MLM Training- The 4 Types of Home Business Training

home business training mlm

home business training network marketing

MLM Home Business Training.

What exactly IS Home Business Training?

How does Home Business Training work in network marketing?

Do you teach home business training or your mlm business? To get proper training on home business on visit mim .

Home business training is simply teaching the new direct seller or network marketing distributor or consultant how to work and market their business. This should include recruiting as well as team building and Leadership. A good home business training should teach all aspects of success and leadership when owning a home business.

But HOW do you TRAIN when you want to multiply your home business? It starts with the 4 major parts to the home based business training.

There is what I call the “4 Training Focuses” in Home Business Training:

 1) TheWHAT” Home Business Training.

This is the Entertainment and lowest level for the most part. It teaches you WHAT you need
to do. It trains you on the NAME of the training- but not the how.

“You need to do this and this is WHAT it is…”

 2) TheHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Education level. It teaches you also the HOW-but it is all education and
learning based. It lacks the actual action for example to the new distributor.

“You need to do this and this is how you do it…”

3)The “SHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Engagement level. This is where you visually SHOW them WHAT and HOW to do this business by YOU doing it with them and they watch you and learn in the

“Watch me as I do this…”

 4) TheDO” Home Business Training.

This is where you have moved the new distributor in ACTION and they are rocking the
business with their actions in the field.

“Let’s do this together…watch me first and then you try.” This
is THE most effective and powerful impact home business training that exists.

YOU and your new distributor are ENGAGED together in the actions of you being an
EXAMPLE — and SHOWING how it is done. This engages the new distributor immediately DOING the right actions –not just learning–that will start his/her business rolling with your knowledge and experience at the helm.

This is EXPERIENCE based training.

This is where you take the distributor under your wings, and truly train them as they
need to be trained. Yes, you need the webinars, and the live trainings, conference calls, and the training manuals. Absolutely. But this level does not stop there.

This level introduces REAL EXPERIENCE into the mix of training.


 a) Take the new distributor on some appointments with you and let them listen to some home business presentations.

 b) Let them listen in on phone calls that you are making. Three way them on a conference line and let them hear you LIVE.

 c) SHOW them with an “over the shoulder look” at a recorded video of how you do this business with funnel marketing, landing pages, recording videos, webinars, and other online marketing strategies.

Customer loyalty is becoming more and more elusive, especially in our contemporary world. Before online transactions and exchanges became the norm, retailers were able to foster physical, and, at times, emotional interactions and connections with consumers.

This led to immeasurable value for businesses, such as repeat purchases and brand loyalty. However, as challenging as it may prove, maintaining an active and healthy brand depends on the ability to improve customer relationships and develop a loyal customer base.

Today, most brands turn to social marketing, using social media to strengthen brand awareness and build those relationships with customers. Successful brands have learned to manage and engage online customers, while others are struggling to develop and foster those relationships.

Here are a few ways to improve your customer relationships to build your brand and drive better sales

Communication Through Email

One important way brands can stay contacted with their clients is with an email list. This is a great way to tell customers about new products, tips on using a product they may not have thought of, and anything else you think your customers would be interested in.

The key to email lists is to provide customers valuable information without coming across as spammy. Emails should provide the customer with shareable and valuable content, which means if each of the emails you send out are “salesy,” you’re approaching this the wrong way. Whenever the content you provide addresses the needs of your clients and offers a solution to the problems your customers face, you’ll end up building rapport and fostering a digital relationship, necessary for your business success.

Price & Value

Most retailers often, and mistakenly, think consumers will only purchase the cheapest available products, regardless of the retailer or brand. While for some markets, this might be factual, most consumers today are willing to pay a higher price as long as they feel the price matches the product’s quality.

Pricing your products to create a higher perceived value, plus offering coupons, promotions, and sales, can further help to make customers feel that your brand offers value. Many consumers are willing to pay a little more and shop at a store that creates a positive experience. Take time to also improve the employee experience, through encouraging feedback, providing the tools and resources for them to succeed, and showing gratitude, to create a friendly atmosphere for both employees and customers. Make sure you get an Infusionsoft training package in order to give your employees adequate teaching.

