MLM Training Tips- What is the DRIVING Recruiting Power Behind Your Words?

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Have you ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time with the right prospect for your home business MLM – without realizing it until later?

Did you just feel like that if you just said something differently, it may have made  difference with your network marketing business?

That is where a lot of online as well as offline home business professionals are today. They often say the wrong thing and get the wrong results.

Yes, I know. there is the saying, “You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person nor the wrong thing to the right person.” There is a lot of truth to THAT saying.

But you CAN say the right thing to the right person the wrong way – and it turn that person. off. I have seen it hundreds of times happen. IS that happening to you?

Do you understand the POWER of your words and what DRIVES that power?

The Power of your words are amazing. And in MLM recruiting, they rule. Your words are TOOLS that you use to craft a message and to build a case for your business. These are important tools that you must learn to MASTER.

What DRIVES the Power behind your words?



Whether online or offline, you must communicate CONVICTION in your words. This is the Driving Force or the Destructive Force in your words. It can DRIVE IT with the Power of Belief and Conviction, or Destroy your chance with the prospect with the weakness of doubt and lack of belief.

Where are you with these? Are you DRIVING your business or weakening your business? Are you ENLARGING your business with the Power behind your Words, or minimizing it with the weakness behind them?

Here is the Platinum Rule of MLM Recruiting Communication:

First people FEEL- THEN they hear.

What are people FEELING in social media with you? What are your prospects FEELING with your conversations with them online and offline?

Understand this bottom line:

Your recruiting success will be determined on the IMPACT that your words have on the prospect.

Be Encouraging, Empowering, Elevating, Enlarging, and Increasing the possibilities and hopes of your prospect and let them FEEL your words.

Then you will start to see an explosion of Success in your mlm home business.

How do you create Endless Leads- FREE?

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Network Marketing Training mp3- 7 Biggest Mistakes in MLM No One Will Tell YOU

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What if you could learn In network marketing, the 7 biggest mistakes? What if you could AVOID them forever?

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Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business.. It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:

CONNECTION and CONVERSATION.If you are not, then you are operating your home business at a tremendous disadvantage.

There are MANY internet marketing types out that train on how to market a home business but you always will need the guidance or at least advise from one of the best digital agencies to get you in the right track. And they are all good.I highly recommend many of them if you are looking to find leads and work your business online and with what is called “Funnel marketing.”

You must be on the social sites daily at least 15 minutes to comment on updates, build new relationships, and to add new content, videos, and photographs that you deem worthy. Visibility is what is going to guarantee CONNECTABILITY.

The more visible you are in social networking, then more credibility you are going to have as a social networker.

Click the button below to Download:

Disocver How to Become a Recruiting Machine on LinkedIn! blessings…doug firebaugh (c) 2011 all rights reserved