MLM Leadership –The Two Golden Words – Part 1

By Doug Firebaugh

Many a Leader in Network Marketing get into the business, and really go after it….they see where they want to go, and truly start on an excited journey to success….but little by little, it starts to fade…

Ever seen that in you or your folks? The gleam in their eyes has started to fade, and the pounding in their heart is not as strong, and the Fire in their words is now burning low…

Where did it go? What happened?

And as a Leader, you think” What caused it?”, and why can’t you see this “Creeping Cancer” start? You can…

And you can actually help prevent it…with what we at PassionFire call “The Two Golden Words…”

Too many times in MLM Leaders are blindsided by something that most Leaders are not even aware of, or at least not focused on it….and if they were, the “Creeping Cancer” could be at least diagnosed, and dealt with on an emergency basis…

As a Leader, or an Aspiring Leader in Network Marketing, you will build an organization, and many times will shake your head at people quitting, walking away, for no apparent reason….

And most of the time, it is caused by one thing….and it truly is a ‘Creeping Cancer” in your business and the Industry as a whole…as well as Life itself…

What is that Cancer?

The Cancer that Eats Away at MLM Success.


And what are the Two Golden Words in MLM Success?


Simply…you, as a Leader, must promote and enroll your folks in a No Compromise Vision…(CLUE!!!) How does this happen?

Well…it starts with a Lack of awareness that this can and will happen, and if it is not focused on and handled, will grow as a part of how most mediocre people live their lives…

Little by little, inch by inch..a little compromise here…a little compromise there…Lowering their standards and expectations for success…. ..that is how this home business becomes a low priority with folks after a while…

It’s called “The Rust Factor”…Just as a new piece of steel if left to the elements will rust…so does your Vision and dreams if left to the “Elements of Compromise…” The “Rain of Doubt…” The “Wind of Frustration… ” The “Hail of Negatives” The “Storm of Adversity….” The “Heat of Anger….”

RUST…..Regressing Under Someone-else’s Thinking….

Do you do that???

Lower and regress you dreams under someone else’s Little thinking and “advice”? DON”T!!!!!!!!!

The New MLM Distributor.
How does this happen with the new distributor?

1. The new distributor sets high goals, and starts their business, but after a little while with little results, they lower their dreams, and compromise their success…and life…and future..and expectations..

2. The new distributor starts their business, and as they start contacting their warm market, the people they hold in high regard are negative to them, and want to “Bring them down to earth”…

And to “reality”…and due to their Influence, the new distributor compromises His/Her success by lowering or abandoning their dreams, to please their friends…to “Fit in” and not rock the “Boat of Acceptance….”


doug firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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