MLM Network Marketing Training Online Recruiting- The 10 Laws – Part 2

MLM Network Marketing Training Online Recruiting The 10 Laws – Part 2 

6) The Law of Trust. You must develop the trust factor with your prospects over time. With additional mailings and information, and also with some form of value added to their life.Trust must become a factor in your recruiting efforts.  

INFERNO Secret: 

Recruiting is the initial phase of developing a relationship…Trust MUST be there for your prospect to move forward in the process… 

How do you create trust?

With additional exposures, and also asking questions about the person and his/her family once they respond to your initial communication…

If you study, or other major e-tailers, you will find them building trust with you by using your name, walking you through page by page, focusing on what you WANT and it is the same with creating a relationship on the web.

Do what you say you are going to do, keep their interests ahead of yours, reveal some things about your life they can relate to, and just “be a friend” in any way you can… 

The best way to create trust is let it happen naturally over time and with multiple mailings…that is why ezines are a great way to recruit… 

The Secret of the Network Marketing Newsletter.

INFERNO Secret: 

Having your own newsletter is one of the best ways to keep people Involved in the MLM recruiting process, and can create great interest down the road. Being visible in chat rooms over a period of time is a great way to create and build trust with folks…

It’s called Exposure Frequency…the more frequent, the better.  Trust is something that takes time and exposures….and effort on your part. 

7) The Law of Follow Up. In Network Marketing, online and offline…The Fortune is in the Follow Up. If you are going to be successful on the net…you must follow up with your interested prospects…

Would you discover a gold mine and not finish the digging? It is the same concept… 

INFERNO Secret: 

The more you follow up, the more you check will go up! How do you follow up? With autoresponders, and a system that can be duplicated…and with additional information as well as a call to action each communication… 

Keep the Gain/Loss front and center, and give them reasons to join your company, and how they will benefit working with YOU, and your upline…sell the support, and sell the training that is part of the program….

And continue to bring value to them, with how your program can enhance, increase and empower their life with each communication…. Believe it or not…over 80% of Network Marketers never follow up…

And I bet if you did the opposite, and followed up on 80% of your interested prospects… you would create a money machine… 

8) The Law of Visibility. The More Visible you are on the net, with the search engines, ezines, emailings, classifieds, chat rooms, forums, and other exposure vehicles, the Less you will have to worry about a weak paycheck. 

You MUST be visible on the internet. Your company probably will do what they need to do to get exposure, but so must you. If you build it, they WON”T come. Unless they know about you…keep your name out there and keep your message visible… 

INFERNO Secret: 

Being Visible on the net is simply advertising, in many forms…and most is free. Can you imagine opening a business and not advertising?

All mlm recruiting is is an advertising process that becomes an education process once you have gotten their attention.

The Secret of MLM Exposures in Your Business.

What are you doing to create exposures for your business to recruit? You must be systematic, and relentless in your visibility efforts…it’s called in advertising “Branding” and you are no different in recruiting…

You MUST get the attention of your prospect…but first you need to be “out there” to do anything…if you are advertising in ezines, it will take 3-5 exposures to make a lot of folks take action and visit your site…

Why? Probably they have gotten familiar with you in that ezine, and see you are serious…and of course others will click immediately to your offer to check it out… 

And the secret to being visible is having a massive amount of exposure communications out on the net…it’s kind of like fishing…you need multiple lines out in the water…to catch multiple people’s attention… 

9) The Law of Multiple Steps. You must use a Multi-Step process to recruit on the internet. It is a magnetic process that has proven to work on just about all marketing on the net.  The average person that responds to your offer will have something in common with all the other folks who respond… 

INFERNO Secret: 

Lack of patience. The folks on the net you are wanting to recruit are notorious for being “click happy” and impatient…how do you get past that? Short bursts of information. 

If you create a ‘trail’ that folks can follow and cyber walk down, and it is a step by step process, you will have a much higher chance of recruiting someone…

People don’t read the internet as much as “scan the internet”, and you must deliver your message with that in mind…and you must have a “building” process that each communication builds upon the least…even if it’s only 3, they still must build on each other… 

Use a Multi-Step process to recruit on the internet, and you will have multiplied your chances of recruiting someone. 

10) The Law of All. You must do it all on the internet to recruit…classifieds, ezine ads, search engines, forums, newsgroup, (be careful with these as they are a different recruiting process), bulletin boards, email, website, plus more…why? 

The Power of ALL in MLM.

INFERNO Secret: 

You never know who is looking, and never know who would be more focused on search engines than ezine ads… 

ALL stands for Accessing Limitless Leads

And if you do it all, that is what you will end up with…. 

That is the 10 Laws of Internet recruiting…for the folks who recruit on the net for their Home base and MLM Business … 

Learn them, and use them to your advantage… 

Blessings…doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Network Marketing Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Training – The MLM Millionaire’s Big 3 Recruiting Secrets for a Home Business

three mlm fingers

I have never had such a response to anything in these ezines like we have had with this PassionFire study on Millionaire Recruiters…


And we have been swamped with emails for copies of the study…we may release it at a later date, but we appreciate the kind interest and comments…

This week we are going to cover:

“The MLM Millionaire’s Big 3 Recruiting Secrets.”

All the Millionaires which I chatted with and interviewed had their own flair and processes…which is what makes Network Marketing great…the eclectic nature of the education one can get…

But after interviewing them and seeing what they all had to say, there were 3 commonalities between them all as far as what they focused on and how they saw things…

Millionaires in this business are different… VERY Different…..