Loyalty Programs

Tying discounts and promotions to loyalty programs aids in making your customers feel valued and results in frequent repeat business. When it comes to your business, providing the best possible customer experience is the most important thing and openly acknowledging your most loyal customers constitutes an excellent way of incentivizing customers and strengthening your relationship. This type of service can really help create a great experience for them.

The 80/20 rule of business states that 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your total sales. When correctly implemented, data generated by loyalty programs can assist your customers in finding previously purchased products or in returning items minus any receipt hassles. This data can also prove of great value when used for the better understanding of your clients’ buying habits.

MLM Training- Three Game Changing Factors in Today’s Home Business

mlm home business game changer

mlm home business training

MLM Home Business Factors.

Do you keep up with all the changes in home business today?

Are you aware of the changes over the last 5 years that have occurred that are impacting network marketing?

How are you using them in your mlm?

In the Home Business arena today, there are three very important words that are more than true.

 Things Are Changing.

Those 3 words are right at the very core of a powerful shift in the Home Business and Network Marketing industry.What worked 5 years ago, may not work today, as there are New Rules that have been laid over the Home Business grid, and either you play by them-or you
don’t. If you do not, then that can end up possibly working against you in the long run.

Many companies have come and gone over the years, and I have seen some succeed wildly, and others struggle massively. And there many times is no rhyme or reason why it happens.

But today, with the introduction of the new Rules in Home Business, which many are still unaware of, things are transforming right before our eyes quickly.

Don’t get me wrong…

The same principles we all use will always work for your Home business, but the approach to them are changing as we speak, and transitioning many companies either into either DYNAMOS – or DINOSAURS.

Depending on the decisions being made, the same thing can be said for Teams in Network Marketing. Some teams are accelerating their growth like crazy, while others look at those teams as if they are crazy.

All this is occurring because of the introduction of the New Marketing factors in the Home Business Industry.

There is a New Marketplace and a New Market Shift and we must accept that.

There are three things that have changed and impacted the Marketplace that will impact your business. These three things are very important for doing business today in the home business profession and network marketing.

If you can embrace these three factors, you will accelerate your business dramatically.

1. The Social Factor.

The last 7 years, the impact of social networking and social media has been huge. And this is THE place to prospect if you are looking for ACCELERATED prospecting. Whether facebook, twitter, or youtube, you will find that the social media space is continually morphing the marketplace.  But the social space is changing as well, and quickly due to  another Game Changing factor:

2. The Mobile Factor.

EVERYTHING is going Mobile in network marketing and mlm. EVERYTHING. If you are not “mobilized” you already are behind the eight ball. Every one needs at least a mobile website, and today it is moving into much more that that. Mobile recruiting is getting more and more popular and soon will be the rage in home based business.

3. The App Factor.

In the very near future, you will find a new way to recruit using “gamification.” from APPS. Most people today with mobile devices have downloaded apps on their mobiles, and use them. And you will soon find what I call “App Recruiting” using apps and gamification for recruiting home business prospects into  your business.

These three Game Changing factors will prove to be critical and will work IN HARMONY in the future to create what we call ‘Digital Recruiting” in the Mobile space. This will help build your mlm network marketing home business more swiftly.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Are YOU Asking Yourself these Success Questions?

mlm home business questions

mlm network marketing home business

MLM Questions are the ANSWER.

How powerful are the questions you ask yourself in your home business?
Do you ever feel that you should ask yourself different questions in your network marketing business?
How powerful are the questions that you ask about your future- or do you ever ask any questions concerning your mlm success and personal development?
Questions often are the answers in our business and personal development. But often we do not ASK the questions that will change our lives and mlm business.
Why are questions so powerful?
They MAKE YOU THINK and probe other possibilities for your mlm network marketing business. Questions can STRETCH YOU as well and make you see things in a bigger and more bolder light.
This often is how Success shows up in your mlm home business.
Questions also are the “magnets” that PULL in the  answers you often need to know. But often in network marketing, we are afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked concerning ourselves and our personal development.
But there is a Success Law that MUST be adhered to and understood:

The questions that you ask in life will determine what you get in life.

