MLM Training – 5 Recruiting Lessons We can Learn from Santa’s Elves

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MLM Recruiting from Santa’s Elves.

Are you aware that Santa had to recruit his elves for his home based business?

Do you know that there are thousands of elves that work for Santa’s Networking business?

Do you want to know some lessons we can learn from the elve’s about mlm recruiting?


Those are the sounds we hear from Santa every year during this time, and the holiday season. But there are things that we can learn from Santa and the elves concerning recruiting! LOTS of secrets to how Santa recruits his elves every year to continue building his North Pole home business. He has many elves that work with him, and they are all RECRUITED by Santa.


What are some of the lessons we can learn from the elves about the art of recruiting elves? We have researched this diligently, and talked to Santa as well.

After our interview with the Old Guy, and interviewing over 100 elves while we were at the North Pole, we have come up with 5 secrets of recruiting we can learn from  the elves. Santa’s secrets of recruiting will be next post.

Here are 5 MLM Recruiting lessons we can learn from Santa’s elves:

1. It’s Not about what the Elf/Prospect Looks Like.

Elves are short, chunky, fat, skinny, smart, dumb, and cranky. And those sometimes are the good traits. To look at an elf, you would not even think they would ever be able to build or craft anything. But yet….Santa saw beneath the exterior and knew there was a gold mine inside of them.

Whatever a prospect looks like, there is a potential gold mine inside of them. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Or the funny costumes they may wear. Or the height of them either.

Talk to the unlikely prospect and do not be surprised if they are different then you first thought. You may be talking to a future million dollar earner.

2. It does not matter if they have never built a toy before. It’s about the Desire to DO IT.

Most elves, according to Santa, have never built a toy before. They have to learn. But he did say that it’s more about the DESIRE to build and do a great job, then just craft a toy.

So experience is not that important, but DESIRE to excel is. Santa said he looks for AMBITIOUS elves, not ambiguous. Santa has one question he asks the elves:

“How important is it to you to help little kids have a great Christmas morning?”

Ok…‘How important is is to you Ms. Prospect to help people you know have a great 2013?’

3. Listen to HOW they say it, not just WHAT they say.

Santa says that when he is recruiting elves, he listens to the ENERGY in an elve’s words, not just meaning. Energy, according to Santa, displays a real excitement and focus on moving the elve’s life forward, and the toys they are going to build forward as well.

Santa told us that if an elf displays any kind of lack of energy or lack of connection to his conversation, he then turns the conversation into a different conversation. “I start asking them who they know that would fit the requirements and then I talk to them about keeping in touch with them and maybe even buying a few toys for their family if they have an elf family.”

Check the prospect’s ENERGY about what you are saying. According to Santa, that is a CORE element of a successful toy builder prospect.

4. Never talk DOWN to an elf, no matter how short.

Santa says that talking down to an elf will make them quit listening and you will lose them as a future toy builder. Santa says that he finds out where the elf is in life and then starts THERE to recruit them.

“Some elves have had a hard time the last couple of years and I am not going to put them down for that. I want to show them that they have lots of potential and they can make a huge difference in a child’s life if they simply apply themselves. It works out for most. Some it does not, but that is part of recruiting for toy builders.”

No matter where a prospect is in life- START THERE and empathize with them. Encourage them and lift them up. Find something GOOD about their potential  they may not be aware of. What would they LOVE to be doing with their life? Then share with them how you can help make that happen – by working with you and building a life by helping people and getting paid for it.

5. An Elf may not be able to Reach the Reindeer’s Antlers, but he can Feed it.

Santa says that no matter the giftings of an elf, they must ALL be preparing for the Christmas Eve extravaganza. This requires the ability do what you can, with what you got, to get the job DONE.

Santa says that he asks them what the elf feels is their strongest point about their abilities and personality, Then  he ask them what one thing should they improve on. That question shows me where I have to start the education process for toy building, or feeding the reindeer, or taking care of the toy inventory. But all elves understand the GOAL we all are working towards, and if one task is not possible, there is always another one waiting they CAN do.

If a prospect is not good at talking with people face to face, but is savvy on the web- then show them them how they can build a business via social media and mobile recruiting.  If a prospect is not good at speaking in public but could kill a webinar – that is the path you share with them.  Discuss with what they CAN DO- and then teach them along the way once they have enrolled, what they MUST do to Succeed.

These are 5 recruiting lessons we can learn from Santa’s elves for your mlm  network marketing home based business.

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MLM Recruiting- How to Do a Holiday Recruiting Get Together-THAT WORKS

mlm home business holiday

mlm holiday recruiting


MLM Holiday Recruiting.

If you could hold a get together for your mlm prospects over the holidays and recruit them ALL from ONE MEETING-would that be of help?

Yes, online meetings are possible too and we will cover that in another post, but LIVE face to face meetings during the holidays are CRITICAL as well as part of the holiday tradition.

It is called a “Get Together” and NOT a “meeting” as that is the “feel” it needs and also the focus it needs. “Meeting” often sends the wrong signal to the home business prospect. And they often think, “What do THEY want from me?”  The term “get together” signals that is will be fun, friendly, and just some folks that are getting together to enjoy the holiday season. and that is what you want.