In their work ethic, focus, activity level, belief and determination to make things happen…and they make things happen all the time…

But 3 things really stuck out about them all, and it really made an impression on us to find out that they perceive things differently than the average distributor…

That is the reason they became Millionaires…and they should be modeled in most every aspect…

The “Big 3” MLM Secrets that we discovered.

1) “Millionaires don’t wait for something to happen…they are too busy MAKING something happen…”

One top earner from Excel told me that she took her new folks by the hand, and led them down a path that was all about activity and results…she didn’t wait on them to go do something…she took them and DID something WITH THEM….(DID YOU GET THAT?)

Another number one earner told me that he gets his distributors to “hit the ground running…because they have to keep up with me!” This number one earner said that he NEVER waits for his phone to ring…he goes out and MAKES it ring from all that he does…with his folks and his personal recruiting…

Another number one earner said…”This is NOT a waiting game…it is a WINNING game, and the average MLM distributor plays the waiting game…but not my people…we are focused on winning at recruiting…and let the others who wait get the crumbs we leave….”

WOW!!!What an attitude and focus!!! This Intensity at making something happen permeated every Millionaire we chatted with…no exceptions…and many folks who we chatted with were constantly interrupted with 3 way calls on their cell phones and pages…

Their whole demeanor said: MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

2) “Millionaires don’t count the calls…they only count the applications….”

I was amazed at the numbers that these folks ran even when they were part time..(we covered this a couple of weeks ago)…and we discovered that MLM Millionaires don’t count the calls…rarely if ever…

As one millionaire so aptly put it… “Count the calls? you gotta be kidding…I just call till I score…” Asked if he had any notion of how long he sits and makes calls… “All night…doesn’t everybody?”(DID YOU GET THAT????)

MLM Millionaires see what they do as the Norm….not anything special…they just call and keep calling, never minding or caring about the numbers…only waiting till they “score” and recruit someone…

The Power of ENOUGH in Network Marketing and Direct Sales.
As another top earner said…”I’m too busy making phone calls to count how many I have made…I am only interested in one number…ENOUGH. And I know I have hit that when I have recruited someone…and I do nearly everyday….”

ENOUGH???? You gotta LOVE IT! What Focus! What determination…is it any wonder she earns 100,000 a month? I hope you guys are GETTING THIS!

3) “Millionaires see Negatives as the Ultimate Positive”

As one number one earner said…”Negatives? WHAT negatives? I never get any….I only get an answer…and that answer from my prospect is either “I GET IT”….or “I DON’T GET IT”….and if they don’t…who cares? I got it, and that is all that matters! And I will find those who DO get it!”

Again…DID YOU GET THAT?? What a focus and perception! A top earner for Mary Kay said…”There is nothing but positive with recruiting….either people are POSITIVE about this business…or I am POSITIVE I don’t want to work with them…”

WOW! What a great mindset and it is no wonder she earns a TON of money every year…to her….there are NO negatives…

There are people Who are NOT for MLM.
One female top earner for a company said…”The real winners in MLM understand that there are more people who are NOT for this business, then are….and Millionaires get rich by NOT caring who is or who isn’t for the business…it doesn’t matter…all that matters is they MUST find one who is…today….”

As you can see…the “Big 3” that all MLM Millionaires had in common in many instances border profound…

I would suggest you embracing these 3 principles that ran through all the interviews, and start modeling their Focus, Mindset, and Vision they have for their business…

It is called “The MLM Millionaire Perspective…” next week… More about this….

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training -The PassionFire MLM Recruiting Report – Part 2

home based business reports
home business reports

“Working the MLM Millionaire Numbers….”


Has a nice ring to it….doesn’t it? We interviewed a lot of them for this project, and found some interesting stats on how they perceive, and work “the numbers” in MLM…

Most people have a fantasy about becoming a millionaire in network marketing…but that’s all it truly is… Just a fantasy that lays in the mind of folks that most never even try to engage…

As one number one earner said…

“The difference in me and most is that my Vision for becoming a millionaire was so crystal clear…and I didn’t drive it…it drove me…it was something that was a calling almost…and it was never a fantasy…but a fanatical urging that wouldn’t go away….”

Hmmm…. Fanatical Urging…that wouldn’t go away… He said that it simply became a PASSION in his life… THAT is a CLUE!!!!! To what it takes to become a big success in MLM…

Most see a fantasy…not a fanatic…as another number one earner said…”If people would get as excited about their company as they do a football game….they would be rich within 3 years…”

Excitement in MLM.

If you are more excited about a football game than your business…you will fumble in MLM eventually…

Another top earner said, “It’s amazing how people yell at baseball or softball games, and then become strangely silent about their future,…as if someone else was determining it…”(CLUE!!!!!)

The sad part….someone else usually is….

What was surprising is the perception with some folks that Millionaires in MLM got “lucky”…and found the right people who did the work… In rare instances that is true…but most millionaires I chatted with had a differing perspective on that…as well as the activity level that needs to be done when recruiting…

The most astonishing fact we found was that Millionaires were “reality based” in understanding the TRUE numbers it takes for massive success… as most folks are Fantasy based…they think they can make 20 phone calls and get rich..

One top earner said,” All I knew was I had to talk to 1000 people…that was what i was told to do…so I was on a mission to do that…and it ended up over 3000…”(CLUE!!!!!!)

Now she says…”I do what I want when I want, for how long I want with my kids….it is a miracle!”

Here is a breakdown of what we found in the activity of the average, Successful,, and millionaire distributor…(from over 1400 responses and interviews)

(all numbers part time…the millionaire numbers are what they averaged when they were part time…THAT will open your eyes!!!!!)

