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Home business success is about being able to build your business NO MATTER what happens, is said, or is done.

Many Leaders have gone through a Ballistic Prospect before, but rarely shares what to do with her/his Leaders.

Many times, in calls as well as face to face meetings, or even public meetings, there can be a negative prospect or even a Ballistic prospect that really gets upset.

What do you DO?

What do you SAY?

Home business Success requires that you build your business with prospects that are HAPPY to be talking with you, not upset. You WILL occasionally run across those types that for whatever reason, are just upset at life and take it out on you.

Do NOT fight back with words.

There is NO reason to play verbal judo and start lowering yourself to that level of communication, remember that at the end you will obtain  performance reviews from your customers. Many times, whether in person or on facebook- ESPECIALLY on social media sites- that is what they want. (Every home business training should cover some aspect of this as it happens on social sites.)

They want to get an “anger thread” going and get everyone’s attention and comments.

Do NOT go there as that is a fight that you cannot win.

If someone gets upset, and even goes Ballistic, here is what you type in on social sites, or simply say:

“I am sorry. My intentions were not to upset you, but simply inform you of something that has made a tremendous difference in my life and lifestyle. Obviously, this is not for you, so let’s go ahead and end this part of the conversation with my apologies.”

Simple, to the point, and leaves you looking like a True Leader in your home business mlm business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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