MLM Training – The 4 Pillars of Leadership- # 1 Communication

MLM Leadership 4 Pillars Training.

Have you ever thought about YOUR leadership in your network marketing business?

What does Leadership mean to YOU in your home based business?

Do you know what the 4 Pillars of Leadership are in MLM?

The 4 Pillars of Network Marketing Leadership.

There are 4 “Pillars” of Network Marketing Leadership and you must know them if you are
going to truly succeed with a successful team. These 4 Pillars can truly help you master the Leadership and Team Building skills needed for Network Marketing success and to duplicate your home based business.

What are the 4 “Leadership Pillars?”





We will cover the NUMBER ONE of these 4 Pillars briefly with this post, and tell you how they work in building a team and leading it. The 3 others will be covered in future posts.


All great Leaders that have built large downlines have mastered the Art of Communication.
They understand the power of their words and the power of their Influence.

You must understand the power and influence behind your words.

Weak leaders have a weakness in their communication and in their approach to Leadership. They are not passionate and they do not have the ZEAL for their Vision they need. Zeal is a common element in Leadership that many people do lack as they are too focused on what is NOT happening in their business versus Leading your team to MAKE something happen.

Communication Rule: You must communicate DAILY with your leaders and weekly with your team.

This is critical as THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Now do not over do it either!  Too much communication can work against you. But if you communicate within those parameters, and do it consistently, it will work well for you.

Communicate to the group who is doing what and out the “Leadership Spotlight” on the ones
that deserve it. You see, you do not spotlight those that NEED the spotlight but the ones that DESERVE the spotlight.

Put a newsletter out and recognize the people that are making it happen!  Focus on the efforts and praise their results! And do NOT keep the same people in the Leadership spotlight. Mix it
up, and make sure that your people that are truly getting even small results, are focused on and encouraged publicly. The more that they feel APPRECIATED the more they will continue to stretch themselves and work. That is one of the biggest elements for Communication- APPRECIATION.

 Communication soaked with Appreciation always equals LOYALTY.

And the Number One Rule for Communication with your team is “KTFOTD!”

“Keep Them Focused On The Dream!”

Communicate all the time “I can see you with that new house! I can see you in that new car! I can see you walking across the stage collecting a ten thousand dollar check!”

This will keep them focused on their dreams for their mlm network marketing home based business.

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