The Numbers of The MLM Study on Success.
Hours worked a week: Average: 6 Successful: 12 Millionaire: 25

Phone dials a day: Average: 5 Successful: 15 Millionaire: 50

People talked to a day: Average: 1 Successful: 7 Millionaire: 15

3 ways a day: Average: 1 Successful: 5 Millionaire: 15

Presentations a week:(phone-face to face) Average: 2 Successful: 8 Millionaires: 20

Leads collected a week: Average: 2 Successful: 20 Millionaires: 50

Follow-ups a day: Average: 1 Successful:4 Millionaire: 10

Sales a week; Average: 1 Successful:3 Millionaires: 7

No’s gotten in a week: Average: 2 Successful: 10 Millionaires: 25

Conference calls with guests weekly: Average: 0 Successful:2 Millionaires: 5

Number of applications weekly: Average: 0 Successful: 1 Millionaire: 4

The Part Time MLM Millioniare Activity Level.
And this is just part of the story…next week we will run the rest…as you can see, the part time millionaire activity level was as high as most full timers…

As you can see, activity with millionaires is much more intense that the average or even successful distributor…and in recruiting, the numbers worked were so much more….

How is your activity level? Are you close to even the “successful…?”

May I suggest you be…..


Your future lies within that answer… in MLM…and Home Busines.

next week…part 3….

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Recruiting: MLM Recruiting – The 5 C’s

5 Cs of a home based business



That suckers finally finished! And what would it be worth to you to have a LOT of answers to what is working in network marketing recruiting today… A LOT!!!!!!

We did a 14 month study on what makes successful recruiters tick, how they recruit, what they do, what they think, what they don’t do, when they recruit, when they don’t, and many other situations and traits and tactics that are working out in the marketplace…

Many folks we chatted with were very open to the questions…a few were “too important-too successful” to do anything like this…. yeah…right….it’s called massive ego…

But a lot of the million dollar earners that we chatted with were great with their time and answers, and most truly wanted to be a part of this survey…

Their were some interesting findings, and some were shockers, but the education was staggering we got from it…and it really opened my eyes to a lot of talent out in the industry.. We will start with what we call the “5 C’s” of a great Recruiter…

All Million Dollar earners had the 5 C’s and also thought that it was impossible to succeed in MLM without them…

What are they?

The 5 C’s of MLM Recruiting.


Every Millionaire I chatted with had an incredible Conviction for their Product, Program, and Path they were taking… They were flat maniacs about what they were doing….(CLUE!!!!!)

They knew that they knew that they knew they had the best company and product out in the field…and it was felt in their recruiting…

They had such a strong Conviction that negative Responses were a sign of stupidity….and one top earner said…”I don’t have patience to work with stupid people…I’m glad they told me NO….”

Now THAT”S a Paradigm shift!!!!!! And the Conviction also was about other things in their life…what they went after…they blazed the trail and set it OnFire!

At PassionFire….we call it OnFire Passion! The Passion to make something happen no matter what…no matter what is said, done, or not done…a Passion that is so Hot that it is consuming…(CLUE!!!!)

How is your Conviction and Passion for what you are doing when you recruit…? As One top earner said….”If you cannot get passionate about what you are doing in MLM…then you must be passionate about mediocrity….” well said….

The Communciation Factor of All MLM MIllionaires.

2) “Communication”..

 The Millionaires I interviewed all had one thing in common…they were ALL Master Communicators! They had an uncanny ability to get their message across and also to be FELT! They had a Power in their Communication and a Power in their Words.

Their Focus was always the OTHER PERSON….(CLUE!!!!!!!!!) and they kept the conversation flowing in that direction…always focused on the other person…and what they wanted…. Yes, there were some exceptions, whose ego demanded center stage, but again, they were the exceptions…

They also Communicated more FREQUENTLY then the most, as they talked to a whole lot more people…(CLUE!!!!!!)….and they were very friendly in their Communication, and personable…and well liked…As one top earner said….”We get paid to talk to people…if you mess that up…your check is Toast!”

AMEN!!!!!!! You need to become a Master Communicator…if you do…you will have Mastered your paycheck!

3) “Consistency”….

The people we interviewed, ALL were day at a time, brick at a time consistent… Day in….Day out….they worked their business…methodically, relentlessly, absolutely… They had a Plan they followed and a Road map to where they were going…in writing….(CLUE!!!!)

They worked when they didn’t FEEL LIKE WORKING…..and worked when they had planned on it… The Millionaires I interviewed said that it was the one at a time day at a time focus that built their MLM business and they couldn’t ask their people to do what they were not doing…(CLUE!!!!!)

They also said that Consistency helped them get through the inevitable rough periods of this business, and also sharpened their skills dramatically…(CLUE!!!!!)

The Connection Factor in Recruiting in MLM.

4) “Connection….

” The top earners again, all had one thing in common…they CONNECTED to people in a powerful way…they all focused on finding a commonality to whom they were talking to….(CLUE!!!!) They all wanted to get the person smiling quickly, and often…they asked about the person and what was important to them, and then Connected to that value or dream…

They spent a large portion of the time simply becoming their prospects Friend….(MAJOR CLUE!!!!) and then driving that Connection deeper and more powerful… As one number one earner said….”All we want to do is befriend the prospect…it is easier to recruit a friend then a stranger…”

And also, they all had a DEEPER CONNECTION to the Company’s vision and values…then the average distributor…they were not JUST a distributor…but a PARTNER to the MLM vision…..and that made them MAGNETIC!!!!!

5) “Caring….

” The earners I interviewed all had a sense of caring and Compassion about them…again, there were a few exceptions, but not many… All had a focus of helping people and empowering them…and caring about what was best for the person.. As one top earner said…”If you don’t care…neither will the prospect…” AMEN!!!!!!

