MLM Training- 5 Success Lessons I Learned when over 200 of Our Sites Vanished

MLM Training Success.

Have you ever had a day that you soon forget in your home business?

Has something happened to you that was so bad that your network marketing business suffered?

Have you ever lost a website- how about 200- in one day and took days for the server folks to get them back up?

We went through this last week and for almost 7 days our PassionFire site was down for over 60% of the time and it was like that for 6 days.

And that is not counting the other 200 sites that had to be restored by Arvixe– who we use to host our sites. For the first 12 hours Arvixe kept saying it was our fault, And then after that, they said “WHOOPS!” we were wrong it is our server. The it took 6 days for them to finally get fixed what was wrong.

And the rest as they say is history. Long nights and some sleepless.

It was an interesting 2 weeks ordeal as our sites started going down of and on 2 weeks ago.

So…what did I learn from this debacle outside of we gotta move our sites to a new server?

Here are 5 Success Lessons I learned during this trying time:

1. They are just websites.

One of the things that I realized is that they are just websites and nothing more. Yes they ring in the money, and yes they are important, but they are still just websites. There are more important things that are in life, and I have a new perspective that you cannot be all freaked out over something that happens and there was nothing you could do.

It just happened. Deal with it and move on! Our team did although they were hampered by our server company several times due to their over load of losing other’s sites as well. Arvixe is supposed to be a great server company, but…..we will see what the next 7 days brings as we have other sites with 3 other server companies- and exactly for this reason.

2. Do NOT Panic- Think it Through.

That is what we did. We all got together and thought it out and masterminded. We came up with a plan and also a contingency plan about what to do about our destroyed rankings on the search engines which for years we have been on page one of most of the keyword searches.

And I still have a peace knowing it is all going to work out.

3. Do NOT Listen to the Chatter between your ears.

You will be talking to yourself during the debacle. You will be talking a LOT about how bad it is, and how this is going to ruin you. Do NOT go there. Start speaking that you are going to find a solution and focus on the SOLUTION- not the problem. You will move towards what you are focused on and it will grow larger. So focus on the solution.

4. Know you are not the First to Go through this and will not be the Last.

I found out that others have lost the same number of sites for a while and dealt with it. I was feeling that we were the only ones. I was wrong. There are others that have gone before you and had the same issues. Some much worse. So knowing that they got through it- YOU can get through it.

5. Put a Contingency Plan Together for if this Ever happens Again.

We did and we are planning on moving quick and getting our plan in place if our websites  ever go down again.  We will be ready- and much smarter having already gone through this! So there is actual VALUE for going through this and you will see Value in the trials you go through in your hme business as we can always LEARN and IMPLEMENT what we have learned. Sometimes life education is not chaep- but worth it.

These are 5 Success lessons I learned when we lost over 200 sites – poof- vanished for over 6 days and I hope this will help you in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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