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Mobile Lead Prospecting.

Do YOU understand how RADICAL the Mobile Lead Generation Storm coming is going to be for your network marketing home business?

How would you like to have a million eyeballs look at an ad you ran for your home business- for pennies a day?

How would that impact the number of leads you are getting a day for your mlm direct selling business?

There is so much out there about PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPV (Pay Per View) but what will DWARF that in the next couple of years is Mobile Lead Advertising and Generation. It will be bigger than Google and facebook ad impact- COMBINED.

What would THAT do for your network marketing home business?

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Here is a great post from the Mobile Sniper that I wanted to share with you. It really is applicable to the home business profession. I think that it may just open your eyes to the potential of the incredible Mobile Lead Generation storm coming!

Allow me to be as bold when i are able to be: if you’re running an internet business and also you need leads visiting you daily, cell phone marketing will stun you using what has become possible.

STUN YOU. Shock YOU. Drop your Jaw.

Fifty million people are travelling with this smart phone searching for things to look at, purchase, and often to connect with. Truly this is a game changer.

The greatest brands on the planet (Home Depot, Pepsi, American Express) have experienced the mobile possibilities that are before them and also have engaged mobile in everything they do,  as both Apple and Google have introduced that they’re both “mobile first” companies now. Cell phone marketing for companies of each and every size allows for effective mobile marketing prospecting.

Here’s how.

Whether you decide to pursue all this mobile advertising by yourself, or else you elect to choose a mobile marketing company, now you can buy very inexpensive clicks from mobile marketing platforms and steer that traffic right to your house page. So how exactly does 6 cents a click seem?

But wait, it will get much more impressive than that.

With an excellent mobile advertising services company, you can (and really should) design ways for your visitors to be incentivized into providing you with their emails in return for something of worth just like a free report of the downloadable coupon.

Instead of delivering that traffic to your home page for any look, why don’t you place them right into a “sticky marketing” chance by developing a mobile landing page and providing them with something of great perceived value?

That’s the way the 6 figure per week earners do it.

Like they already know marketing on cell phones is really a process not really a sniper shot. You have to invite people to your message by providing them something of great value after which allows them to learn more and more about how exactly you conduct business. This alone will change everything you knew about prospecting.

Mobile Lead Generation is the biggest thing coming and will dwarf all advertsing in 5 years.

Will YOU be a part of that or will you miss this prospecting gold mine too for your mlm home business?

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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