Caring was a trait that most whom was interviewed viewed as a necessity, not an option….and the few who only cared about their paycheck….most averaged almost 50% less in their check then those who did…(CLUE!!!!)

Many said that people can feel your caring, and are attracted to that…and they can also feel your selfishness, and are repelled by that… Caring was a BASE trait that all said was a HUGE factor in their success….

What do you care about…..Paycheck…or people?

What’s Best…or what’s for you?

What is the right thing….or what you think is the right thing for your paycheck?

Your answers to those point to your destiny in this Network Marketing industry…

These are the “5 C’s” of Master MLM Recruiting that was found in the PassionFire Recruiting Project….

Where do you stand with

Next Week…..Part 2….

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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 All rights reserved.

Home Based Business Training-The Ten Commandments of Network Marketing Recruiting

home business ten commandments

home based business recruiting

In home business and a home based business, sponsoring and recruiting is a MUST.

There are THE Ten Commandments that we all are familiar with, and MLM has a set as well, when it comes to recruiting. These will help guide you and navigate you to success when recruiting. If you understand the message behind them, you can increase your recruiting dramatically. They are for a long term and a short term focus in this business, as well as Increasing Power in your skills.

You can make copies of this if you want with copyright notice…

The Ten Commandments of MLM Recruiting.

1) Thou Shalt Recruit through Your prospects eyes.

So many times when we are trying to recruit, online or offline, we do not take the time to see what our prospect is seeing. Your prospect is looking through THEIR eyes, not yours, and has no clue to how you see things…the only thing that matters to them is how THEY see things…and the recruiters who take the time to learn what their prospect is looking for, what is important to them, and what isn’t, will have huge success.

Your prospect has a dream for their life, and you must look through that “dream lens” of theirs, and see what they are looking to happen with their life, and show them how you can help them get it.

2) Thou Shalt Focus on Relationships, not just Distributorships.

Power Recruiters in this business understand that the Gold in this business is a long term relationship, not a short term distributorship. That is why most people cannot recruit…they are focused on a paycheck, not people…(CLUE!!!!!)

Power Recruiters also know that people are more ATTRACTED to someone who cares about THEM FIRST- then the business. You must be a friend first, before you will ever get to second base…and what makes more sense?

Long Term Recruiting in MLM.

Recruiting for a Long term retirement producing business, or a short term paycheck? If you focus on your prospect and learn about THEM as a person, not just as part of the process, you will find your results will skyrocket. Relationships are Magnetic…Magnetize your Distributorship with Relationship Recruiting!

3) Thou Shalt Garner Leads Everyday.

Leads are the lifeblood to any distributorship. And most folks play the “Baking game” in recruiting. Instead of going out and getting new leads daily, they go out and hold onto their existing leads, and wait for them , like a cake in an oven, to bake and turn into HOT leads and ones that will come into their business.

Are you a chef? or a leader? You MUST have a methodical plan and system to create and find leads daily, and to quit the “baking game”…which in reality is the “faking game”…you are faking at doing this business by holding onto leads that you hope will turn into prospects, even after a negative response, but never do.

The Magic of MLM is in the Multiples….

And the Lotto is in the List. Continue daily to get at least ONE lead a day to create enough numbers to talk to that will create enough of a paycheck to talk about.

4) Thou Shalt Draw Them In.

 When you recruit, you must draw your people into your “world”…We have a saying at PassionFire…”Meet them in their world, and then lead them to yours…”..What that means in order to attract and draw your prospect into your presentation or conversation, you must start in theirs……

Find out what is important to them, and the what they want out of life…then wrap your presentation around that.

Ask lots of questions, and paint a picture with your words with them obtaining their dream….look them in the eyes, smile, touch their arm, nod your head, talk their language…don’t get too technical…and meet them first where they are in life…and then take them to where you can lead them….that’s Power Recruiting.

5) Thou Shalt Educate, not Regurgitate.

You must understand that Recruiting is an education process , not just informing and regurgitating facts. People want to learn…that is their nature when they are looking at doing something…but many folks “Dump” all they know on them, and suffocate them with Information, not education.

Recruiting through an Education Focus is a process, step by step, not a Firehose program. And educating the prospect also is giving them the informationt they want to learn about, not just what you want to talk about.(CLUE!!!)Education is a whole less intimidating way to recruit too…

All you say is…”I don’t know if this is for you or not…worse thing that could happen is you could learn something..”

6) Thou Shalt Communicate Hope, Possibilities, and Belief.

When you recruit, you should have a presence about you that screams Hope! Possibilities! Belief! And that is what you create in your words….”How would it feel to have total freedom?”…Imagine you obtaining that house you want for your family..”…” Wouldn’t it be incredible if…”..”Can you feel the joy with..’…

All people are looking for more Hope in their life, the hope that life will turn out better than it is. All people are looking for more possibilities to increase and improve their life. And all people are looking for more belief that they are on the right track, and belief they can have a more richer and fulfilled life.

You must create an MLM Environment of Hope, Possibilities, and Belief Oxygen.
…when recruiting. That “oxygen” will prove to be Explosive..

7) Thou Shalt Know the Fortune is in the Follow Up.

 It does no good to make an MLM presentation and do all the initial recruiting steps…if you don’t Follow Up. Get this: Follow Up is where you get paid! The earlier steps are just leading up to it. If you want to create a fortune, create a system to follow up, and stick to it, and make it duplicatable as well.

If you discovered a Gold Mine, you would want to finish digging and finding the gold vein. it’s the same in the follow up. There is no paycheck with out a call back! (CLUE!!!!) The fortune is in the Follow Up…No Follow Up, no Check going Up!