Your questions truly do hold the key to the future of your life. But there is a question that begs to be asked:
Are you asking questions that STRETCH you and GROW YOU?
Or stagnate you and limit you?
Most network marketers ask the questions that LIMIT them, not grow them. Limiting questions often are more comfortable. They often are easier to answer. That is why many ask that level of question.
But we need to REALIZE something that will impact a lot of your home based business Success:
 The first word in “Question” is QUEST.
Questions are the fruit of the quest you are on in life concerning your home business and personal development.
I have a couple of questions for YOU:
Are you on a quest for Greatness?
Or are you on a quest for Limits and less and do not even know it?
Are you on a quest that will take you to new heights or new frustration?
The answers that you gave for those questions show you whether you are on a “Greatness Quest” or a “Limited Quest.”
Lets change some questions people often ask in home business from a Limiting Question to a Transforming Question:
1) Why isn’t this working?
Change that to “What do I need to do to make it work?”
2) What am I doing wrong?
Change that to “What do I need to do more right?”
3) Will this really work?
Change that to “Will I really work?”
4) What do I need to do?
Change that to “Who can I learn from to do this?”
These are questions that you can ask yourself in your personal development for your home business and mlm network marketing business.
 blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training- Are YOU Practicing “Net-DOG Marketing” Unknowingly?

mlm home business

mlm network marketing

MLM Network Marketing prospecting.

Are YOU practicing NetDOG Marketing?

Do you KNOW what that is in a home business?

Would you like to know what it is and STOP IT if you are in a network marketing business?

This business of MLM often has gone to the DOGS!


It is time that you realized the “Rule of the Dog” in Network Marketing:

You are NOT a dog. Quit chasing after people like a dog – and start developing new relationships with people who are chasing you.


You are NOT a dog. Quit chasing after people like a dog-  and start developing new relationships with people who are chasing you.

 Most people in this business chase people for phone calls, for appointments, and even dates
they can get together and talk.

That is one of the most powerful realizations in home business. Chasing people that you
want to recruit into this industry is:

1)   Demeaning.

You do not need to be demeaned in your efforts from people that will never understand. You are a Home Business Professional and you should realize that you are looking for the RIGHT leader- not just for someone that has a breath. Quit chasing the Neg-heads and start embracing new friends who want to talk to you that you can find online.

2)   Desperate.

When you are chasing folks, you are looking and coming across as desperate. Your intentions may be good, but your image is not. Chasing people always looks like you have nothing going on in your business, and this is one of your last prospects. You need to come
across as the exact opposite. You will be glad that you did, as it truly makes you look confident.

3)   Delusional.

If you think that chasing people to get them into your business is going to be magnetic, you are delusional. It will never attract quality into your business. And you will continue to be frustrated and discouraged.

Now let’s be clear about something.

You MUST follow up with everyone that you connect with. That is part of the foundational
Success process.

But you do not want to chase them.

That sends the wrong message and the wrong intentions.

Leaders do NOT chase. They simply reconnect and see if they are supposed to pursue it any further.

What is the dfference?

 Chasing is letting the prospect set the time agenda and control the situation.

Letting the prospect chase you is you setting the time agenda, and controlling the
situation like all Leaders do.

That is why that you need to make that paradigm shift, and start to understand that thee
are people out there that truly are looking for you, and you just need to connect with them. That is why social media is so important in today’s business.

It allows you access to these folks and the ability to find them, befriend them, and then recruit them. It takes time, and it takes some learning, but it is so much more powerful than chasing prospects continually just trying to get them to answer the telephone.

Do NOT practice NetDOG Marketing in your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – 3 Powerful Social Media Recruiting Secrets

social media recruiting

mlm social media


Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Where are you in the social media mlm niche?

Are you using social media for your network marketing business?

Are you looking for some secrets that could help explode your mlm social media results?

Today we are going to cover three very poweful secrets about the ever changing world of social networking and social media. if you are using social media, then YOU are on top of what is today’s greatest prospecting venue.

If you are not- START.

Here are 3 very powerful secrets of accelerating your social media recruiting success:

Social Media Recruiting Secret 1:

 It is No Longer about being the Industry Best, but what you do in your Niche, do it better than Anyone Else.

 Niche Marketing and Recruiting has arrived. It is still in it’s infancy in the Home Business arena, but it has arrived. With all the messages out in the marketplace, you have to set your company and product apart. You must see the big picture, but know that the Driving Force for your success will come in a smaller marketing zone.

Take the Flip Video camera –a niche that is narrow, but a market that is huge. Being the best used to be the cry of the corporations. But with the acceleration and proliferation today of all the products and services in the Network marketing arena, there is a different sound that seems to be heard.

