MLM Training- 11 Questions You MUST Ask to Help Form Your Personal Brand

mlm home business brand

home business mlm brand

MLM Personal Branding Tips.

Do you know what Personal Branding is and how it would work for your home business?

What does your network marketing home business say when people think about it?

Do you have a logo or a meme for your home business when you are operating your mlm business?

Personal Branding is CRITICAL when you have a home based business or any other kind of business, as it tells WHO and WHAT you are in a very ‘catchy” logo or slogan or both.

We at PassionFire have had a brand wrapped around the word and image of “FIRE” for years, and it is a part of our business culture now.

I have worked with home business companies to help build a brand that accelerates their presence out into the marketplace.

What about YOU?

Lets talk about PERSONAL Branding and what it means to you and to your network marketing home business. I want to also ask you some questions that can help develop or form your Personal Branding Blueprint and it is important that you ask these questions as it will help you FOCUS on what your brand should really FEEL like and LOOK like.

When you think of “branding”- think “branding cattle.”

Ranchers use a hot brand that they brand the cattle as their own, with the ranchers identifying mark, and when the cattle is out in the marketplace, everyone knows whose cattle it is. The brand is “seared’ into the cattle’s hide, and then it stays there.

You must “SEAR a Mark” into the public’s mind and senses with who you are with your home business company, and that mark must be different and people can remember in a very positive light.

Let’s ask a couple of questions:

 1)   What do you want to be known for as far as when people think of you?

This is a critical question as it truly DEFINES the “top of mind” thought for  you in a person’s mind.

2)   What picture do you want people to see when they think of you?

The image a person has for you and your business must be a powerful and memorable one.

 Forming Your Brand —  Your UBM:

 “Unique Branding Factor™

 Branding is making a decision of who you are and what you are known for in the marketplace.

You need to get away by yourself and really think about who you are and why people should listen to anything you have to say. Forming your brand is being honest, and yet prophetic of who you are becoming in the marketplace and the factors that will determine that.

Here are 11 Questions to ask yourself to start forming what your UBM will look and sound like for your mlm home business:

 1. What makes you unique?

 2. What makes you special?

 3. What makes you magnetic?

 4. What makes you memorable?

 5, What do you do that sets you apart?

 6, What do you say that people seem to like?

 7. If you could describe you in one word- what would that be?

8. What do people FEEL IN THEIR GUT when they think of you?

 9, What do people talk about when they talks about you?

 10. What do people do when they talk to you?

 11. And what ONE THING makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace that you have to offer the world?

These questions will help you start designing a personal brand that will be YOU as well as craft the MESSAGE that you want your PERSONAL BRAND to have for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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