MLM Training- How to Do a Magnetic Three Way Call- Part One

mlm network marketing three way calling

mlm three way calling home business.

MLM Three Way Calling Part One.

Do you do three way  calls for your home based business?

Are you aware that three way calling is a powerful way to accelerate your network marketing business?

Would you like to know how to do a three way call for your mlm business?

There are many tools in this business that you can use,   but three way calling is one of the most powerful.

It not only can accelerate your success, but also can be a great way to learn this business. There are many ways to do conference calls, but in the home business profession, this is a way to really make training as well as recruiting effective.

We decided to do a three part series on three way calling as this is such an important tool to use for your home based business.

How do you do a three way call?

 TIP:  You either set up the three way call beforehand with the prospect, or just call them outright. We always recommend that you first make sure they are available at the time you call. It is just proper courtesy.

“Hi Tom. Are you going to be home in five minutes for a two minute conversation? I have someone who would love to meet you from Network Marketing. I will call you back in a minute.”

You call your sponsor, and give them a short background on the prospect, (name, age, occupation etc) and then press the “flash” button on your phone (receiver button), wait for the
solid dial tone, and then dial the number of your prospect.

Again, it is good if you have set the call up with the prospect beforehand.

This is a good way of respecting the prospect’s time. When it starts ringing, press the “flash” button again, and you will have both parties on the line. (If you haven’t already, ORDER THREE WAY CALLING!)

A three way call is broken down into three parts:

1.  “Introduction”

Introduce your sponsor to your prospects:  (EDIFY YOUR SPONSOR!)

* Do not let them carry on a conversation with you first, and then tell them someone is on the line… it is embarrassing to everyone!

“Hey Lisa, have I caught you at a good time? (Or “Thanks Lisa for being available for a couple of minutes”)  Great!  I have a friend/expert/partner/ -Mary- on the line who is very knowledgeable about our products and is very successful. I was telling her about you, and she really wanted to meet you. She was impressed with what I told her about you… Mary, this is Lisa.”

Stay quiet and listen to  your sponsor…

This is a three way calling training for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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