MLM Training- THIS WOULD HAPPEN if YOU Only Talked to 2 People a DAY?



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Is talking to 2 people a day hard for you and your home business?

Would talking to 2 people on social sites or face to face be possible in your network marketing business?

Would you like to know what would happen if you did talk to 2 people a day to your mlm business?

Consistency is the key- offline or online. You MUST be consistent in your reaching out to people.

Many people are NOT consistent as they do not understand what could happen if they DID talk to 2 people a day.

It would explode your business.

What if you were not any good at  network marketing?

Well, I believe you would be shocked at the success you could have even if you are no that good at a home based business or recruiting for one.

What would 2 people a day do for you?

“What if I only talked to 2 people a day?”
That would be 2 people a day for 30 days in a month:

2 X 30 = 60 people a month

That would be 60 people a month for 12 months”

60 X 12 = 720 prospect you have talked to a year.

WHAT IF 20% became customers?  What if 80 % of them told you NO?

That would still yield you 144 customers. (WOW!)

What if 95%  of them told you NO as far as they business and ONLY 5% actually became distributors:

That would yield you 36 NEW distributors. (That is 3 a month with still 95% telling you NO!)

What If every customer gave you 2 referrals?  That would yield you GET THIS:

280 referrals!

What is only half of this happened? What if you only got only 10% customers and only 2.5% became distributors?
Your business would STILL be ROCKING in your mlm network marketing recruiting!
Talk to 2 a day folks- online or offline! Then get ready for an EXPLOSION in your business that only can happen with consistent conversations with people about your mlm network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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