 You do not have to be the best in the industry any longer. But you do have to be the very best at what you do.

 This has changed the approach to many company owners as they look into the future and try and see what is coming. Single product focus has been huge the last 5 years in Home businesses. Single niche focus is getting to be just as big.

Mineral Make Up.

Super antioxidant gel.

High Powered Herbal Energy drinks.

Medicinal Based skin care products.

Skinny tea bags.

Diet Chocolate products.

And the list continues to grow daily. Not trying to be the all in all and everything to everybody. Just being the best at one thing and no one else doing it as good. That is the New Rule for the marketplace today.

People are not expecting you to be the best at everything.

But be the very best at the one thing you do.

Be the best at talking about your product.

Be the best at explaining your comp plan.

Be the best prospector.

Be the best presenter.

Be the best recruiter.

Be the best leader.

Be the best trainer.

 But be the best at something, and watch people be attracted to that best that no one else can do-like you.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 2:

 It is no Longer about having a Brand- YOU ARE the Brand.

 Branding. Been lots of talk about it. But in the past, there was always taking your product brand to market. Making sure that your product had brand identity. Making sure that your product’s brand was the most recognizable.

 Things are changing.

 Now, there is the Primary Brand, and then secondary brand. YOU are the Primary Brand in the New Marketplace. Today, people are more interested in what YOU bring to the table, not just your product. The New marketplace is a whole lot more savvy than it used to be. Computers changed that. The internet changed that. SMS, Mobile Marketing, Social Networking, Smart phones changed that.

And that change moved the focus from product being primary- to people. YOU are the first brand in your business-your company and products are the secondary brand. You must set yourself apart from all the others out there, and become the ‘Expert’ at something that will elevate people’s perspective of who you are and what you do.

You must become “memorable.” You must become more than just a distributor to that person. You must become the “go to person” for what you do.

 What do you want to be remembered for when prospects think of you? What message do you want them to see on their mental billboard about you? What do you want “seared’ onto their mind like a branding iron that carries your mark?

YOU must become the brand by marketing yourself as much as you market the products and business. Come up with a catchy slogan. Come up with a logo that people remember. Come up with a catchy theme that sets you apart. Then brand  it on the social media sites and all you do.

 The New Rule: Don’t just make yourself KNOWN- make yourself REMEMBERED.

  And when they remember you, make sure they remember your slogan, logo, or theme FIRST-because YOU are the Primary Product.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 3: 

It’s no longer just about what you are saying-but what others are saying to others – FOR YOU.

 It’s called “The Echo Factor.”

 What is echoing across the landscape about you and your business and products? What is being said that is getting people’s attention? What are people saying as an ambassador for you and your products to others that are listening to their words?

You can talk all you want about your products and business. But it is not anywhere near as powerful as others that are talking for you and about you. Other people mentioning to their friends and family that your products are amazing and your business is really helping people, is advertisement you cannot buy. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

And the greatest part is those that have enrolled into your vision about the products and benefits and they have become a “Vision Carriers.” They carry the vision of what you are doing and let others know about it.

 That is how many products today are being marketed. The companies are developing strategic “Vision Carriers” and they carry the vision out into today’s marketplace. They are called ‘Visionaries” that get it, and then they go out and virally market it across the internet and the other traditional ways of communication. 

 You need to develop “Vision Carriers” that carry the vision with them and then tell people about your products and business. Reward them for doing it. If they refer someone, give them the profit from the sale. Give them reasons to share the story about your product and business. Get them excited about helping get your message out because it will help so many others.

Get their heart connected to the Vision, and they will tell everyone they know –for you.

 These are 3 very powerful tips for you to help your social media recruiting success in mlm home business and network marketing.

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MLM Twitter Recruiting- The MLM Recruiting Power of Tweetbeep

mlm recruiting with twitter

mlm twitter recruiting for home business


MLM Twitter Recruiting.

Have you ever used twitter for recruiting in your home business?

Would twitter be a good option to generate mlm leads for your network marketing prospect?

How would you like to discover a recruiting tool in social media that can help accelerate your home business?

That is why I wanted to write this post. On this week’s Live Call” I do on Monday nights at 10 pm est, I did a lesson on recruiting with twitter and how to recruiting using twitter.

