MLM Training- How To Maintain Magnetic CONTROL when Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting home based business

MLM Training on Recruiting Control.

Are you too controlling in your recruiting for your home based business?

Are you too weak and not controlling enough in your network marketing recruiting?

What do you do to have control in your mlm recruiting?

Control is important in recruiting as it is part of Leading the prospect.


You can also be making a HUGE mistake made when recruiting for your home based business.

What IS a HUGE mistake made in recruiting for your network marketing business?


The Recruiter being TOO CONTROLLING and TOO DOMINATING in the initial connection and conversation.

Some Corporate Recruiters think they are in the marines. They seem to have an overbearing focus and attitude. They don’t hold a conversation with the candidate. They hold a presentation with the home business candidate. They tell the candidate what is going to happen and they come across like a total control freak.

“You must be IN CONTROL, but not controlled by control.”


This sometimes happens when a home business Recruiter wants to establish their power or authority from the very beginning.

And they blow the initial connection and conversation with the candidate right out of
the water.

A candidate wants to feel you are a controlled Leader, but not a controlling leader. There is a HUGE difference. Don’t come across strong armed or as if you are their marine commander.

In Social Recruiting, the mlm candidate is your PARTNER in the PROCESS of Finding a MATCH that WORKS. That goes for BOTH corporate recruiting as well as home
business recruiting.

NOTE:  In a home business, your goal is to find a potential “partner” that will explore some possibilities with you. Then you both decide in this pseudo “partnership” if your business is a MATCH for where they see themselves going in life. And you must decide if they are a match for who you are looking for in your business.

That is as bottom line as I can make it.

Here is what I said to every network mar candidate: “I am your partner in this connection process. I will recommend nothing without your best interest at heart and the company’s best interest as well. That is how a partnership works. Wouldn’t you agree?”

 Connect with a magnetic approach.

Be warm, but not cozy.

Be a Leader but not a commander.

Be a friend in the making but make them FEEL that is happening.

Be energetic but not anxious.

Be an encourager and an elevator to the potential candidate. Notice their skills that others have ignored. Make them feel glad they connected with you.

Be a connector but wait on the natural connection. You will know when that happens as you will feel it.

And be a spotlight for the candidate, not stand in the spotlight.

It is ALL about how you can serve them and help them find a MATCH that will be a destiny shaper in many ways.

This is a post that will help you balance control when recruiting foe your mlm network marketuing home business.

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