MLM Training- 3 Reasons Why You MUST Do 3 Ways Calls in 2013

mlm network marketing 3 way calling

mlm network marketing home business 3 way calling

MLM Three Way Call Training.

Do you do three way calls for your home based business?

Is your network marketing business focused on three ways calls or are they something you struggle with?

Do you know WHY you must do 3 ways calls for your work at home mlm?

I was in a seminar recently, and someone said that 3 ways calls were a thing of the past, and they did not do them. They were an “online marketer” and did not believe they were needed. I asked them how there business was growing and he said “pretty good.”

I also asked him what his attrition rate was, and he said that his business was a like a turnstile, people come and people go. BUT that was the way the business was supposed to be. I disagreed and told him that my group had less than 20% attrition for 8 years straight back in the 90’s. Some years it had less then 15%.

He just stared at me.

He again, said things had changed in the “new marketing”, and that losing the majority of your people was just the way the business worked and I did  not really understand how the business worked today.  I said “Really?”  I smiled, as all the rest of the audience laughed, and then asked him if he wanted to do the seminar for the rest of the day!

By the way- this ‘expert” had been in the business for — 2 years!!! Never mind that I have been on for 27. And by the way- I am a HUGE proponent of online recruiting. HUGE!!!!!  BUT you still must get them offline and on a three way to insure that your prospect moves through the recruiting funnel and is “closed.”

THAT is a sure sign of why you must do three ways calls. We have found that the teams that do three ways calls, have less attrition then most other teams. And weird, but we found that less than half actually do three way calls with their sponsor. And guess what? Just about all of them were saying that their business was struggling.


Three way calling is a TOOL that you can use that will help train your new people and also lock down your results. It is something that will always be used if you are SERIOUS about building a long term business.

One of the most powerful tools that you can use to build your NETWORK MARKETING business, TELL people more, and create a successful First touch, is a three way call. That is
why I have written this post about it.

To accelerate your home business, you MUST learn how to use and master powerful tools including Three Way Calls, Training calls, and National Conference Calls.

NOTE: It is an industry fact that the average six-figure income earner in the industry has done nine times the amount of three ways than the average distributor.

Three Way Call is a technology and a tool available from your local phone company that allows three people to talk to each other on the phone, or a group of people on a Conference
Line.  We use it to train, validate, and help you “earn while you learn.”  Let your sponsor walk you through these powerful tools. These tools are there to help you and guide you in the early stages of your business.

Why should a Reseller do Three Way Calls? 

 1) It bridges the gap between inexperience and experience!

When people come into the home business profession, they lack the experience needed to build a business. But three way calling can help accelerate their results, as it truly can bring an experienced upline on a phone call that can answer the questions that the new person cannot yet. And it is also a GREAT training tool for the new distributor/consultant.

2) It validates your NETWORK MARKETING product line, business, and YOU.

The inexperienced Reseller lacks the credibility of someone who has been involved for awhile, and this tool helps fill that void. The sponsor will validate the new person and this will help build up the confidence of the new distributor.

3) Three way calling and conference calls are the least expensive, most effective, least used tools available to quickly build your NETWORK MARKETING paycheck!

The people who use Three-way calling consistently to build their business have children with wealthy parents!  If you’re not using it, you are seriously limiting the earning potential of you and your Team.

Order three way calling on your phone from the phone company.  It usually costs about $4.00 a month.


 You will want to three-way every NETWORK MARKETING prospect you have in the pipeline for recruiting at some point in the process.  The main  reason is that they will mirror what has been done with them once they become involved with their own prospects. Ultimately, they are already trained on how the process of how the business works by the time they enroll in your program.

KEY Point:

 It is possible that the three way call may come as a follow up after the Initial approach.  Use your own judgment, but do what works for you. Be certain to include the three-way call at some point in your recruiting process with everyone for the purposes of
duplication!  Rarely will a person do to others something that has not been done to them, especially when it comes to three way calls for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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