 I introduced this social ware and could not believe the emails I got asking for it again as they missed the call and must have heard about it.

So I decided to do a quick mlm twitter recruiting post on a social software called:


Or better known as

A Twitter Recruiting Gold Mine.

This little software is a twitter recruiting gold mine for network marketers and home business professionals. Recruiting with twitter just got easier, and just got more powerful with the usage of this social ware. It not only can increase your twitter recruiting for mlm, but also your lead generation for your products and services.

And the best part?

It is totally FREE. (There is a premium version for 20.00 a month,  but you can use it for free.)

Tweetbeep is much like Google alerts, as you can register keywords or search phrases with tweetbeep and it will email you everyday with people who have tweeted about and used your keywords and phrases. You literally can generate a TON of leads by simply gathering tweets in your email and then doing one thing:

Going to their twitter profile and checking out who they are, and if they are someone that you feel that you need to follow and start a relationship with. You MUST be careful who you spend your time with developing on twitter.

Check their facebook and Google+ profiles as well to get a better input.

And if you get a dozen tweetbeeps a day, and one is a great lead, then you are GOLDEN.

MLM Recruiting with Twitter is a GREAT way to find leads and to CONNECT with them.

Here is a simple step by step using tweetbeep for mlm twitter recruiting:

1. Tweetbeep.

2. Profile.

3. Connect.

4. Construct- the Relationship.

Tweetbeep can be one of the greatest twitter recruiting tools that you can use to find and generate MLM leads from twitter recruiting. I would suggest that you get yourself an account on tweetbeep and then start filling out the words and phrases you want, and then start the mlm twitter recruiting process for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Greatest Mistakes in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Branding- 5 Secrets to Building a MIllion Dollar Personal Brand

home business mlm personal branding

mlm personal branding for home business


MLM Personal Branding.

What are THE secrets to building a million dollar brand in network marketing and a home business?

Are YOU aware of YOUR brand and what it is doing in the marketplace with your home business?

What MUST you be aware of in order to build a brand that has the potential to create wealth in mlm home business?

There are 5 secrets that I want to share with you on building a million dollar brand with your home based business. We at PassionFire have been  building a brand for 12 years, and it has been a lot of work, but yet, it has been easy and fun. We have built a brand in the marketplace that is known worldwide, and has grown to a 7 figure brand.

YOU can do the same thing only quicker- MUCH quicker. We were some of the pioneers in building a personal brand, and we had to figure things out, like everyone else in the early 2000’s had to.

There was NO template, example, or tutorial. It was just “figure it out as we go.”

We learned some things and the things that we learned has been a blessing in many ways in our lives and business. YOU must build a personal brand that will help create the income you want and desire for your family.

There are 5 Secrets of Personal Branding in network marketing that I want to share with you, and these are 5 MUST KNOW secrets to a Personal Brand that endures and can potentially create a powerful presence in social media as well as offline.

What are the 5 secrets?

Well, successful branding begins with a focused, well thought out, and well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to your particular market and niche. You might think that since you have a slogan or great logo, or even tagline, stationary, and business card, you’ve completed your personal branding and are ready to ROCK!

Nope, don’t think so. 

You see, unless you’ve carefully thought out, pondered, masterminded, considered and defined ALL five of the essential key branding elements—position, promise, personality traits, story, and association—you still have work to do to create a brand that will become known in the marketplace with your home business.

And, until you’ve connected your brand into every possible are in social media, online marketing, and offline marketing,  and then built the discipline of CONSISTENCY and TRUST into every behavior you display, action you take, or communication you send out–you are not yet on the path to a successful personal brand in network marketing.

Here are Five Key Branding Elements you MUST have to build a million dollar personal brand:


1. Your Brand Position.

This is the part of the personal brand that describes what your home business does and for whom it does, what your unique and one of a kind value is and how a customer benefits from working with you in your business or your product/service, and what key differences you have from any competition.

Once you’ve thought out and defined your personal brand position, write it out in 2 sentences, a paragraph, and then a 200 word “Personal Branding Summary.” This will help DEFINE and FOCUS your personal brand.


2. Your Brand Promise. (This is THE GOLD in your Personal Brand.) 

This the single most important thing that your home based business promises to deliver to its customers—EVERY time. How do you discover that? To come up with your personal brand promise, think about  what possible customers and team members should expect from every interaction, communication, and connection with you as a Leader.