You want a NO AGENDA FEEL to the meeting and non-threatening. But if you do this Holiday Get Together right, you will recruit many folks during this meeting, as we did this for years.

The Holidays and especially Christmas, are known for the family time, as well as parties and get togethers. So this little holiday secret can work well within the culture of the holiday season.

How does this Get Together work?

Like any other gathering.

1. You pick a location to meet and gather with your team and guests.

Often this can be a restaurant that has a back room you can meet. A Starbucks would work, as well as someone’s home, but the best is a luncheon place you can grab a sandwich.

2. You celebrate the holidays with music playing and a festive feel to it.

Here is where you simply celebrate the holidays with people and good times. BUT- you talk about the next year and all it has to hold for the future, and how you are looking so forward to it. 

3. Ask what each person attending wants to CHANGE in 2012 and WHY. Have them write it down if you have time and sheets of paper.

Get them talking about change. Ge them talking about what they are dissatisfied in life about. Get them to talk about the PERFECT YEAR and what 2012 would look like if it was.


4. Talk to them about needing a PLAN.

P = POSSIBILTY MAKER.  They need something that is going to make the perfect year POSSIBLE.

L = LOVE. Talk to them about LOVING their life in 2012 and not just LIVING it. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to LOVE your life in 2012 and not just go through the motions of living it?”

A = ACTION. It is NOT going to happen if you are NOT taking action on something that will help them GET THERE.

N = NEW. Usually to LOVE life, you gotta do something NEW and do it NOW.

Then talk OPTIONS and what they have in their life to make 2012 the BEST YEAR they have ever had. Most have FEW options you will find.

Ask this question: “Are you wanting to be in a position next year NOT having to worry about income?”

Then simply say that you not sure what that NEW THING or Action would be, but you and your team would help them achieve their dreams in 2012 in any way possible.

THEN move on to giving out small gifts of SUCCESS. This could be “As a Man Thinketh” book by James Allen or a CD on Success. AND give away a CD of Holiday or Christmas music as well. Use your creativity.  And at the end- meet the guests, and set up a time you get together with them individually with your team member that invited them.

This traditional method of creating a Holiday Recruiting Frenzy has proven to work and work well. I would encourage you to loo at doing this during the holidays, and if you do NOT have a big team, invite your friends and ask them to bring a guest.

This will increase your ability to build your business during a traditionally low activity season for the home business mlm profession.

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Network Marketing Training-How to make a Holiday Online /Offline Audio Greeting


mlm holiday tree

mlm training holiday home business


 MLM Recruiting Holiday Season Training.

Are YOU ready for the holidays and all that brings with it for your home based business?

How would you like an mlm recruiting tool that also serves as a Christmas or new years audio card?

Would that help you this year  in sending this year’s cards and greetings?

It is a tradition as you know to send out holiday greetings to family and friends that are on your holiday list. It has been done for hundreds of years and is a part of the holiday culture around the world. You may even get some cards this year as well from various places and from various people.

What would happen if you could set yourself apart from the crowd and actually GET THE ATTENTION of some folks that you would love to get introduce your home business mlm to?

 Getting the attention of folks over the holidays actually is a whole lot easier than you think. But you must know how to do it, without coming across like everyone else seems to do during this time of year.

Here is a little history of Christmas Holiday cards from  our research:

Christmas is the largest card-sending holiday in the United States with approximately 2.5 billion cards sent annually.

Annual e-card sending industry-wide is estimated at less than 300 million. More than 20 paper cards are sent for every one e-card.

According to esearch, nearly three-fourths of consumers who send holiday cards do so because they know how good it feels when they receive a holiday greeting. 

How about THAT for being able to utilize the holiday season as a way to build your business via something that is done 2.5 BILLION times during the holiday season?

Here is an idea for a Holiday Card that you can send out ONLINE or OFFLINE that will help set you apart and also DRAW PROSPECTS to you.

It is called the Holiday Season Audio Greeting!

What is THAT?

It is an audio recorded on CD – or an mp3 that is online – that will help you EXPLODE your mlm prospecting during the holiday season.

How does it work?

You can record an audio holiday greeting at your home on your computer.  You can use windows media on your computer, or use a free recording software download  like “Audacity.” You will need a microphone as well as an understanding on how to use Audacity. There are videos on youtube to learn how if you do not know.

 You can also use an mp3 recorder that you can get at radio shack

Here are some more audio holiday greeting mp3 recording options. You can burn the recording to a CD.

Record a greeting something like this:

“Hey Mary! Lisa here and I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy new year and a great holiday season. During this time of the year, we all take time to reflect on the holiday season and what is important in life, and who is important to you. You are very important to me, and I wanted you to to hear in my own voice how much I appreciate you, and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Happy holiday season and happy new year!”

Send out with your Holiday, New year, and Christmas cards a CD you recorded especially for that person, and wish them happy holidays. And then tell them you would love to chat with them the first of the year, as you want to give them something very special-  the gift of success in life. This is a great way to introduce the concept of network marketing success to folks.

This is a powerful way to set yourself apart during the holiday season, and set yourself up for a conversation about your home business to your potential mlm prospects during the holiday season!

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