People Kylie Jenner dated before Travis Scott – and just why she eventually dumped all of them

People Kylie Jenner dated before Travis Scott – and just why she eventually dumped all of them

Kylie Jenner has become with rap artist Travis Scott over the past few years, with girl Stormi Webster linking all of them with each other forever.

Prior to settling all the way down with the rapper, the intimate landscaping is fairly different when it comes down to today billionaire makeup mogul.

Here’s how she surely got to in which the woman is now from the moment she started matchmaking at high-school.

Ramsey IV: 2008 to 2011

All of it begun with Ramsey IV, the son that stole this lady center if they were in seventh class (equal to year 8 in UK) with each other.

As men run, Ramsey was able to hang on within for a few decades but because they was raised, they eventually grew aside.

Cody Simpson: 2011

There was a time whenever Kylie and Cody outdated but in those days the media spotlight wasn’t so hot throughout the real life star.

It absolutely was stated that these people were a couple however it doesnt seems that Cody is sense it as very much like Kylie may have been.

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Before Cody managed to move on to Gigi Hadid, he talked candidly about their coupling with Kylie, which hinted he had been the main one to stop the woman in to contact.

Talking once they separated, the guy mentioned on hey Ross: The whole K-O-D-Y thing didnt work with myself.

Jaden Smith: 2013

The absolute most interesting aim about Kylies opportunity with Jaden Smith is that through him, she met Jordyn forest, who subsequently become the lady BFF.

Kylie and Jadens updates is generally low key there comprise most doubting there seemed to be something romantic among them.

Kylie had fulfilled Jordyn though in addition they turned into inseparable until their friendship blew right up during Tristan Thompson scandal. [Read more…]