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In Social Media Recruiting…Don’t Forget AboutMobile.

Do you use your mobile for social media for your home business?

Are you planning on using your mobile device for network marketing recruiting?

How does social media and mobile work if you combine them for your mlm?

Here is an article that was sent to me about Social Media and Mobile Recruiting that I believe will open your eyes about the recruiting possibilities.

Here it is…


One topic that does not get a lot of attention within the social recruiting landscape is that of

I think mobile recruiting gets looked over for several reasons.

1. There is a perception that it is expensive and you don’t get much return.

2. Some think it gives job seekers nd prospects a less-than-favorable impression of the company using this method in the application or enrollment process.

3. Others just don’t know where to begin or what mobile can do for their recruitment efforts.

Why is mobile important in your social media strategy? For one thing, it’s everywhere…literally.

Here are a few stats:

• By 2020 mobile will be the primary means of connection to the internet

• The use of mobile extends the reach of the largest websites by up to 13%

• 87 million Americans have internet services on their mobile phone

• 53% (or more) of U.S. cell phone users text from their devices

• Lastly, there are more mobile devices than there are computers*.

Mobile can give organizations a way to separate their career opportunities from the rest of the pack. It extends a company’s recruitment message outside of traditional (and non-traditional) recruiting means. Mobile also gives you reach into the world of the ever elusive passive job seekers as well as the tech-savvy entry level job seeker.

How To

Mobile recruitment is not one tool or trick. There are many ways to use mobile in your recruitment efforts. Just like in choosing the right social media site, choosing the right
mobile tool is also vital to your success. Recruiters can recruit using apps, the .mobi domain platform, barcodes and scanning, SMS services or a mixture of these options. Let’s look at APPS.


The most recognized tool in mobile advertising / productivity today is that of the app. Once only an option on the iPhone, apps have become the go-to for pretty much all of the
smartphone platforms.

Today, users of Windows Mobile and Google Android phones have access to apps for their particular phones via apps markets powered by their respective phone platform. As you would imagine, there are a handful of job seeker tools offered at no cost on the iPhone platform. With over 8 million iPhone users in the U.S., it makes sense that all the attention for recruiting apps is for this phone.

Three of the most popular iPhone job seeker tools come from CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Snag-a-Job, and Craigslist who offer regular site functionality to users through the app portal.

However, due to the perceived cost of developing an app, only a couple of employers themselves have fielded recruitment apps. But there are sites like CollectiveRay where you can find the best sites to hire mobile app developers. Three that come up in a simple apps search are from AT&T, Raytheon, and Deloitte. What we see is that these are all three very large companies that do a high volume of recruiting.

(You can develop your own home business recruiting system and app if you choose to featuring your recruiting videos and also your blog and website. Check with your company about what they suggest.)

Above I mentioned that there is a perceived high cost to develop an app. The question is probably more accurate that of an ROI argument. Does it take sense for a small or medium sized company to invest a lot of money to create a recruitment app if they only plan to hire / recruit 20 people in a given year? (Multiply that with a downline.)

Does your company have enough brand recognition that smartphone users are going to be compelled to download your app? These are better questions to ask when looking at an app strategy.

These are some powerful secrets for social media mobile recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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