Analog Boyfriend Vintage flute impacts An Ibanez Tube Screamer are an overdrive/distortion extremity that will be moderate pared to many.

Analog Boyfriend Vintage flute impacts An Ibanez Tube Screamer are an overdrive/distortion extremity that will be moderate pared to many.

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An Ibanez hose Screamer was an overdrive/distortion extremity which is gentle pared to a lot of, but enables the genuine appear regarding the guitar and member’s technique to e through. The most popular the application of a tube screamer will be press a tube amp making it overdrive much, nevertheless they seem excellent through almost anything.


1st Tube Screamer is the green TS-808 overdrive pro for the belated ’70s. It absolutely was preceded through tangerine “Overdrive” and environmentally friendly “Overdrive-II” which can be found in smaller box without the presense of battery pack address, along with reddish “Overdrive-II” which had a package much like the TS-808. The light environmentally friendly OD-855 Overdrive-II can inside the TS-808 style container and has a circuit and that is just like the 808 – the board character rates best differ by one digit. The overdrive and OD-II had another, even more distorted, fluffy circuit close to a large Muff.

The TS-808 and its age bracket have actually lightweight rectangular material on/off touch-buttons. Almost all TS-808’s sound fantastic. There were some TS-808s made in the 1979 cycle, generally other people than American market segments, that was available in a narrower field. These have a bottom platter that unscrews to change battery pack like an MXR pedal, no plastic material battery cover. This narrow TS-808 have another type of routine. It employs two 1458 potato chips and those are the 1st form of the low-tech twin op-amp. In addition the LEVEL penis on these try marked BALANCE and external 9V electricity jack is on along side it next to the insight jack. They used the exact same instance given that the previous OVERDRIVE and OVERDRIVE-II pedals which used stomp switches. These experienced a circuit table called OD-801. This board can also be found in a number of outdated Maxon OD-808 OVERDRIVE pedals that had a TS808 style alter and a power port unofficially (never to feel confused with the 2000-era Maxon OD808). Ibanez reissued the thin TS-808 since the “35th Anniversary TS-808” in 2014. Truly a rather accurate reissue except these people made use of JRC4558D potato chips as opposed to the 1458 chips. There is a mod to help make these much like the originals.

Earlier TS-808’s have the Ibanez (roentgen) “marker” logo design which a number of people seek. There does exist truly no distinction, while some among these get a Malaysian escort in Lexington Colorado musical instruments RC4558P processor chip as opposed to the typical Japanese JRC4558 processor chip. An uncommon processor utilized got the TL4558P chip, as in some very early 8-pin IC processor company OD-1 pedals. This is Jim Weider’s favorite chip for the master Of Tone extremity. Many of the early TS-808s possess a nut keeping the ability adaptor port on, while later on data don’t have any fan and a flush adaptor port. It is not necessarily uncommon for a TS-808 getting an undercoat of a different sort of colors (which are noticed in the ever-present spot chips).

Tube Screamer Parents Pic

Follow this link for a few even more images of your batch of TS-808s alongside rare Ibanez pedals from tube screamer children. Likewise a unique TS9 that many of us made into a RELIC.

Original TS-808 info

As you have seen, the JRC processor chip was utilized over the longevity of the TS-808 together with the TL4558P was used in some cases. In abs reports, there is certainly almost no distinction between the three potato chips, the JRC provides the most powerful TYPICAL hose screamer noises- the nice vocal midrange. The Malaysian RC4558P processor chip had been almost certainly regularly reduce your cost when they comprise cheaper than a Japanese earned JRC processor. We will be happy to use the RC processor in mod if you’d like. They have a little bit more resolution which some individuals might want. The first TS808 employed a circuit board denoted MP-D01201A, then at the end of 1980 approximately the two modified into MP-D01201B deck.

SRV made use of the TS-808 for his own signature juicy strat build. When he made use of modest Fender amps which have all-natural overdrive, he made use of the TS fix nice and clean (reasonable drive setting) employing the degree upwards big to force the amplifier for further distortion (determine simple CLEAN RAISE facts below). When he starred by big clean amps this individual transformed the drive upward further, about 1/2 means, with overall tone on about 3 and amount about 7 to have the distortion within the TS.

Around 1982 until 1985 the Ibanez pedals were repackaged in addition to the 9-series of impact comprise earned. The preferred would be the TS-9 tube screamer, which happens to be very nearly the same as the TS-808 internally. Externally the on/off alter matured to pack about 1/3 from the results. The primary difference in the TS-9 rounds is within the productivity section. This triggered the pipe screamer as some lighter and less “smooth”. The Edge from U2 employs a TS9 for the majority of of his overdrive shades, just as carry out countless some other well-known stone and blues participants. In old age the TS-9s had been built along with op-amp potato chips, as opposed to the JRC-4558 to create for into the schematics. Some of those sound horrendous, particularly the JRC 2043DD chips. Many utilized the Toshiba TA75558 which was continuing regarding the reissue. In case you have a different TS9 with the 2043 processor, our 808 mods can make a huge difference in tone.

STL and TS10

As soon as the 9 show am discontinued, the EXCEL AT or L-series pedals comprise created, without a pipe screamer in the array. This series was just built in about 1985. These people accomplished through the SUPER TUBING design STL, which happens to be like a 4 knob pipe screamer. Actually just like the rare and important ST-9 ultra pipe Screamer which has been sold just in Europe. These are generally like a Tube Screamer with an added MIDS regulation, which can be before cutting regarding ST-9 and as soon as the clipping step through the STL. Next in approximately 1986 the similarly had POWER TELEVISION SERIES or 10 collection made an appearance, including the TS-10 tube screamer. pared to a TS-808, a TS-10 possess about 3 times extra rounds improvements in comparison to TS-9 experienced. From about 1988 through 89 if the 10 television series ended, some TS-10 pedals are constructed in Taiwan, utilizing an MC4558 processor chip. All TS-10s (also fifty and 10 series pedals) used affordable jacks and pots which were secured with the boards rather than the circumstances, so they commonly injure or break apart and can’t getting fixed like a hand-made pedal (ts9 and ts808 are usually hand made, hand wired products). There’s a ribbon wire inside which attaches the cooking pot aboard for the most important table.

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