8) Thou Shalt Not Close…But Navigate.

We teach “Navigators” to get the decision for the application…why? The last word in close…is Lose….and if a person doesn’t close someone, they see that as a losing situation….how about navigating them to a decision that is right for them, and without pressure, help them make a decision that is right for their life…

Can you be persuasive? Absolutely! but be mindful that if this business is truly NOT for them, they may know someone who it is for……What are Navigators? They aresimply phrases that help guide the prospect to the finish line. They are Powerful, and deadly….

9) Thou Shalt Shake the Dust Off Your Feet.

The Greatest Teacher that ever lived told His Disciples “If a town doesn’t find your message in accord…shake the dust off your feet…as a testament against that town…”. Incredible advice! Understand these 3 things: …

-Not everybody is for this business. …

-There is no one blinder who can see, but won’t….

-They aren’t rejecting you, but themselves from success. If you carry with you all the negatives that you can get in this business, they become “Anchors’ on your business. Release them and shake it off, and move forward. Look for people who are looking for you…(CLUE!!!!!!!!!)

MLM Recruiting Leadership.

10) Thou Shalt Know the R.I.A.F.O.L. Rule.

 What is that? It stands for Recruiting Is A Form Of Leadership. Period. Why is that True?

…You are asking someone to follow your lead into a business. …You are asking someone to follow your lead about a product… …You are asking someone to follow you into an unknown future. And when you recruit, people are looking to FOLLOW you, not just sign up with you..(CLUE!!!!). They will be looking for Strength and Solidity in you and your direction and Leaderhip.

The most Powerful recruiters in the world have a Leadership Presence and focus about them If you are not strong enough to follow, you will not be magnetic enough to join. Leadership is the secret to magnetic recruiting…

You are asking someone to follow your lead…but first, you have to be worthy of following.

These are the Ten Commandments MLM Recruiting…use them and let them Empower your Home Business…

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005-2011 All rights reserved.

MLM Recruiting Myth in Network Marketing

mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting

MLM recruiting

in your home business require the Truth of what it takes to succeed in home business recruiting. Many folks out there for whatever reason expand on the truth and turn it into anything but that.

There are many trainings on how to recruit, whether in social media, internet marketing, online, offline, or any other line. But regardless, everyone is looking for results that will grow their home based business.

There is a Myth, a Lie, a Bogus concept that has been espoused to the Home business Profession  for years…and recently in a seminar, I was asked during one of the breaks about it…

So many ideas and concepts are promoted in this industry that DO work….but on the other hand, there are many that don’t work, but yet they still promoted with fervor and fire…

The MLM Recruiting Myth.

What is the recruiting myth that has been focused on but yet has proven to not work?

I am going to get some heat over this…but here goes…

This is NOT just a Numbers game….as much as a CONNECTION and CONVICTION game.

Did you get that? This NOT just a Numbers game, but a Connecting and Conviction game.


I cannot tell you how many folks in Network Marketing have told me that they have worked a TON of numbers, but have yet to strike Gold in this business. I recently saw a list of calls made-over 500 people talked to- and yet the person had recruited only 2 people…

What’s Missing?

The Numbers were there…

The Names were there….

The Phone calls where there….

The Effort was there…

The long distance bill was there…

But why was this sweet lady still struggling? GOOD QUESTION!

The “Lack Of” Factor in MLM Recruiting Success.

It was due to a Lack of Connection….and Conviction….

People today are too sharp and experienced in Telemarketers to pay attention to most sales calls. And the ones they do pay attention to, .even friends, are the ones they CONNECT with and feel the Conviction of the person and the willingness to help Increase, Expand, Enlarge, and Empower their life.

I asked this lady to say what she said to the 500 calls and I listened. And just shook my head. This woman was working the numbers right but working the MLM prospects totally WRONG. It was a sales pitch and there was really no Conviction or Connection in her voice.

You can work all the numbers you want, but if the prospect is not communicated to – CORRECTLY- with Connection and Conviction, you have wasted most of the calls.

Ok….how do you create Connection and Conviction?

Recruit them through THEIR eyes, not yours.

People join Direct Sales companies for THEIR reasons-not yours. And if you talk to 500 people and don’t take the time to see what is important to them and what they want to change in their life…

They won’t HEAR you.

They will be listening-.but they won’t hear what you are saying.

Find something you can relate to with them. Find something that they want to change in their life. And then display a sincere Conviction in helping them obtain it with your company and the business it offers.

Working the MLM Recruiting Numbers.

You MUST understand that Numbers ARE important. But just as in any other thing, the WAY you work the numbers – Is just as important,  if not more. Don’t be seduced with the myth that all you need are just numbers…

You need the MLM CONNECTION and CONVICTION to go along with it. They will make your efforts 10 times more powerful….and your check 10 times more exciting!

If you are looking for a powerful UNIQUE MLM Recruiting Resource to DOUBLE Your Recruiting Ratio:  Partnership Recruiting Training

Blessings… doug Firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting Explosion Resource

MLM Network Marketing Training- 7 Laws of OnFire Net-Working

home business social networking

home business social networking

In this Home Business Profession,

You know…

I have found a very strange phenomenon…

We are in the industry of network marketing….and we teach, preach, and pound home the incredible aspects about this networking business…

We get up in front of folks, and say how wonderful networking is…how it has changed our lives, and how it can change yours….and everyone else’s…

We tell our downlines we MUST become networkers, and praise its virtues to the highest levels…..and then we even compare it to a life changing event… but the weirdest thing is….

