Listed below are Options that come with Badoo

Listed below are Options that come with Badoo

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How to Clean up Your Privacy on Snapchat

How to Clean up Your Privacy on Snapchat

Snapchat is rolling out a brand-new update that makes it even easier for your friends to find you on its “Snap Map.” Even though you have to opt in for your Bitmoji to appear on the map, this is a great time to review your Snapchat privacy settings (and wave goodbye to the Snap Map, if you aren’t interested).

Avoiding the Snap Map trap

I confess, I can’t recall agreeing to opt into Snapchat’s “Snap Map,” but I’m sure I absentmindedly click on an approval shortly after the feature debuted in June of last year. In the time since-for what little I use Snapchat-the feature has always felt slightly creepy to me. It’s one thing to append location information as a line of text above a photograph on a social service; it’s another to have a pretty, working map that lets you scan through where your friends are (or have been) based on the last public Snapchats they’ve sent out.

To access the Snap Map in Snapchat’s horrible new UI , open up the app and pinch. Resist the urge to tap anywhere on the map, or else you’ll start seeing any publicly posted Snaps around that location. Instead, tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner. In this Settings screen, you’ll be able to flip on Ghost Mode -which prevents you from appearing on Snap Map-or at least filter to just specific friends who you’re comfortable sharing your location with.

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Rethinking your Snapchat privacy in general

While you have the app open, now’s a great time to review the rest of your Snapchat privacy settings. [Read more…]