Not sure why you think I would even care, much less chuckle

Not sure why you think I would even care, much less chuckle

It’s not stalking to look at someone’s FB

zimmythegeek Joined the room zimmythegeek A great friend died 3 years ago today. This beady-eyed goon who stalks my personal information can look it up on my Facebook account and have a chuckle at my expense. zimmythegeek Left the room

I find a little irony in this one in the sense i had completely forgotten it and then up there i write how i don’t post negative things on dead chatters.

alua kuponu

He can do what he pleases, but correct me if I’m wrong, he seems to embrace his victimhood

Ok, so everyone gets a taste of his almost daily diatribes about the goddamned motherfucking pier blogger. There are at least another 100 or more room visit examples i could use if i wanted to take the time to cut and paste them.

On a number of those visits, you made it a point to detail how i tracked down your FB information and also how i supposedly got it all wrong on the “Jonny fell off the train today” routine (sing that to the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, but if you add the Hurrah Hurrah, make it clear i suggested you hum that part) and you totally forget there was no tracking down anything. Did i look at your FB? Sure, back when you POSTED YOUR OWN GODDAMN FULL NAME IN THE ROOM. You did that four times actually. In regards to the train story, i will say this one more time. I saw your original story where the claim was you were unconscious when it happened on Weds, i don’t recall now if you said morning or afternoon but i’ll give you the few hours difference and just call it afternoon. [Read more…]