Most folks never network…..they never engage the process and mechanics of networking…they talk it… But few walk it…

Why? Who knows…..maybe lack of understanding…or awareness…or just lack of know how…

So this week and next week we are going to focus on getting your Net-Working, and creating more leads than you could ever follow up….by simply Mastering the Art of MLM Net-Working….

There are “7 MLM Laws of OnFire Net-Working”…and we are going to cover those in this edition….and the next couple we will cover other aspects of becoming a “OnFire Net-Worker”, and putting some SERIOUS heat into your business…..

The “7 Laws of OnFire MLM Net-Working”
1) “The Law of BWPA.”

Simply…Be Where People Are.

Where are folks going to be? In a business function? Social function? How about online networking events? Or Civic Events? or Charity events? Be Where people Are.


A hermit fails in this business. BIG TIME! Get out amongst the crowds, and start engaging conversations…


Few people will be coming to your house begging to get into your business….. It’s called MAXIMUM EXPOSURE! Maximize your exposure, and make sure you have plenty of “face time” with people and do it often….

Be where people are….that is where the Gold is in this business….and paychecks… Repeat after me….be where people are…be where people are…be where….

2) “The Law of Expectancy.”

Expect to create and start new friendships and relationships. If you go out to a place where people are that you do not know…EXPECT to make new friends, and your focus will create that to happen.

Expectancy is like a magnet…and draws people to you…and they are compelled to become a part of your conversation…expectancy creates a dynamic of power in you that people can feel, and when you are networking, you must have that power on!!!


What you expect to happen at Net-Working functions…usually does. Expect to meet at least 5 new people at a function, and expect to create great relationships out of the mix…

Expect people to like you. Expect people to be friendly. Expect people to want to become a friend. Expect people to want to do business with you… Don’t be surprised if they are….

The Law of PF-HL in a Home Business.

3) “The Law of PF-HL.”

Plant First…Harvest Later.

Every MLM Net-Working session for your home business is a planting session, which you are planting seeds of future business and contacts…you WILL harvest…but first you must plant.


You will always harvest what you don’t plant… You must SEED into relationships first, especially brand new ones…how about: sending them an article about their business when you follow up… send them a training you run across about their profession… send them an article on a hobby or interest they have… Send them a book that you find about their hobby, that would be interesting to them…


Plant the SEEDS of relationship FIRST…then harvest the Fruits of results later…. “As you sow…so shall ye reap…”…especially in Net-Working…

For a Training Resource on MLM Leadership: “Unleashing the Leadership in You”

Become a Host in an MLM Home Business Meeting.
4) “The Law of Hosting.”

Have a Host Mentality. Do not wait to be introduced…introduce yourself….and also take the initiative to introduce others to each other…


A Host mentality show strong Leadership Skills…and many people find that magnetic… put your hand out first to shake another…shake firm, not wimpy…shake full hand…not finger hand… Work the room. Don’t stay in one place…you should have a goal of at least 7 people to meet and engage a conversation with…


They won’t be in the same place….as you move…so do thers…Keep good eye contact….and let people know you have good self esteem…they will find that magnetic…

Take charge of your space…and make sure anyone around you is included in YOUR conversation with others…

Don’t be Shy….if you were hosting a party…what would you do?

INFERNO Secret: Go do it.

5) “The Law of Discovery.”

You must from the very start discover… what interests people…where they work…. how they feel about their work…The family tree…their hobbies…Their education….Their favorite sport…Their favorite TV show….Their favorite music…


Whatever you need to do to discover…and CONNECT with that person…do. Discovery is the second phase of the MLM conversation process…and you must find and discover something that you can connect and have a commonality with…

The Secret of Lighting in MLM.

Discover what lights up their life…and then you plug into that electricity… That is CONNECTING…and discovering…. Most of the time we are not trying to Discover… But RECOVER…from talking about ourselves too much, and losing the interest of the new person in front of us…


Keep the conversation focused on them…..your turn will come…

6) “The Law of Re-Connect.”

You must take the initiative to reconnect and follow up with your folks…


Whoever re-Connects first…becomes the PowerSource of that relationship…. Send them a thank you note…and nice to meet you… You can call them. You can mail them. You can email them.

You can drop by. You can invite to lunch. Whatever it takes…to reconnect…first.

I have developed a lot of relationships, and found when I reconnected first, I harvested a lot quicker with what I really wanted to bring to the table in that relationship….

John Fogg is a master at following up with new relationships…and he talks about it in his “Greatest Networker” series…


Re-Connect….and you will ReConfirm your harvest…

The Secret of Value in MLM Prospecting.

7) “The Law of Value”

You MUST bring value to any potential relationship….or it will be short lived for business… You must bring Personal Value to a Net-Working friend… You must bring Professional Value to a Net-Working friend…

You must bring Leadership Value to a Net-Working Friend… You must bring Future value to a Net-Working Friend… Value is the KEY in establishing any relationship…on or off line….


Help them get what THEY want….and they will help you get what you want…. If folks perceive Value FIRST in you…by you taking an interest in them…then they will perceive value in what you do on an increasing basis….


Give Value First…everything else second….

These are the 7 MLM laws of OnFire Net-Working… Create an environment to massively Net-Work when you recruit….and make sure you achieve your goals for the number of contacts you want per function…

Then plug into their electricity of Interest…and increase the voltage, till the relationship… IGNITES your home business.

Blessings…  doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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MLM Prospecting The 7 Key Traits to the Best Potential Ones

home based business keys
home business keys to success

MLM Prospecting…

It never fails… Time and time again… Over and Over…. Just like clockwork….. You can almost predict it….

How many times have we been talking to someone, and they sign up, and we get all excited…

And we wait…. And we wait…. And we wait…

And then we wait some more…for them to show any true interest in this business… And then we keep waiting till we get discouraged…..?

