MLM Leads- 5 Powerful Things to Say to Cold Market MLM Leads

home business mlm clold leads

home business mlm cold leads


You may agree, MLM home business leads come in many forms.

They can be Social Leads.

They can be Internet Leads.

They can be Referral leads.

They can be Traditional Marketing leads.

They can be Cold Market Leads of prospects looking for a home business.

We are going to take a look today at the Cold Market Leads that you can get with many companies as well as obtain them through effort yourself.

The critical thing with Cold market leads is WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT, and WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO FEEL from you. When I coach Private Clients on Cola Market leads, it is always one of those 2 things that are an issue. if ou can master both of these issues in your Cold Market actions, you will find that you Will become a literal Recruiting machine that cannot be stopped.

We have found that MLM Leads are a great way to not only create activity in your home based Business, but also find some great people for your business. Many folks are looking for a home business, and MLM Home business Leads have proven to be a great source of Success.

 I worked cold market MLM leads for years nonstop, and was blessed with great Success in recruiting.

But LET ME WARN YOU: The cold market can be brutal,  VERY. It can be discouraging and frustrating if you do not do it right. But it also can be fun and easy if you know what to do.

 What are the 5 Secrets to What to Say to Cold MLM Leads?

 1) Make sure you know WO YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

 Here is a Million Dollar Questions: What kind of person are YOU looking for? You need to make sure that the home business MLM lead knows that you are looking for a particular type of person, and that you would like to see IF THEY QUALIFY.

 There are 5 traits that you should always look for in an mlm network marketing lead. These traits will help you FILTER through the “DIRT” and get to the Gold. 

DIRT = Dis-Interested (with) Routine Thinking!

Here are the 5 traits:





Good communicator.

 Let them know that those are the traits you are looking for, and the traits that have proven to be needed for Success in Network Marketing. Also, a good track record of Success helps as well.

 2) No matter what you Do, make sure you give the Prospect an Exit Strategy.

 Here is a MLM Cold Market Secret that will empower you like nothing you have ever seen:

Make sure that you let them know they are free to end the call anytime they choose.

There are many ways to do this, but my favorite way is the FEEL FREE tactic we teach at DFTI Marketing. People will perceive with an Exit Strategy that there is NO pressure and that you are not trying to do anything except hold a conversation with them.

 “And feel free anytime during our conversation to end this call if you feel that this is something that simply is not right for you. Does that sound fair enough?”

 3) Make sure that you keep the topic, focus, and conversation 100% about them.

  here is a Rule that you need to understand when talking to Cold Market Home Business leads:

Ask, ask and ask question after question about the prospect. They want to see if you are interested in THEM as a person, not just recruiting them. Ask about their family, where they live, the type of work they do, what they like to do in their spare time, what kind of spare time they have, what kind of money they are looking out of a home business, why they are looking at a home business, and what kind of Success are they expecting if they start a home business.

 “Tell me about yourself” is the ULTIMATE Cold Market Home Business Lead opening phrase that can be magic in MLM Cold Market recruiting.

 4) PRIORITY # ONE :RELAX the prospect, then CONNECT to them.

 You MUST Relax the MLM Lead if you are going to be on the phone with them and hold a conversation with them.

 How do you do that?

The secret is to get them talking about themselves, and you MUST come across as totally relaxed and in control as well. Then find some things you have in common with the MLM lead, and connect with them on those things. It could be knowing someone in their city or state, same hobby, same type of family, same school attended, same industry you work in,etc. Find something to CONNECT with them, and it will be easier for them to connect to you.

5) Let them know that you only need 1 minute of their time.

 We found that if you simply say, “I really only need 1 minute of your time, as I am not sure this is something that would be right for you or not,” that will open them up much more to listen, and you will find that most people will appreciate the respect you just showed for their time. Many people are kept on the phone for 15,20,30 minutes at a time.

WHATEVER YOU DO -Don’t do that.

 Set yourself apart from the crowd. Give them a timeline, and stick to it. If they find that you have something they might be interested in, you will know it.

 Say, “Is this making sense to you so far?”

 They will let you know if it is – or is not. and if it is NOT-“What part of it have I not explained very well?”

  There are many great ways to create Success in MLM home business leads and in the cold market, but these 5 Secrets of What to Say  are the start of what you need to do in order to create a solid start with your MLM Lead and Cold market prospect for your MLM Home Business.

Here is How you Make A Cold market a Friend in 30 Seconds FLAT!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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