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MLM Leadership New Years resolutions..

Have you come up with your new years resolutions yet for your home based business?

Are you planning on changing things in 2013 for your work at home network marketing efforts?

Are you locked and loaded for 2013 for your mlm leadership?

leadership in 2013 will be a critical factor in your success and team building. All of us get that. But what about YOUR leadership changes and growth? Are you planning on increasing your leadership or working with your team?

Here is an article from Smartbriefs training letter about 10 Leadership New years resolutions with a few additions. I believe that it will help you and your leadership in 2013.

Here is the home business leadership article:


10 Leadership New Years Resolutions for Home Business teams.

Having trouble coming up with a good New Year’s leadership resolution?

Here’s a list of 10 to pick from. These are things that leaders know they should do but often don’t.

Don’t overdo it — just pick one and commit to it.

Feel free to submit your own in the comments section — there’s nothing like a public declaration to hold yourself accountable.

For 2013, I’m going to:

1. Develop a Mission Statement for my team or organization.

The “charter” will include our purpose (or mission), our vision, our values, long-term (two to three years) goals, objectives, and action plans. I’ll involve my team in the development of the charter, make sure it’s communicated clearly and consistently, and follow up on a regular basis to track progress, revise, and celebrate achievements.

2. Reach out to someone who helped me become the leader I am today.

I’ll write a letter, sens an email, or better yet, maybe even pay a visit, and let them know specifically what they did and why it was so important for me and thank them for their mentoring and caring about my destiny.

3. Schedule and hold regular one-on-ones with each of my team leaders.

We’ll use that time to discuss concerns, opportunities, progress on goals and development; celebrate achievements; or just touch base on what’s going on in our busy lives. If I have a conflict, I won’t cancel the leaders’ meeting — instead I’ll reschedule it.

4. Decide what’s important to me as a leader — what I stand for and why.

I’ll share this with others and consistently act in a way that demonstrates these values and beliefs. This will become my Leadership GPS and my driving force in my life.

5. Be more accountable.

I’ll admit my mistakes, fix them, learn from them, and stop pointing fingers or placing blame. it’s MY team and MY responsibility as a leader.

6. Improve my presentation skills and the way I communicate.

I’ll take a course, join Toastmasters, hire a coach, practice, and get feedback from others. I will read books, listen to the Home Business Radio Network, watch leadership videos, and more.

7. Listen more and better.

I’m going to seek to understand the other person’s point of view and emotions and force myself not to evaluate, judge, or offer my own point of view until I am sure I have understood theirs.

8. Get feedback on my leadership skills.

I’ll take a multi-rater assessment or figure out some other ways to get an accurate assessment as to how I am perceived by others. I will ask my upline to assess as well and other leaders that I respect.

9. Mentor someone.

I’ll make myself available to help someone else become even better than me. If not someone I know in my team, I’ll volunteer my time to an organization or charity.

10. Be more innovative.

I’m going to look for possibilities and ask “why not” and “what if.” I’ll take a course or read a book on what it takes to be an innovative leader, and pick two or three things to implement and practice.

Dan McCarthy is the director of Executive Development Programs at the University of New Hampshire. He writes the award-winning leadership-development blog Great Leadership and is consistently ranked as one of the top digital influencers in leadership and talent management. He’s a regular contributor to SmartBlog on Leadership.

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