Every decision should be weighed and related against this Personal Brand promise to be sure that a) it fully reflects and gives the Value of the promise, or b) at the very least it does not harm the promise of our personal brand.


3. Your Brand Personality.

The Traits of your brand- whether numerous or only a few –  illustrate what you want your personal brand to be known for. Stop and think about specific and targeted personality traits you would like your mlm prospects, customers, and team members to use to describe your network marketing organization. You should strive for 5 traits,  which describe the “perfect customer” and the “perfect team member.

What do they look like and what would you like them to be like?


4. Your Brand Story.

Your Personal Brand Story tells the story your home business story, your parent company’s history where you get your products, along with how the history adds and increases value and extreme credibility to your personal brand.

Do NOT be afraid of telling some of the struggles and stories you have gone through. People can relate to that.

Your Personal Beand Story also usually includes a summary of your products or services and what your business has done for others (testimonials.)


5. Your Brand Associations.

These associations  (or what the brand is reflected by) that are the specific physical elements that make up your personal brand and what people SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE with it This is WHAT is associated with your brand and the “colors of it” if you will.

This is your name, logo, colors, memes, taglines, fonts, layout,  images, etc. Your personal brand associations must reflect ands radiate your brand promise, ALL of your brand traits, and support your brand positioning statement or summary


Once you’ve developed and defined a relevant personal brand, you must begin building the brand with customers, prospects, team members, etc. through CONSISTENT engagement of the brand and everything it stands for.

Branding Secret: Relentless Nonstop Repetition is key to the success of the branding process.

It’s easy to give in and be less than the brand promises “just this one time,” because you’re busy building your home business, recruiting, or because you think no one will notice.


You can destroy a brand within days that took you years to build.

No one will ever really know or remember what your brand stands for or represents or even is, unless it is the EXACT SAME every time they are exposed to it online or offline. Without relentless consistency, “magnetic eyeball pulling brand awareness” becomes nearly impossible to achieve, no matter how much resources, energy,  or time you spend on marketing.

 And your good brand identity—that you spent so much time developing, building, and defining—begins to look more unreliable in many ways.

To help ensure you build the habit of consistent brand execution in your network marketing home business , I suggest that you write down your essential Brand Elements in a “Branding Log” and study it.

Show it to your leaders and team members and get them to do the same thing for their own Personal Brand. Then you can become your company’s main brand ambassador and start sharing your personal brand with anyone and everyone that you talk to, and connect with on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, or Google+.

If you start the process of what I just shared with you, you are on the way to starting to build a million dollar personal  brand in your network marketing home business personal business!


FREE mp3 download- “the 7 Biggest Mistakes in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 5 Secrets to a Devastatingly Effective Recruiting Video

mlm recruiting video

mlm recruiting video

MLM Video Recruiting.

Video today RULES in the network marketing home business profession.

Especially with the powerhouse social site YOUTUBE.

Youtube is the second most used search engine in the web with 2.6 billion searches a day. It also still houses over 60% of all video traffic and some days as high as 75%. And it is exceeds 2 BILLION views a day according to our research.

On youtube there are over 24 hours of video uploaded every MINUTE. The average person spends 15 minutes a day on youtube. There is more video content uploaded on youtube every 60 days then ALL VIDEO combined loaded up on ABC. NBC, and CBS networks- the LAST 60 YEARS! YouTube allows each user to upload their own videos by opening channels through this platform. It is completely free, and all YouTube users can share their own videos via the YouTube channel. Through these videos, users can increase the number of subscribers and increase video viewing rates. There is always a like and dislike button under the videos uploaded to YouTube. These buttons measure the popularity of your video. It’s important that users like your videos. To ensure this, you can buy YouTube likes.

There are hundreds of millions of videos watched on mobile devices every month (I am one of those people.) That makes Mobile Recruiting a POWERFUL option for your home based business.

The Reality.

Ok..knowing this- how can YOU take advantage of such a a powerful visual video force?

With a Super Magnetic, Powerful PULLING, Devastatingly Effective Sponsoring video.

And THAT would increase your business results dramatically if you simply created that kind of a recruiting video for mlm network marketing.

How would you do that?

First off, get a FLIP video camera and learn how to use it. Is is VERY simple to use.

