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MLM Training – Quick Tips for Social Selling & Social MLM Recruiting

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mlm home business training

MLM Social Selling and Marketing Tips.

Are you using social selling and social marketing in your home business?

Does social marketing and selling help your mlm business?

Is your network marketing results hampered by social selling and social media?

I  ran across this article recently in Smartbriefs and was really impressed with the content and know it can help your home based business.

60% of the buyer’s journey now happens before your team and mlm distributors
interacts with a prospect. This is why there is such a push for compelling
content marketing strategies these days.  Blogs, ebooks, webinars, social media.
This is all of the utmost importance in generating fresh leads.

As the Sales and Marketig Leader of your team, you have high expectations for Marketing to deliver.  Are you prepared  to defend yourself if Marketing places the same accountability on you?  Don’t  get stuck with a team incapable of leveraging the tools of Sales 2.0.

Despite this marketing focus, best in class organizations only have 40% of
their “pipe” filled by marketing.

Who owns the other 60%?  Your Account Executives.

Are Your Distributors Being Leveraged with Social Selling?

What steps are you taking to leverage your Distriburtors / AEs today? Are you giving them the
tools and instruction they need to be successful? Will they meet that 60%

Everyone has the opportunity to achieve online visibility in today’s digital  world. When you gain online visibility, you can influence those observing you.  Each member of your Sales Team can develop a personal brand.  Let your team then rally followers around that brand.

Your distributors then have the potential to turn members of that personal online network into prospects. One way to leverage your team’s efforts in this way is via Social Media Recruiting and Social Selling..

Quick Social Selling facts:

  • 82% of the world’s online population is reached via social media according  to ComScore.
  • 75% of B2B buyers anticipate that social media will likely influence a
    future purchase.
  • 65% of B2B organizations are already utilizing social media and “social

Is this something that you’ve undertaken at your organization? If not, you’re  officially behind the times. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Twitter – Is your company blog linked to each Distributor’s Twitter page? Do
    your AEs / Distributors post about your offerings? Do they post to solidify themselves (and  your organization) as a thought leader in the industry? All of these actions
    contribute to your AEs /distributors developing their own following. From that following they  can then find prospects.

    With Twitter, instead of reaching a few hundred  prospects, you can reach a few thousand. Establish your organization as the authority from the get-go. In addition, your team can monitor potential  prospects. This can provide further insight into what motivates prospects to act.

  2. LinkedIn – Is your company blog linked to each distributors LinkedIn profile?
    Do you post your presentations to build credibility? Do you post your webinars
    to increase interest in the organization? LinkedIn is the premier B2B social
    media interaction tool. Those on LinkedIn are strictly looking to do business,
    unlike Facebook and Twitter.

    LinkedIn creates more leads than Facebook, Twitter, or Blogging for B2B organizations. If your AEs (and your  organization) are not utilizing it, you’re missing a great opportunity. Just ask  Eloqua.

  3. Facebook – Facebook is crucial to building a brand. While your  conversions may not be as high through Facebook, it still has the largest reach. Your team can successfully spread your brand in hopes of generating new prospects down the road.
  4. Instagram – In recent years, Instagram has come an extended way from being merely a photo-sharing social channel to become an influential weapon of brand name marketing and advertising.Did you recognize that over 600 million Internet users are surfing the Instagram platform to hunt out new products?

    Instagram has leveled the playing field in today’s neck-throat competitive world, and in diverse industry sectors, But driving real results isn’t a enter the park; it requires us to draw up a strategic action decide to promote your business’ Instagram page with buy instagram likes.

Your prospects are undoubtedly already spending time in these channels.  Remember that 60% of the buyer’s journey that happens before contact? These arenas are where your prospects are spending that time. Your leaders need to have a strong presence and engage these prospects from the start.

How to Move Your Team Into the Future

DFTI is leading the charge into the age of  Home business “Social Selling.”  We can help to  develop your distributors into a team adept in creating new prospects. With the right tactics your team can fill the 60% of your pipe that marketing cannot.

Social Selling allows your team to reach prospects on a more personal level via
these social media channels. As a result, prospects will naturally be more receptive. They will view your organization as a helpful resource, as opposed to a “pitch” or a sales plug for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- The 4 Life Changing Lessons Zig Ziglar Taught Me

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mlm home business zig

MLM Zig Ziglar.

Do you know who Zig Ziglar is and he was the king of home business training?

Have you ever read one of Zig Ziglar’s books for your network marketing business?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “See you at the Top?’

It was Zig’s classic line that is now world famous and said daily by a ton of people.

I know. Zig may not be of your generation.

You may have heard his name, maybe. But Zig’s trainings were time transcending and classic in all aspects. He helped birth the personal development industry in the 60’s along with Earl Nightingale, Paul J Meyer, Jim Rohn, Charlie Tremendous Jones, and the like. Zig was in a class all by himself.

Zig Ziglar passed away this morning at 7 AM EST in a hospital.

He had pneumonia and had been in the hospital for a week and fighting it off, but the fight finally gave in to the inevitable passing to his reward.

Zig was an amazing mentor, and in 1994 we became friends and even did some seminars together on the big stage. He was quite the teacher and a friend. His son Tom is a dear friend and we talk often an have done a lot of business together.

