Gender dysphoria is experienced differently by everyone

Gender dysphoria is experienced differently by everyone

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Gender dysphoria is the experience of distress or discomfort with your body’s sex characteristics or the gender role assigned to you. It’s something that is experienced differently by everyone and can change over time. There’s no one way to deal with dysphoria and different things work for different people.

Here are some ideas that could help trans and gender diverse young people cope with dysphoria. Some are specific to gender dysphoria and some are more general coping strategies that may help. Try some out and make a list of ones that work for you. Remember, what works at one time e at another time, so trying out different strategies at different times can be useful too.

Ideas for coping with gender dysphoria

1. Express your feelings – share your feelings in a notebook or blog, or express how you feel through an art, craft or music project.

2. Talk to someone who understands – talk to a supportive friend, find an online trans community you feel connection with, or speak to QLife ( to webchat or 1800 184 527). If you have a counsellor or therapist you feel safe talking with about your gender dysphoria, make time to bring this up with them. [Read more…]