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MLM Prospecting TRUTH.

The task of talking to people is a big one, as that is how network marketing works. You expose your message and products to people, and then find out if they are going to become a customer or a distributor for them.

But there seems to be a huge mistake made in the home business market today.

Many people chase people away. You heard me correctly. Many people have so little going on in their business that their need for a customer or distributor is so strong that it chases prospects away.

And then- the distributor starts chasing them because they have no choice. They are looking for customers and distributors and that prospect is the only thing they got in the pipeline.

That is NO way to work this business. It is much like dating. If a young man asks a girl out, and she says, “No,” than he can call her again if he chooses. But if after 20 No’s the young man may not be getting the message that the girl is simply not interested.

But what if the young man went to a social, and met 5 young ladies who all let him know they would love to go out to dinner- that makes chasing the first young lady seem a total waste of time and effort.

As well as makes the young man seem blind to the truth of who is out in the world wanting to date him.

Are you blind to who is out there that would love to talk to you about your business?

Or do you have your “prospecting radar” on?

And if not- why not?

People today must see the enormous quantity of quality prospects that are out there- in the social media zone.

Frustration is a major part of being an entrepreneur, as well as a Network Marketer. And that many times leads to discouragement and leaving this business. It does not have to be frustrating or discouraging if you simply shift your paradigm about who is available to talk to in the marketplace.

It is normal to want to tell you your friends and family about your business.

That is what we do.

But most folks that you are close to, will not be that interested, because you probably have not succeeded before like you are presenting to them. This conversation lacks credibility to your friend.

They simply turn you off in the listening room in their mind. 

Ok. Great.

It’s about time we came to the realization that this game of begging for prospects is NOT working.

Let’s quit playing that game.

Let’s start doing something that makes a whole lot more sense, and start talking to people that are looking for us ad want to talk to us. You need to start getting our message out to those who are looking for you. And quit wasting your time on those folks that will never really be interested.

Who are most people looking for?

Anyone that will give them some time. That is the challenge.

That presence you carry with you when you do that- pushes people away as they realize something:

 “They know you want to talk to them a whole lot more than they want to talk to you. ( READ THAT AGAIN-editors note.)

What if it were different?

What if you talked to people that at least as much they wanted to talk to you as you to them?

How would that feel?

THAT is what millionaires in this business do.

They do not waste their time on people that are not worth the conversation as far as business. They are PICKY with whom they talk to, and they expect people to come to them – as that is how Leaders do thus business. They look for those who are searching for them.

How about you?

Are you willing to learn new methods of mobile recruiting, SMS, QR CODES, social networking, mobile marketing and social recruiting strategies that will allow you to discover a whole new world out there that you maybe did not know existed?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new tactics that will bring people TO YOU – versus you going to them?

THAT is how home business prospecting is going to be worked he majority of the time in the near future.

But why wait?

Why not be ahead of the curve and learn the mobile-social media tactics today and not worry ever again about chasing people down just to see if they will let you continue pitch them on your deal and business.

If you become a part of this powerful mobile -social Storm, your world is going to shift into a gear that makes overdrive seem slow. I know. And after 26 years, this has me more excited than anything I have seen for prospecting since the cassette tape!

 This business is that simple. Just making a slight shift in your prospecting and finding leads, and adding the social media part to it, can make your recruiting and prospecting efforts 100 times more powerful.

That is why it is called “Co-Traditional Network Marketing”. It is more than just the old ways of doing things.

It is the new, more powerful way that when combined with the traditional way, it can explode your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  2. Tim Johnson says

    The Millionaire Mindset applies to every step in NWM. No more so than in prospecting. You’ve got to stop being the hunter, and become the hunted!

    This really is like dating. You ask some out for date, they say, a few times… they are just not interested.
    Keep asking and you’ll get a date, a date with someone who is looking for an ambitious, forward thinking, self motivated, positive powered person, who is building future, not reliving high school and college sports glory days…

    “They do not waste their time on people that are not worth the conversation as far as business. They are PICKY with whom they talk to, and they expect people to come to them – as that is how Leaders do thus business. They look for those who are searching for them.”

  3. I know it is true and have started using FB, FB bus page,twitter,Pinterest all in the last couple is a long term process for results (just like working out and keeping weight off)) Never quit,and don’t think about it. Just do it.I

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