MLM Training – What is at the CORE of Powerful Leadership and Team Building?

mlm home business leadership

mlm network marketing leadership

MLM Leadership Tips.

What part of Leadership plays into your network marketing home business?

How do you lead your work at home team?

What really is Leadership in your mlm business? Better yet, let’ ask a MILLION Dollar Question:

What Exactly IS this Thing Called Leadership?

Ok. Let’s start by asking this question for us to answer:

What IS Leadership?  It has been said that Leadership is influence. It is said that Leadership is persuasion. It has been said that Leadership is Vision plus Action. The definitions that are out there are many.

But in Network Marketing, there is one definition of Leadership that MUST be used and
embraced. This definition is truly at THE VERY NUCLEAR CORE of Leadership for
our profession. (We will cover a more technical definition in a bit.) What is
that CORE definition?

Leadership is a MOBILIZING ENERGY.

Read that again.

 Leadership is an Energy at the VERY CORE of a Leader that catalyzes people to achieve Successful outcomes they did not think they could ever achieve.

 It is a FORCE that radiates from them. It is a passion that burns inside of them. It is
a DRIVE that pushes the Leader to move forward. It is a VISION that no one else
sees that the Leader MUST move towards and accomplish. It is a MAGNETIC EMOTION that PULLS PEOPLE towards you. It is going to the very top of the mountain and taking a whole lot of people with you.

Leaders MOVE people.

They move people through the Power that is inside of the Leader and gets their team and
even customers to accomplish what they normally would not or even attempt.

 Leadership is about moving people towards something much bigger then what average people dream in life, so your people can live their dream throughout their life.

That is more of an “Inspiring” definition of Leadership. Now in order to have a more
rounded and well versed understanding of Leadership and what it is, let’s get to a more “technical definition” of Leadership. This will help you understand the Tactics of Leadership when we cover them.

Leadership is a set of skills, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that we engage consistently, daily, and fervently for everyone’s benefit.

To define it specifically for Network Marketing:

Leadership in Network Marketing is boldly taking on the responsibilities and commitments of creating an empowering environment and a path to success that people willingly follow.

This is a powerful observation of Leadership for your mlm network marketing home business.

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