What went wrong? How did we blow it? We spent all that time to recruit them and they don’t do SQUAT! What happened?

Qualifying in MLM vs. Recruiting.

Sometimes we are more interested in recruiting someone than actually qualifying them to see if they really have a chance of success… Sound familiar?


You cannot PUSH a ROPE… “That dog ain’t gonna hunt” as we say here in Kentucky…. Some dogs simply never get off the porch…!

So what do you do? How can you at least maximize your odds for finding the people who will be “More Likely” to be serious about this MLM business than not? Good Question…

I had the honor of being in the Financial Services industry before I discovered network marketing, and we blessed with being the only person in the history of the agency (92 years) to ever win a fast start award that the company had…I worked hard, and long hours…

But was shown an amazing secret to defining the right prospects that made a HUGE difference in my success… (Financial Service reps are GREAT prospects for this business…CLUE!!!!)

But a multi-million dollar earner in investments gave me what we call the “7 Star Formula”…that defined who was more likely to do business with you than not…and I stuck to it and it worked…

I brought it into the MLM business with me and lo and behold it worked great! And I have also seen it in other places in the industry…so I know it has gotten some play in the marketplace… I cannot remember who authored it, but it’s HOT!

Here it is…

The 7 Star Formula.

the “7 Star Formula” for the 7 key Traits for the best Potential MLM Prospects….. There are 7 things you look for in a prospect that can tell you a lot of how this person will work this business…


There is NO sure fire formula for this…as the secret to success in this business lies within the HEART…but it will help save you a lot of time that you might have wasted with the “Not Likely” people…

For a HOT Training Resource on MLM Prospecting: “How to Create a Prospecting Tidal Wave”.

The 7 Key Traits to an MLM Prospect.
When you are recruiting folks look for these 7 things…and each one is worth 1 star…

1) 25 years or older…

2) Married…

3) Has a child…

4) Has a fulltime job…

5) Has a Bank Account…

6) Owns a Home…

7) Can afford to invest a little money in their business…

ok…. Why these 7 things?? Because they show 3 things:

What These 7 Things Show in an MLM Prospect.
1) Solidity in their life

2) Obligation to the future

3) Strong Reasons to do better in Life


You are looking for the 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s…. If they are a 2 or a 3….well…that is your call, as there are broke people who have come into this industry and done amazing things…but they are the exception….but odds are they won’t do a whole lot…..

If someone is 25 or older, it has been proven that they have taken MLM more seriously as a future…yes, I know there are exceptions, and the Gen X folks are doing this business, but they are around 25 and up anyway…

If they are married, have kids, are working, own a home, and have a bank account, it shows they are MATURE enough(CLUE!!!!) to do this MLM business…and RESPONSIBLE…(CLUE!!!!!!!!)

Rate each prospect you have with this formula and work first with the ones who are 5-6-7 on the scale…and then call the others….as you must call all the folks you know…

But there are Potential STARS in there….you now know how to Define the “More Likely” to be serious about this business…

And who will be “Less likely” as well..

The More Likely MLM Prospect.
Your names you have on your list is your inventory…and you build your equity in your group with those names… make sure you choose the inventory “More Likely” to build equity…

Not end up empty…. in MLM Prospecting.

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005-2009 All rights reserved.

MLM Network Marketing Training -The 5 Deadly Sins of Effective Network Marketing Recruiting


We all know what the Bible has to say about that.

But there are deadly “Sins” in recruiting that occur as well, and we make them all the time. What does SIN stand for?

Success Ignoring Nature….

That is a part of human nature….we have a tendency to ignore what we need to do to become successful in life, because we think that we are not able to ever do that…

It is the same thing in recruiting… We know what we need to do, but don’t do it as we have a tendency to Ignore success in recruiting, because we think we will never become successful at it…and we don’t do what needs to be done, and we do what is “comfortable”, and ignore what is productive.

Are you doing that?

Are you in a RUT of working and thinking, and it is affecting your recruiting negatively?

What are the “7 Deadly Sins of Effective Recruiting?”

The 5 Deadly Sins of Recruiting in Network Marketing.

1)”Not Connecting with the Prospect”.

Many folks are too busy pitching to ever present.(CLUE!!!!!) And most people don’t understand that Connecting with your prospect is a sure way to take your recruiting to a higher level.

Find a commonality with them. Let them think “He/She is like me”. Connect on anything that you have in common and then talk about it, and explore it.

This business is a business of relationships and leadership. You start building relationships by connecting and then directing. If you want to master recruiting, you must master connecting with folks and creating and emotional bond. Then you will be on your way to recruiting mastery.

2) “Not Starting in their World”.

There is a saying that we have espoused for years:

Where to Start Recruiting in MLM.


You MUST start in their world….and then lead them to yours.

You have to start where they are in the recruiting process…get to know their world and their life. Get to know what is important to them and what is missing in their life. Get to know their life by asking questions about it.

Seek to understand them as what they are looking for and see if you have a fit for them with your business. DON’T try to drag them into your world of MLM…you must LEAD them…step by step, exposure by exposure…

3 way by 3 way….and create a path they feel comfortable with by giving them the info they need to decide what is right for them. Start where they are in life, understand it, and then show them how you can help them change it for a better future and lifestyle….THAT is recruiting!

3) “Not Being You.”

It never ceases to amaze me how many people get into MLM and lose their brains. They try to become their uplines personality or someone else…anybody but who they are. And people can read right through the phoniness. Why?

I believe that the “Fake it till you make it” syndrome has taken over,……but most people don’t realize that it still… FAKE.