Make sure your recruiting video is no more than TWO MINUTES LONG. The average viewing time of a youtube video is 2 minutes (HINT.)


The 5 Secrets of Creating a Recruiting Video.

Here are 5 Secrets to creating a Devastating Network Marketing Recruiting Video:

1. Create a CONNECTION the first 5 Seconds that makes them think-“That’s ME!”

Ask them a question first thing in your mlm recruiting video that PULLS THEM in:

“Has this ever happened to you where…”

“Aren’t you tired of this happening…”

“This insanity has to be STOPPED…”

“What would you do if THIS was possible…”

“Let me tell you a quick story about what happened to me…”

2. This video is NOT about teaching- it is about REACHING.

A devastatingly effective recruiting video for your home business will REACH PEOPLE and MOVE them on the inside. It will move their emotions. That is what it is for. It is NOT to teach them something as that triggers the wrong part of the brain. Teaching activates the LEFT side of the brain. REACHING and MOVING activates the right side of the brain and gets a person EMOTIONAL.

Reach them by pointing out a problem that most people struggle with, and YOU used to struggle with, but now do not. Paint a picture of your life without that issue and all the joy and happiness it has brought.

3. Amplify the Problem and give testimonials of those who had it.

Give PROOF that the problem is causing a lot of harm and hurt in the world. Give them 3 effects of this problem to everyone’s life and then examples of people that used to struggle with this issue, but now do not.

Keep the testimonials but keep them to 10 seconds apiece.

4. REVEAL the Solution that has changed lives including YOURS.

This is done with a simple “This is what helped take my life to a new level of living (by getting rid of this problem…”)

Give 3 benefits of how this solution (business or product) has impacted your life and transformed it and then give another guest testimonial.

Ask the prospect “WHAT IF this could happen to you? How would your life change?”

5. Create a STRONG Call to Action that PULLS people-not pushes them.”

How do you do this?

Give away something for FREE. I would suggest an ebook or video that AMPLIFYS the Solution and then begins to TEACH the person WHY this Solution MUST be a part of their life.

There are 2 ways to so this:

“To prove what I am saying- I want to GIVE YOU FREE -at absolutely NO COST to you- a valuable <ebook- video- pdf-audio> that will answer your questions like it has the people on this video. There is NO RISK and NO COST. What do you have to LOSE? NOTHING. Just click the link below for access to this valuable life changing information.”


“I want to give you a Personal and Exclusive Invitation to a free online gathering we are doing on <this date this time> to not only meet you, but also to give you some FREE information that will answer any of your questions. There will be a FREE gift as well given to you just for attending- a free <ebook, video, pdf, audio, report>.  Just fill out your name and email for invitation and attendance details. Look forward to seeing you there.”

These are 5 secrets to doing a recruiting video that is devastating and PULLS people towards you like a magnet on steroids. This will increase and explode your results for mlm recruiting for your home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- How to Do a Holiday Recruiting Get Together-THAT WORKS

mlm home business holiday

mlm holiday recruiting


MLM Holiday Recruiting.

If you could hold a get together for your mlm prospects over the holidays and recruit them ALL from ONE MEETING-would that be of help?

Yes, online meetings are possible too and we will cover that in another post, but LIVE face to face meetings during the holidays are CRITICAL as well as part of the holiday tradition.

It is called a “Get Together” and NOT a “meeting” as that is the “feel” it needs and also the focus it needs. “Meeting” often sends the wrong signal to the home business prospect. And they often think, “What do THEY want from me?”  The term “get together” signals that is will be fun, friendly, and just some folks that are getting together to enjoy the holiday season. and that is what you want.

You want a NO AGENDA FEEL to the meeting and non-threatening. But if you do this Holiday Get Together right, you will recruit many folks during this meeting, as we did this for years.

The Holidays and especially Christmas, are known for the family time, as well as parties and get togethers. So this little holiday secret can work well within the culture of the holiday season.

How does this Get Together work?

Like any other gathering.

1. You pick a location to meet and gather with your team and guests.

Often this can be a restaurant that has a back room you can meet. A Starbucks would work, as well as someone’s home, but the best is a luncheon place you can grab a sandwich.

2. You celebrate the holidays with music playing and a festive feel to it.

Here is where you simply celebrate the holidays with people and good times. BUT- you talk about the next year and all it has to hold for the future, and how you are looking so forward to it. 

