MLM Training- How to Do a Magnetic Three Way Call- Part Three

mlm home business three way calls

mlm home business network marketing 3 ways

MLM Training on Three Way Calls.

Are you using three ways in your home based business recruiting?

Do you understand how to bring an mlm three way to a close in network marketing?

Do you know what to do after that in mlm?

Many do not and that is the reason for this post. I want you to GET how to end a three way and what to do after that. Three way calling is an art, and can be a lot of fun if done correctly.

Here is the final part of this series:

Part THREE of How to DoThree Way Calls in your Home Business MLM:

 “The Summary” or Next Move: Back in your hands

Summarize what the prospects have agreed to, and thank them for their time. Tell them you are looking forward to seeing them at the event.  Get off the phone immediately to keep it brief!  This is not the time for you to tell them anything more about NETWORK
MARKETING. Let the event/conference call do the work for you!  If you tell them too much, they’ll have no reason to come and find out more.

“Lisa, how about if I pick you up at 6:00 PM? (Or call you at 7 pm?) Great.
I’ll let you go because I’m… (Walking out the door; putting dinner on;
getting the kids in the tub; helping with homework; etc.)  See you at six!” (Or whatever has been agreed to).  Leave them curious and excited!

If for whatever reason they are not interested:

“I want to thank you for your honesty. It is refreshing!  Maybe you can still
help me. We are still looking for a leader/people to try help us get this
powerful message about a new way to market Video Telephone technology that
brings families and business together inexpensively. Do you know anyone who works on a car or even drives a car?  I could really use some support!”

Now… What happens if your sponsor is not available for three way calls and you find it has been 48 hours or longer since you gave them a CD or DVD, and it’s time to call them?

“Lisa?  This is Diane.  I wanted to call to thank you for the time we recently spent together talking about your future.  Also, I wondered if you had ten
minutes to: (visit our website/ listen to a Conference call/ watch this quick
DVD/ or join me on a brief call /webinar Monday (or whatever night) night that features some of the top people in our company talking about the business.)  I can call you and simply let you listen. 

No pressure, I just wanted you to get some more information..  I really want you to see this company and products through your eyes, not just mine.  May I call you at 9:00 Tuesday night for about ten minutes?  Again, no pressure…
just thought you’d enjoy it!”

Listen to the call together. By using the Conference Call as a three-way call, you are effectively
demonstrating to them the power of the three-way calling with the SHARE the business step.  Additional follow up three way calls with the upline team may be necessary as well to continue moving them towards their Decision.

Here is some homework: Practice the three way call with your sponsor or with someone that will help you. LEARN the steps and get comfortable with the process and the do one LIVE with your sponsor.

This is the third part of how to do three way calls in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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