Home Business Training- Will the Social Media Craze REALLY Last?


Home business success can be tough with many of the changes that occur almost daily anymore.

Or…it can be amazingly easy.

That is UP TO YOU.

Someone asked me recently what my opinion was of the “new” social media craze in network marketing and does it really work for MLM and Home Business and will it REALLY last?

Now understand that I have been teaching this for 6 years as well as many others, and it is not really “new.” And I also have training resources for it- full disclosure.

But I found her question quite  thought provoking.

I thought for a second and answered her with one word: 


You must be balanced in your approach to the social media arena as well as the traditional arena of home based business.

I talk a lot to owners of companies, and I have found that they are seeing more and more in their companies distributors that are OUT OF BALANCE and working their business  totally online. I had one owner tell me recently that their attrition rate had increased dramatically- because the field was not “anchoring” as I call it–the new budding relationships.

They were not taking it offline.

There is a whole new generation of powerful twenty somethings that are mostly online, as well as thirty somethings. ALL seem to be focused more online than offline. I work with a lot of them and some are incredibly gifted. But I held an interesting conversation with one of these amazing folks as a recent seminar and some revelation was starting to appear.

This young lady said that she had been totally online recruiting for 2 years and for whatever reason, could not keep a downline intact. She was constantly replacing the numbers. She was doing EVERYTHING online and seemed to be very frustrated. She said that her upline was pushing that method of business and that is what she learned to do.

But when she decided to try and  take it offline AFTER finding them online, (smart girl) and getting to REALLY know the person and work personally work with them versus just online, the strangest thing started to occur…

Her attrition rate started to  plummet.

Imagine that.

So the Home Business profession seems to be  trending more towards BALANCE and not skewed as much to online exclusively according to the conversations I have been having with folks.

Will it continue?

I believe so as many distributors are starting to see something they have not see in a while:

Their business growing with the the SAME people working with them that did last month…and the month before…and the month before…

THAT revelation will build a powerful MLM and Home Based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2011 all rights reserved


About Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is the CEO of PassionFire International, a success and leadership development company for the Home Business industry. Doug is one of the most sought after speakers / trainers / authors and consultants in the Home Business / MLM profession. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. What can Doug Firebaugh DO FOR YOU?


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