3. Ask what each person attending wants to CHANGE in 2012 and WHY. Have them write it down if you have time and sheets of paper.

Get them talking about change. Ge them talking about what they are dissatisfied in life about. Get them to talk about the PERFECT YEAR and what 2012 would look like if it was.


4. Talk to them about needing a PLAN.

P = POSSIBILTY MAKER.  They need something that is going to make the perfect year POSSIBLE.

L = LOVE. Talk to them about LOVING their life in 2012 and not just LIVING it. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to LOVE your life in 2012 and not just go through the motions of living it?”

A = ACTION. It is NOT going to happen if you are NOT taking action on something that will help them GET THERE.

N = NEW. Usually to LOVE life, you gotta do something NEW and do it NOW.

Then talk OPTIONS and what they have in their life to make 2012 the BEST YEAR they have ever had. Most have FEW options you will find.

Ask this question: “Are you wanting to be in a position next year NOT having to worry about income?”

Then simply say that you not sure what that NEW THING or Action would be, but you and your team would help them achieve their dreams in 2012 in any way possible.

THEN move on to giving out small gifts of SUCCESS. This could be “As a Man Thinketh” book by James Allen or a CD on Success. AND give away a CD of Holiday or Christmas music as well. Use your creativity.  And at the end- meet the guests, and set up a time you get together with them individually with your team member that invited them.

This traditional method of creating a Holiday Recruiting Frenzy has proven to work and work well. I would encourage you to loo at doing this during the holidays, and if you do NOT have a big team, invite your friends and ask them to bring a guest.

This will increase your ability to build your business during a traditionally low activity season for the home business mlm profession.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- The MILLION Dollar MLM Recruiting Question

mlm recruiting network marketing

MLM Recruiting Question for Home Business


MLM Recruiting.

Would knowing a question you could ask that has produced millions of dollars in income for our Private Clients help your MLM home business?

How would you like to be able to be online- or on social media sites- and ask a question that RARELY EVER gets a negative response?

You say that question does not exist?

Oh, yes it does.

The 25 Million Dollar List.

We have a powerful tool that we call “The 25 – Million Dollar Recruiting Questions” that you can ask a prospect for your network marketing business, that works every time. And they are not theory, or hope they work, or may might work.


They have PROVEN to work online- offline- anyline. They are that powerful. I wanted to share one with you today to give you something that you can go out and start using NOW for your work at your home business. And if you use this question, you will see some amazing response in your network marketing recruiting efforts.

Now let’s be real.

It MUST be used in order for it to work. I had one client that got real excited over this one question and she said that she was going to use it like crazy next week. A week later I called her and she said her business was still struggling. I asked her if she had been using “The Question.” She said that she had not as she forgot what it was.


Not a good sign for the future of her MLM Leadership and business.

Reality Check.

Just like gasoline-you must put it in the car and engage it’s POWER for the car to run, it is the same thing here. This Million Dollar Question is not worth anything to your business if it is not engaged and used on a daily basis. Our research has shown that 100% of the people that use this question have 100% better response than those that do not use it.


So that is why that I want you to use this question 10 times this week. I want you to use it on social media conversation threads, texts you send on your cell, mobile recruiting actions, efforts, face to face recruiting, in home meeting recruiting, or any other type of mlm recruiting that you use.

This Million Dollar MLM Recruiting Question rocks. And I have used it and taught it and it WORKS just about everytime in getting a positive response. It is sinple, but yet profound. It is non-threatening, and engaging. It is unexpected and fits in any kind of conversation. It is MAGNETIC as it PULLS people towards you.

Ok..what is it?

Here ya go:

“Are you in a place in your life that you would consider more income for you and your family?”

THAT question will create a positive response like crazy.

If they say, “It depends. What are you talking about?” You simply respond,” How do you feel about the idea of helping people and getting paid for it?”


“How do you feel about the idea of you and I partnering up in a business and building you a six figure income?”

The Million Dollar MLM Recruiting Question is one of the most powerful questions you can ask anyone in any kind of conversation. I would encourage you to use it, and watch your mlm home business recruiting success explode.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook:Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

FREE Recruiting 101 webinar- FREE watch it now! Secrets NO ONE will tell You!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

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