MLM Training – The Secret Power of becoming Radically UNREASONABLE

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Do you think in an unreasonable way for your home based business dreams?

Are you thinking in a way that would STRETCH most people for your network marketing business?

Do you BELIEVE that you can do ANYTHING?

Have you ever been told, “You are being Unreasonable?”

I have, many times in my life. And let’s be real with each other. We both know that statement is NOT a positive one. When someone told you that, let’s be honest…how did that make you feel?

Let me tell you how I felt. I felt that every time someone told me I was being unreasonable, I felt like I was doing something WRONG.

I felt like that I was not pleasing my Mom and dad, my friends, or anyone else that told me
that, and I truly felt kind of bad. I felt like that I was not “fitting in” and it was kind of strange.

 I ALWAYS have thought differently it seemed then most anyone else I knew.

I  have always thought BEYOND where I currently am, and bigger then most people ever did. I was always looking ahead to the next goal, the next dream, the next action, and that was normal…or so I thought.

And because of that, I often heard that I was an unreasonable person who was a “dreamer’
and “had their head in the clouds.” I remember hearing from my Mom, “Get your head out of the clouds and face reality.” 

Or from others I would hear, “Those things never happen to people like us.” Or even worse, “What do you think, money grows on trees?” Or “What do you think I am made of, Money?”

Or my favorite one I use to hear: “Be careful of what you wish for, as you probably
will end up being disappointed if it is too big.”

What did you hear growing up? If you are at all like us, you probably heard similar things.

Here is the Million Dollar Question: What did that do to SHAPE and MOLD your

Probably a LOT and you may not even be aware of it.

We all have been TAUGHT how to think at a very early age. By the age of 5, a lot of our
thinking processes and habits have been already developed and set. We learned it by watching our parents and care givers. That alone has doomed a lot of potential success for a lot of home business owners.

Yout thinking MUST become UNREASONABLE! Do NOT listen to reason why you cannot do this! YOU CAN! Think Unreasonable! Take Actions that are Unreasonable! BELIEVE Unreasonable!  DREAM Unreasonable! And SPEAK Unreasonable!

“I appreciate your input- but I do not think that way anymore. I believe that anything is possible even if you think that is being unreasonable!”

“Yes, I heard you, but to be honest, do not agree with you. My dreams are on the way and they are huge, and I know that is not what you want for my life, but I must live my life.”

“I want to change my world first, and then other’s in the future. I believe that Success is possible and on the way for many people that ow their own business including me.”

“You may  not agree with my burning desire for Success in my life, but with my business, it is going to happen and happen HUGE.”

Yes, you will get some nay sayers, BUT—when you succeed you will prove them WRONG!

Think HUGE! Think CRAZY Huge!

Become TOTALLY UNREASONABLE! That will go a long way to driving the nay sayers crazy and your success into your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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