MLM Leadership Training – Reigniting Your Leader’s Burned Out Heart


MLM Leadership – Reigniting Your Leader’s Burned Out Heart

2 CD Series – by Doug Firebaugh

Many a Leader gets burned out after a while, but they often set themselves up for it unknowingly. How do you handle a Leader that has “hit the wall” and feels like walking away form the business?

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • What creates Burn out in Your Leader.
  • The signs of impending Burn out with your Leader.
  • What the Leader does NOT need to hear now.
  • The realities of pressure and tension in Leadership.
  • How to re-ignite the Leader’s passion step by step..
  • How to refuel the Leader with ”Success Fuel.”
  • How to avoid your Leader getting burned out again.
  • Plus much more!