MLM Training – The Power of Success Quotes for Recruiting Prospects

mlm network marketing success quotes

mlm home business success quotes

MLM Success Quotes.

Are you looking for some success quotes for your home based business?

Are you wanting some “thought power” for your network marketing business?

Are you willing to take some and internalize their power?

Success Quotes can be an amazing recruiting tool.

Yes you read that right. If you put an autoresponder together with Success quotes and then send it out to people to subscribe with at the bottom a link to your home business, you will see the power of the quotes ignite of your business. They will be curious and many will click the link.

You can also put an ebook together with Success and Leadership quotes, and then make it available. You can get the ebook done (once you have found the Success quotes) on FIVERR.

You can also join Pinterest or Instagram and start making images with Success quotes and use those for your business by promoting them. This works like crazy and it can be a viral monster.

Here are some ‘Power UP” Success Quotes for you and I encourage you to send them around and let the POWER and thinking blast others with Success!


“Thinking has a lot to do with your actions..first you think than you act…unless of course your thoughts are working against your actions…and sabtoging them…”

          Doug Firebaugh

Submarines are cool…they lurk underneath the water, and then when the enemy least expects it, launches an underwater missile and sinks their ship…

Is your thinking a submarine that launches missiles in your mind daily to destroy your actions?


“He who pursues wealth without understanding money, is a fool….”


Wealth is not just money…but if you don’t understand how money works, then wealth will never be working for you…for money either enslaves you, or you enslave it.


The Power of One New Thought is amazing…it can change anything overnight to unbelievable Success…including you!”

           Doug Firebaugh

If you truly understand the Power of one New thought and what it can do in your life…you will have discovered the Secret to totally transforming your life…”

“Success lies within all of us…it’s just that some of us dug deep enough within ourselves to find it…”

            Doug Firebaugh

There is a gold mine inside of you…and it is waiting to be dug…it can give you everything in life that you want…money, lifestyle, and true joy..

But you have to dig…

But most folks are too worried about getting blisters…



“There is a power that we all have inside to create the life we want and the lifestyle we desire…but many of us have our Power Stations shut down…

    Doug Firebaugh

Are you a walking Power Station for Success, or a walking Excuse Station for Mediocrity?


“Leadership is simply making something happen… when nothing else is happening…and people happen to agree with you and join in…”

           Doug Firebaugh

Leading is simple…so simple…get busy making the invisible visible…and watch the awe struck crowd gather to be a part…


“Opportunity knocks all the time…problem is, most of us answer only the door bell…”

    Doug Firebaugh

Is opportunity knocking on the door of your life?

Disconnect the door bell and listen with your heart.


“Winning in life is like swimming…either you jump in and get to the other side, or you sit on a chaise lounge watching others do it…”

     Doug Firebaugh

If you are sitting on a chaise lounge…

The you will be chasing mediocrity for the rest of your life…



       Sir Winston Churchill

Either you take down the obstacles in life that are stopping you by refusing to lose…

Or you give up to them….and let the losing win in your life…



“Your thoughts are like the rudder on a ship…directing your life  and guiding it either to a harbor of success or a port of survival…”

        Dale Earnhardt

Where is your rudder taking you?

On a cruise in life….

Or a bruise on your life?

These are some Power UP Success Quotes for your mlm network marketing home business.

blessings….doug firebaugh

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