MLM Training- The 8 Rules of Recruiting Small Business Professionals

MLM Rules of Recruiting Business Professionals.

Do you strive to recruit business professionals for your home based business?
Are you currently focused on business professionals in your mlm?
Do you think for your network marketing business that a small business owner would be good for it?
There are different “rules” of recruiting professionals in 2013, and if you know the rules, and recruit within them, you will find that sponsoring business owners is not as hard as one may think, this is the best way to grow your small business.
I recently did an article recently the Psychology of Recruiting Business Professionals which will help you understand what and how the business professional thinks.
There are certain things that one must adhere to, if you are going to be a powerful recruiter of small business owners. We have found through years of experience that there are 8 rules that we have found true for business professionals and the art of recruiting them.
Many distributors and consultants never try and recruit small business professionals because they think they are out of reach. That is not true. But odds are, many of them have been part of a recruiting process that did not go so well, as some of the rules were broken and turned the professional off of network marketing or a home business. This happens all the time unfortunately.
I had the great blessing of having thousands of small business owners in our group and they exploded a lot of the business we were able to build during that time We had in one leg over 2500 business owners and that leg was amazing. It was a professional leg that acted, thought, and recruited professional.
You can do the same thing if you follow the rules. What ARE those rules?
Here are what we call The “Rules of the Game- Recruiting Business Professionals :”
1) No MLM “ease” or verbiage.

 Many of the folks in a home business use a language that the professional does not understand. You MUST talk the language that a professional understand.
2) They expect PROFESSIONAL.

 Many distributors do not look or act professional. This is often a huge turn off to a business professional. Be Yourself, but make sure that you are professional in your demeanor and speech as that is what they expect and is their world they live in on a daily basis,
3) They are looking for RESULTS.

WHY should a business owner be talking with you? How are their RESULTS going to change? Show them how to increase and multiply their results, and you will increase the odds of recruiting them tremendously.

4) They expect it to be ABOUT THEM.
Make the conversation about the professional. Ask them the story of their Success. Ask them what struggles they had at the beginning. Ask them anything that will get them talking about themselves. This will endear them to you. Yes, many business professionals have egos.
5) Be Relaxed- NO PRESSURE at all.
If a small business owner sense that you are pressuring them, they will close down and end of discussion. There is no reason for pressure. Either they see it, or they do not. If they do not  NEXT!
6) Expect MULTIPLE Conversations.
There will be more than one conversation with a small business professional as that is the normal path they travel in business. Most business dealings are more then one conversation and odds are your recruiting them will be multiple conversations.


7) Focus on their expertise and help.
Small business owners has expertise. Ask them to advise you, and see if they can give you some tips on your success. Most professionals will do this. Ask them about marketing and leadership and Success secrets. This will build a powerful bond to you.
8) Talk to the personality.
Many business owners are DRIVERS. There are 4 kinds of business personalities: Driver, Feeler, Analyzer, and Socializer. Talk to the personality. Talk to the Driver bottom line, and little details. What will your  business do for their business? period. End of discussion. How will your business add to their income. TALK RESULTS with a Driver. Talk making a difference with Feelers. Talk details with Anlayzers. Talk FUN with Socializers.
These are 8 Rules that we have found work well in recruiting small business professionals in your mlm network marketing home based business.
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blessings…doug firebaugh
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