Be yourself and yes, strive to be good at this business, but don’t try to be someone who you are not…as folks can sense that and read right through it, and it really will make you more BELIEVABLE!

The Consistency Factor in MLM.

4) “Not being Consistent”.

Everyone is trying to “break the code” of success in recruiting…and many have… What did they find? They found what the biggest Success Strategy in MLMrecruiting is….and they have broken the CODE….

And what would that be?

CODE= Consistency Of Daily Effort

Consistency is KEY in recruiting…and most aren’t. The word Consistency in the dictionary means “the substance and make up of something”…

What is your recruiting made up of? Hopefully it is made up of CONSISTENCY.

You recruit day by day…brick by brick….conversation by conversation… Are you?

5) “Not Promoting VALUE”

. The key word is there is VALUE. People do not do much that they don’t see Value in. People do not buy much they don’t see Value in… People don’t want much they don’t see Value in…

Value is the ESSENCE of recruiting and the Essence of any decision and the foundation of it. if you show your prospect how your business will help and improve their life, and how VALUABLE you and your business will be to them…

Have the application ready…..

These are the “5 Deadly Sins of Effective Recruiting” and may I suggest you not make them…

The Price You Pay in MLM from these “SINS”.

There is a price that you will pay…like it or not…if you commit them…..

Go back and reread them…and see if you can catch the hidden message of this article…

blessings…. doug Firebaugh / PassionFire intl

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MLM Recruiting: The 5 Types of Network Marketing Recruiters in a Home Business

It is amazing.

Every where I have the honor of speaking, I see over and over the 5 types of recruiters on MLM….and they all remind me of animals. Animals have a particular way of creating in their habitat what they need to survive and live on…and to become what nature meant for them to be…

Network marketers are a lot like that too…

Last week I was deluged with emails about the article on “Recruiting the Wrong People..”

My good friend John Milton Fogg emailed me and said he was putting that article up on his Greatest Networker site…

“Wow Dougie! I am stealing this article for my site! Catch me if you caaaannnnn! Great stuff!”

Thanks for the kind comments!


This week’s article explains a lot of WHY folks recruit the wrong people, and you may even see yourself in one of these Recruiting Animals that run rampant in MLM…

The 5 Types of Recruiters in MLM.
The first:

1) “The Snake”…

This is the type of recruiter that deceives and takes advantage of folks and is a cancer to this great industry… This recruiter has one focus….to TAKE and do whatever it takes to recruit you…including unethical things and practices…


Who knows, but they are out there, and it is a shame… A snake slithers around the ground silently and looks for prey…

Sound familiar? Know anyone like that? If you do…stay away from them as they are bad news…

2) “The Hyena…”

This is the person who simply cannot shut up during a recruiting meeting or call….they are focused on themselves and talk about themselves and like a hyena, run their mouths and laugh a lot all in the name of “look at me…and what I have done…”

Give me a break…


People come into this business for THEIR reasons….not yours… Keep the conversation focused on them and not you…don’t be like a hyena and dominate the meeting…

Don’t be like a hyena and look foolish to the prospect… Don’t be like hyena and constantly be engaged in bringing attention to you…

Keep your attention on them, and you will have a much better chance of recruiting someone…

For a HOT Training on Prospecting: “How to Create a Tidal Wave of Prospects”

3) “The Cow…”

The Cow is the “Lay around all day and do nothing and chew on CUD…” MLM recruiter… These folks are the less that ambitious people who wander around in MLM and chew on “Failure Grass…” and it ends up CUD….

Cows chew CUD daily…what does “CUD” stand for?

“Consistently Unproductive Daily….”

That’s what Cows do…they do nothing and get nothing in this business…

Brutal? Yes. The Truth? Absolutely!

Are you a Cow in recruiting? Do you MOOOOO? (As instead of working, you end up watching MOOOOvies?)

That is called a CLUE!!!!! GET BUSY and quit chewing Failure Grass and CUD! Success Grass tastes 1000 times better!!!

The Busy MLM Worker.
4) “The Beaver…”

These are the folks that are teachable, and are eager to work and are excited about the business. They have a great work ethic, and a great mental focus, and they are into one thing:


They are into Network marketing to BUILD and build more…they like to build DAMS….

DAMS are what create success in MLM… The DAM of Belief… The DAM of Action… The DAM of Results… The DAM of Consistency.. The DAM of Prospects ….

You know what DAM stands for?

“Doing All Methodically….”

And that is what they do….ALL…what ever it takes, and they do it Methodically, step by step, daily, and never give up…They prospect, contact, present, follow up, get the decision, and train DAILY! Till they have built a DAM and resevoir of SUCCESS!

5) “The Eagle…”

The Eagle is a recruiter that is in a class all by themselves… They soar above the crowd when it comes to recruiting, and they are sharp and focused in their efforts…

They are totally professional, and have great Leadership skills…they are sharp in many ways and have great communication and building skills…

They recruit from a “what is best for you.. not best for me” standpoint, and always puts the prospect first and foremost.. The eagle knows who they want to recruit, and doesn’t bother with anybody else…

Eagles look for other Eagles, or those who aspire to be… Eagles search out for the BEST in people…and then when they find it, they know they have something to build on…and to recruit…

Eagles are head and shoulders above most in recruiting in their actions, consistency, attitudes, and work ethic…


Where are you in the 5 Types of recruiters? I hope and pray at least the Beaver…

The MLM Metamorphosis.

Many a Beaver has grown and evolved into an Eagle over time…

Where are you evolving to?

Your answer has just painted a picture of your recruiting destiny in this industry…

blessings… doug Firebaugh / Passionfire Intl

© 2005-2009 All rights reserved.

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