MLM Training – The 7 Most Powerful Words to use in ANY Presentation

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MLM Presentation tips.

Do you do online or offline presentations for your home based business?

Have you ever done a social media presentation for your network marketing business?

Do you do at least 2 presentations a week?

There are many great tips that you can find for great presentation that rock. There are even tips now for MOBILE presentations that can change how you view your smart-phone. And of course, there are secrets that often are not told that can make a good presentation into an EXTRAORDINARY presentation.

I have done presentations in over 30 countries and have found that the appeal to the masses is the same now matter what language or culture. A home business is pretty much the same everywhere and the presentation is all a part of that culture.

Some people prefer to give online presentations via webinars and online chats like Google hangouts. Other prefer  a more “live” version and do it face to face or at least over the mobile phone.

No matter what you do, a presentation needs 7 words in it that will ROCK the presentation and make it HOT and impactful.

What are those words.?

1. YOU.

Simply, you need to say the word YOU often and say it in a statement as well as a question like  “Is this making sense to you?”

2. BEST.

This is a great word to use as it signifies that you are looking after the best and want the best such as “I only want what is best for you and your family.”


This is a trigger word as many people today lack the security that they are looking for in their life. You can ask a question like “You do want to make your family more secure don’t you just in case if anything should happen to one of your incomes?”


Option is a word that gets people’s attention. Most people today lack options in life and when you start talking about them it hits home. You can ask a question like, “How would you feel if you had some income options and did not have to totally depend on your job?”


This word is a level above all the others as it talks about a level most will never even dream of. make then dream. Ask them “Can you imagine living an Extraordinary life and with the people you love? How would that feel?”


This word paints a powerful picture when you are talking about living life and making an income. “Doesn’t it just make sense that you should be living life on your terms and not someone else’s’? It is your life and income. Isn’t it time to change that?”


This one is a biggie no matter where you are doing the presentation. Freedom is often one of the most powerful magnets in a presentation. “Imagine the freedom of going on vacation for 3 weeks and coning back and your check is up 20%! How would that feel?”


This one word can pull the attention if anybody. “Imagine having a lot of fun with friends and family, and getting paid for it. How would that feel?”

Double 7 Word BONUS: “What this means to your future is….”

These are 7 words that any presentation should have in your mlm network marketing home business.

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