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MLM Recruiting.

What if you could actually start the mlm recruiting process within 30 seconds of a question being asked?

If you could have a powerful arsenal of “word bullets” that could be fired at will, in an online landing page or a face to face conversation, would that be something useful for your mlm home based business?


The Elevator Speech.

IN the marketing and sales world, there is a tactic known as “The Elevator Speech” which is a powerful tactic for telling what you do for a living. It has been around for a while and can actually be used in mlm online recruiting as well as offline recruiting.

It is focused on NOT what you do as a job or for a living, but focused on how you can HELP INCREASE ot IMPROVE  a situation or a company’s sales or results.

The 4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting.

It is the same on mlm online recruiting or offline recruiting. Your goal is to show them the “4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting:”

This is showing the prospect with your home business how you can:




4. INCREASE (ok,…this is not an E)

…their life, their lifestyle and income.

How would you like to take this success strategy and be able to use it on your mlm online recruiting landing squeeze pages as well as in any conversation you hold with a prospect? It is very simple to do and we have been doing it for years- even on our online marketing efforts with our company.

Most people would say, “I am a distributor with ABC company and we have skin care products…”


“I am a nutrition specialist that specializes in….”  You get the picture.

Nothing wrong with that. It works. But there is something that is more powerful.

The Magnetic Conversation.

There is a phrase that is so simple but yet after much research on our part, we have found it can revolutionize your mlm recruiting.

“I help…”

Simple. Profound. Powerful.

What if you could craft a phrase so powerful that it would PULL people towards you within seconds? we have been developing such a thing and we call it “30 Second Recruiting.”

If you use this strategy online or offline, it can create some amazing results in your mlm recruiting.

How does it work?

Your job as it is is- even as an entrepreneur, is not important to the prospect. What is important is the VALUE you bring to the prospect’s life and what you help them achieve and accomplish in their life.

You TOTALLY FOCUS on the prospect’s needs and life, not yours. What you get out of this is not important. What you GIVE the client is the critical part.

Here are some magnetic Questions to open up a conversation with:

“Ever wish you had more money to help with your bills?”

“Ever had one of those months that no matter what you did- you were just stressed out over the bills you had to pay?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind that there has to be something more for your life?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind you would like to feel better during the day?”

“Ever thought about looking 10 years younger?”

They usually say, “Yes, I have…as a matter of fact!”

This opens the door to what we call “The 30 Second Magnet” phrase:

‘I can help you solve that problem.”

“Ever wish that there was more money to spend on your family? I can solve that problem.”

“Ever wondered why you struggle so much financially? I can help solve that problem.”

There are other ways to say it as well. “I can help with that,” “I can assist you with that,” “I have a solution for that.”

If you use this “30 Second Recruiting” strategy, you will find whether you use it online or offline, that it will PULL the prospect towards you and get them CONNECTED to the possibilities that your company offers, and will explode your mlm recruiting results for your network marketing home business.

I will be sharing more over the next couple of days MORE on “30 Second MLM Recruiting.”

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