MLM Training- The 5 Questions You Ask AFTER an In Home Meeting

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mlm home business in home meeting

MLM In Home Meeting Tips.

Are you using in home meetings with all you do with your home based business?

What do you do AFTER the in home network marketing presentation?

Would you like to know what to say or do at the end of your in home meeting?

You have ONE objective in an in home meeting:


And that sometimes can be a bit intimidating. But what if you KNEW what to say and do AFTER the presentation is finished? It would make your life easier and your meetings more powerful.


You have finished your in home meeting, and people now have seen the information and are now ready for something else…what do you DO? In many home business direct selling companies, you go for the sale which is good..but what if you could do something BETTER then that? What of you could IMPACT them with something that they would REALLY be drawn towards?

There are great ideas and tactics, but here is a success tactic that can accelerate the IMPACT of your in home meeting which will only multiply your results.

 I call it “The 5 Questions.”

After the presentation, hand out the “PBR Profile,” say “I need your help. I would like for you to try our products, and also we are looking for a couple of people to partner up with to help introduce our program to this area. You may know someone that could use a secondary revenue source of an extra $1,000-2000 a month. Please fill out the form I just gave you.”

There are 5 questions.

Telephone_____________________________ Email_________________________________

 1. “Do you like the idea of (Whatever the benefits are of your products)

 2.  “Do you know someone who could use and extra $1,000 a month without changing anything they are doing?”

 3.  “What part of what you have seen tonight did you like the best?”

 4. “What product do you believe will be the most popular?”

 5.  “Can you see yourself or someone you know becoming successful in something like this?”

This profile will help you ascertain who truly has an interest and doesn’t in network marketing.

What do you do AFTER the 5 questions are asked? Here is the next move or action you need to take:

Hand out the Information Packets.

These simply contain brochures, audios and any other information piece you think they need…and include Success information as well. I have always suggested including a quotes page or booklet as a gift they will appreciate.

 Socialize again and answer questions, and set follow up appointments.

Ask — ”Which part did you like the best?” or “What made the most sense to you?” or “What really got your attention?”

And then set up times to follow up one on one…for your mlm network marketing home business.

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  2. […] 5 Questions You Ask AFTER an In Home Meeting […]

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