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MLM Mobile Recruiting Secrets.

What do you think of Mobile Recruiting for your home business?

Do you own a smart phone for your mlm business?

How would you start the recruiting process using a mobile in your network marketing or direct sales business?

I believe that Mobile Recruiting will become the single most powerful way to recruit in a home business within the next 5 years. We have done Mobile recruiting webinars, and coaching as well. Mobile Recruiting is going to be HUGE.

Here is a 4 step Mobile Recruiting Plan that a # 1 Corporate recruiter for a National Recruiting Firm out together and we wanted to share it with you:

Here is the conversation that took place:


D  So let’s talk about what you call one of the most powerful Recruiting phenomenon in Corporate Recruiting- Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Marketing. Think Mobile Marketing has a prayer for success?

S  <laughing> Everything has a prayer. Just some have a bigger return on the prayer and I believe that Mobile Recruiting is changing the face of Corporate
Recruiting as well as your profession-the home business person. I believe that
if done correctly, Mobile Recruiting can accelerate the process of recruiting a tremendous amount. Everywhere I read as well as my industry’s experts, all say that this is the coming wave and they all are saying to get on the band wagon.

D But you have been mobile recruiting now for what? 3 years?

S  Yes, 3 years. And it really has made a difference in my ability to stay in touch with my candidates. Connection is so important in recruiting and it helps me stay more connected as it gives me an extra “Power Reach” as I call it.  Let me explain. Mobile recruiting gives me the power to reach my clients in a way that was not available even 4 years ago. It allows me to also reach those potential candidates with a channel or technology that they are used to looking at literally hundreds of times a day.

 This allows me more connection power than email or even social networking. It gives me entrance into their daily routine and it is so much more powerful to meet them where they are versus chasing them via the phone. I have numerous candidates that right now have been doing all of their job searching effort via their mobile devices as it is so much more convenient. Now let’s be real, that is a smaller percentage than those who we have connected with via job boards, monster, hotjobs and those kind of sites. But we have a growing percentage of those that ask for a text or text them a link to the company website they might want to consider.

 This once again accelerates the pace and speed of recruiting overall. It really does make an impact as well when you start showing you are in the Mobile
world. Many candidates like that fact as it shows that we are in the up to date
mode and not one of the ol fogey corporate recruitment firms.

 There are many of them out there as well as more traditional home business companies. I am going to make a prediction: If a company within the next 18 months does not embrace mobile recruiting and mobile marketing, they will be left behind in the dust. I promise you that as they will be playing catch up for a long time.

D:  What do you think is the most important element in Mobile Recruiting?

S:  Oh that is easy. Strategy. You must have a cohesive marketing and recruiting strategy behind your mobile recruiting. You must have  PLAN that works and works every time. I have a plan with my mobile recruiting and it is a pretty simple plan.

 1. P stands for PUSH.

I want to push a message out daily to the prospects I have that may be a
candidate in the making for a company I represent.

 2. L stands for LOOK.

I want the prospect to LOOK at my message and there is no better way and no
quicker way then mobile recruiting. Of course I want to have something that
will grab their attention as well.

 3. A stands for ACTIVATE.

I want the prospect to TAKE ACTION on something and that is why I offer a free
ebook to the mobile prospect to get their name and email. I want them to be
activated and already moving towards me when I contact them. I want them to
KNOW who I am and start building a relationship IMMEDIATELY. A free gift of
some kind starts that process.

 4. N stands for NAVIGATE.

I want to Navigate the prospect to a webinar or video of some kind. This will
introduce the company I am representing and the position. In a home business
scenario I would think this would be an introduction to the business.

 These are what I do daily. Mobile recruiting is much like fishing. But you must have a lot of lines in the market and once you get a strike, you will find they are already in the recruiting process with their mobile device.

D:  Do you think that Mobile Recruiting will be as big as recruiting on social media?

 S : Yes, I do. It will take a couple of years to create a solid marketing and recruiting model, but once it has been solidified, it could very well take over the social media recruiting frenzy.

D: Ok, here is an obvious question: why do you think that way?

S: Oh that one is so easy to answer. Speed. The pace of recruiting with a mobile device is so much faster then social networking. On a mobile, you have the prospect in the recruiting process within seconds. With social media it could take a week or 2 or longer. There is certainly  a LOT of recruiting going on in social media, but speed can hinder to some degree.

The pace of mobile recruiting as far as getting them in the recruiting process can be as fast as lightening. The mobile user is use to opening up a text quickly, and if they opt in for a free ebook, then you have them in the recruiting process within seconds. THAT is much more appealing to the younger generation as they operate at that pace.

D: One final question about mobile recruiting before we take a break. What do you
believe is THE secret to mobile recruiting success?

S: Hmmm…..good
question. Hmmmmm….<thinking>    Doug, I would say if there is one thing that really matters- it is IMPACT. Your message and mobile website must create a visual and actional impact that will get the prospect to DO something and not just click away. It needs to be visually appealing and full of hope. I think it should ask a question and also LEAD them somewhere. That is the real thing that people are looking for. Often, people want to be lead down a path and if you have an impact-ful mobile site, then you will find them engaging that site right off the bat.

 I always ask “Are you looking for a job or for a secure high paying future?”  I would suggest that might be something that your people may use. But say it like…hmmm…”Are you looking for a high paying future of more of the same thing you have now?” These are the type of things that pull people into your website.

 I would also suggest that they ask, “Are you looking for a high paying secure business from home or more of the rut you are in now?” I know. That is a bit blunt, but you must sometimes be blunt to get their attention.

 And one more would be, “ Are you satisfied with where you are career wise or would you be open to a high paying future that you control and manage?” This is what I believe would work, and I have been recruiting for a while as you know. I hope this will help your readers and folks.

D: Wow.
Those are rocking hot!  Thanks for sharing those golden nuggets bubba.

These are powerful MLM Recruiting secrets using a Mobile for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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