MLM Training- Are You Working Your Business or is It WORKING YOU?

mlm home business social mobile marketing

mlm home business social media

MLM Mobile and Social Media Recruiting.

Are you using mobile media or social media in your recruiting for your home business?

What are your plans on using mobile marketing for your mlm?

How do you use mobile recruiting in your network marketing efforts?

Sometimes adapting and engaging new tactics and strategies is the most difficult and
challenging requirement for a new or veteran distributor. You can get in “ruts” and patterns of working and thinking that often will work against you. There are many good sites like bridge who can guide for business.

But how would you like to actually have for once, MORE QUALIFIED prospects to talk to
then you could ever contact?

How would you like to have MORE APPOINTMENTS than you could actually attend and they happen with your mobile?

How would you like to have MORE NEW VOLUME and RECRUITS than you ever have had in your business EVERY MONTH?


If you quit working your business…yes, you read that right.


And then…

Let your business START WORKING YOU.


You can and WILL- if you quit working your business…

And let your business START WORKING YOU.

What do I mean?

How would you like for your business to be on auto pilot while you sleep and when you
wake up every morning you have literally 10 – 20 new leads in your email and people wanting to be your friend and wanting to know what you do? It happens to us everyday.

That is your business working you.

How would you like for your business to open up doors to people and leaders that you
could never have met, and they are contacting you and wanting to connect-while you sleep?

Sound too good to be true?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to hold an event in your home and have people from all over the country attend your event- from New York to L. A. to Tampa to San Diego and you sign them up online? Then you have an archived version of that video that people from all over can view daily-while you are doing something else – and they ask to connect with you?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to have your own TV program or radio show talking about your business
and folks from all over the world watch it on their mobile device while you are with your family at dinner in a restaurant?

That is your business — working you.

Either you are working your business or your business is working you. That is really one of the best kept secrets to Success in network marketing…


  1.  It must create leads while you sleep.
  2.  It must create exposures in multiple places while you are with your family.
  3.  It must do your recruiting while you are busy doing something else.

Then, when you come back to your business, it has work for you to do already in motion with
new leads and prospects who want to connect with you.

 That is your business working you.

And if you do not know how to accomplish that, then let us show you how you can, with Home Business Social and Mobile Media FUSED.

It is a Combined Media Marketing Tsunami that is coming and it will be huge in a couple of years in network marketing and home business.

Let me be blunt:

Social and Mobile Media is something that you really need to embrace. Social and Mobile Media is in it’s infancy in Network marketing with the power of technology working for you to be able to recruit 24/7 even when you are asleep.

Combined- it is a JUGGERNAUT for prospecting and recruiting 24/7. Most people do not realize that 70% of ALL social media is now connected to on mobile devices.

You can be on TOP of the social and mobile media wave when it hits- or on the bottom – and get crushed. That is your call.

These are how you can get your business working YOU in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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