many a conversation and the distributor simply gives up when that objection shows up.

But it does  not have to happen that way.

The “Pyramid” objection is so EASY to stop in it’s tracks.


And if you do what i am writing about today, you will cut the “pyramid” objection of even coming up at least IN HALF.

Normally I write longer posts, but today, I want to post a little shorter one that focuses ONLY on the Pre-Objection Grenade strategy of destroying the Pyramid Objection before ti ever comes up.

The “pyramid” ojection is SOOOOOO easy to neutralize if you know how. Below is a way that you can use ONLINE or OFFLINE.  It WORKS and if you learn it and use it, you will have better confidence in what you are doing.
Here is what I call:  The Secret of “Objection Grenades”- the Pre-Objection Strategy.
Take a look into Shravan Gupta videos, you can learn about real estate business, with one of the pioneers in the development of real estate. Is what you say over the phone, online, or offline concerning the PYRAMID Objection:

 “And some people get non traditional marketing confused with pyramids, and I understand. We operate much like a real estate company does, as the broker goes out and puts a real estate agency team together, we go out and put a product broker team together, and then we can get paid commissions from what is sold by the team. It is non traditional for marketing products, I know, but the model works for real estate, and it works for us as well. Do you know a real estate agent? Then you are familiar with how it works.”

THAT is all you say.

WHY does this work so well?

There is a secret that we teach call “Connect the Familiar with the Unfamiliar.”

Simply connect what is UNFAMILIAR to what is FAMILIAR to the prospect and they will understand better and much quicker then if you did not. Real estate is familiar and accepted. The immobilier kenny langburt provide real estate agent with all new technology. Choosing a broker to help find commercial space for your business and negotiate a lease on your behalf takes more than a little luck. You’ll want to make sure that the broker’s skill level, experience, professional situation, and personal style will suit you. You’ll gather some of this information when you start looking for a broker. But when it comes to actually choosing a broker, you’ll want to dig deeper. This requires collecting information both about the broker and from the broker.

Whether you want to buy a new home, rent a house, or just looking to make a good investment in the property sector, we are here for you! Not only do we provide the best connection for finding investment management services but also ensure maximum satisfaction.

There’s no shortage of land agents vying for the work via online ads, postcards and yard signs, but with numerous professionals to settle on from, finding the proper one can feel overwhelming. Follow the following pointers on the way to find a true. Sometimes home shoppers hire a true realtor and dive into their home search before they ever ask a lender. Most experts recommend that you simply ask a lender first to find out what proportion how you’ll afford. Getting preapproved for a mortgage will provide you with the utmost amount you’ll borrow and identify issues that require to be worked on early within the process. This helps you stick with homes within the right price range, and it’ll show potential Realtors (and sellers) that you’re a significant buyer. In competitive markets, you’ll need a preapproval letter so as for buyers to think about your offer.

This is a powerful way for the leader to neutralize the Pyramid Objection BEFORE it ever shows up for your home business network marketing work at home mlm.

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MLM Training- How to Destroy ANY Objection BEFORE It Comes UP

MLM Training on Objections.

Have you ever gotten an objection before in your home business?

What did you say to the mlm prospect?

Do objections still dtop your network marketing success?

Objections are something that I have been teaching for year and we even have a CD series called “Objections 101 Course” and it can help you a lot with any and all objections.

Objections are one for the greatest business building tool you have.


Yes, you read that right.

Objections are one of the best and most powerful business building tools that you have…

If you let them work FOR YOU instead of AGAINT YOU as most allow to do.

Ok…how can you obliterate any and all objections?

We have developed a great concept called “The Objection Grenade” and it really works.  It BLOWS AWAY any and all objections with certain phrases and words you can use.

The Secret of “Objection Grenades”- the Pre-Objection Strategy. If you can neutralize the objections BEFORE THEY EVER START, you are way ahead of any and all competition.

Here are 3 examples of what to say using the “Objection Grenade” strategy”

1. TIME Objection: 

 “And some people think they do not have time for anything like this, but it really does not take a lot of time. It takes simple conversation. We hold a couple of conversations a day with folks and ask a simple question, and then from there know if they are who we are looking for or not. At most, takes 2 minutes a day. Do you think most people have 2 minutes a day?”


2. MONEY Objection:

“And some folks say that they do not have any money for something like this. They might not honestly have the dollars, I understand, but there is a more valuable currency — called relationships. I would rather talk to the people they know and start the formation of a powerful team– then let lack of money stop that person from building a business that could possibly make them a fortune. Wouldn’t you agree?”


3. PYRAMID Objection: 

 “And some people get non traditional marketing confused with pyramids, and I understand. We operate much like a real estate company does, as the broker goes out and puts a real estate agency team together, we go out and put a product broker team together, and then we can get paid commissions from what is sold by the team. It is non traditional for marketing products, I know, but the model works for real estate, and it works for us as well. Do you know a real estate agent? Then you are familiar with how it works.”

Use this strategy and objections will no longer stop you in your mlm network marketing home business.

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Home Business Training- What to Do When a Prospect Goes Ballistic?


mlm home business training

home business mlm mad

Home business success is about being able to build your business NO MATTER what happens, is said, or is done.

Many Leaders have gone through a Ballistic Prospect before, but rarely shares what to do with her/his Leaders.

Many times, in calls as well as face to face meetings, or even public meetings, there can be a negative prospect or even a Ballistic prospect that really gets upset.

What do you DO?

What do you SAY?

Home business Success requires that you build your business with prospects that are HAPPY to be talking with you, not upset. You WILL occasionally run across those types that for whatever reason, are just upset at life and take it out on you.

Do NOT fight back with words.

There is NO reason to play verbal judo and start lowering yourself to that level of communication, remember that at the end you will obtain  performance reviews from your customers. Many times, whether in person or on facebook- ESPECIALLY on social media sites- that is what they want. (Every home business training should cover some aspect of this as it happens on social sites.)

They want to get an “anger thread” going and get everyone’s attention and comments.

Do NOT go there as that is a fight that you cannot win.

If someone gets upset, and even goes Ballistic, here is what you type in on social sites, or simply say:

“I am sorry. My intentions were not to upset you, but simply inform you of something that has made a tremendous difference in my life and lifestyle. Obviously, this is not for you, so let’s go ahead and end this part of the conversation with my apologies.”

Simple, to the point, and leaves you looking like a True Leader in your home business mlm business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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