In the wake of this tsunami of emotions I was feeling this morning, i got to thinking about what I had learned from this legend, and there were things that stood otu- among all the other things that he poured into my life…

And I will miss him as the world will. And just as Jim Rohn passing a couple of years ago, the world will now have another void in the training world that will never be filled. You cannot copy what cannot be copied as both were totally originals. God himself is probably letting the angels get motivated by Zig now.

What were those 4 things?

1. “It is NOT ABOUT YOU. Never will be.”

At dinner one night, Zig and I were talking and he looked at me and said that one of the greatest lessons he had ever learned was that it was not about Zig. Never was, never will be. it was about helping others getting along in life, and making it all about them.

“Your star is rising Doug, but it is not your star, nor your success. It belongs to the people that will help you get to where you want to go- and you will always owe the for your Success.”

2. “Character and Integrity is the Secret Sauce.”

Zig taught me that there are often “secret sauces” to recipes, and often that made the difference between good food and extraordinary food..

“Take Colonel Sanders of KFC. There was something in that recipe that made all the difference in the world. Not one piece of chicken would have tasted like his food, had it not been for that secrets ingredient. It is the same with life. if you have character and integrity, everything else will work out. There will be people that will offer you things that you need to walk away from and you will know when that happens. The secret sauce will keep you marketable and in business.”

3. “It is not just about hard work- but about smart work. Lot of people that are working hard are dead broke.”

That is so true. Working smart only makes sense if you are an entrepreneur or even an employee. Smarter work always dominates harder work. Yes, you need to work hard, and everyday. But if you combine that with smart work, you will be amazed at how less hard you will have to work to accomplish more in life. Working smart always leads to your OWN business somehow.

Automate, outsource, and delegate. That is the what Zig saw for the future even in the year 2000.

4. Never take yourself too seriously Doug, otherwise, no one else will.

Zig has a genius for making the complicated simple and the drudgery of business fun. he often made fun of himself on stage, and even laughed at himself often. So many times we are SO SERIOUS that we can turn people off and even turn them away.

Get some lightness to your focus and mindset, and have some FUN. Yes, you need to be serious when it is required- but it is not required all the time. And if you are achieving success in your life, do not take that as YOUR success either.

No one succeeds without help.

It is always some kind of team effort. Thank the team, and never pat yourself on the back. Always pat the team on the back and have some fun at your expense.

Here is a BONUS Lesson:

It is the person standing behind the spotlight aiming it on others that has the True Leadership Power.

Enough said. “The Power is in THE SHINE that you bring to others.”- Zig.

If you do these 4 things, you will find your success soaring in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How Caring Accelerates Your MLM Team Building

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mlm home business

MLM Team Building Tips.

Are you displaying the amount of caring that it takes to build a home business?

The success of team building for your network marketing business will depend on your CARING.

Do you understand how CARING works in your mlm success?

There is an ol saying that states, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  This statement I heard first in the 80’s but it is still true today.

I ran across this great article on Smartbriefs  and it is about caring and thought it would be something that we call could learn from. Caring is one of the greatest secrets to Team Building- and it can accelerate it dramatically.


At a sales conference I recently attended, I watched a sales manager pass out sales awards to his global sales team. He passed out thirty-nine separate awards. There were three to five people nominated or eligible for each of the awards.

This sales manager announced each of the nominee’s names, and then he rattled off some personal fact about the individual, how long they’d been with the company, their annual sales figure, their highest monthly sales figure, as well as the number of months that they reached a sales figure over a certain amount.

He did all of this from memory. No notes. No slide deck.

It was an impressive display, to say the least. I pressed him as to why he went to such great lengths to do all of this from memory when most people would have been content to use notes. He didn’t offer up much, so I pressed him a little more and he told me a story. It’s a short story, but it explains everything.

When this sales manager was selling for another company, he won the national award for producing the highest sales. When the principal of the company presented him with the award, the principal didn’t know his name.


He had to prompt someone to give him the name. Now that this sales manager has his own team (and it’s a massive team), he makes it a point to know all of his people by name, their spouse’s name, as well as all kinds of personal details.

Why does he go to such lengths?

He does this because he cares.

It’s the company’s culture to care about their people, and this is just one demonstration as to how they manifest caring. But it’s a staggeringly powerful display of caring about people.

No one wants to be anonymous.

No one wants to be a transaction.

Everyone has the need to be acknowledged, to be significant, to matter.

Sometimes the most powerful lessons you will ever learn come from having a bad manager or leader. If what someone else once did hurt you, doing the exact opposite is a safe bet.

NOTE: The power of caring is unmatched in it’s power—both inside and outside of the company. It’s the foundation of trust. And it breeds results.


What does it mean when you remember someone’s name?

Does it mean something if you forget?

How do you ensure that people know you care about them?

How important are the details?

by Anthony Iannarino

These are some powerful ways to display that you CARE about your team in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Magnetic Body Language Secrets when Recruiting

mlm home business recruiting

mlm network marketing body language

MLM Recruiting Body Language Tips.

How do you respond to body language  in your recruiting for your home based business?

What are the signals that you look for with a person’s face in your network marketing efforts?

Can you read body language in your mlm recruiting efforts?

Body language can reveal much about a person and their interest or LACK of interest in your work at home business. Often we miss the subtle clues that can display where they are in the recruiting process. Even online, there are certain communication clues that can reveal much of noticed.

Body language can accelerate recruiting in network marketing dramatically if read correctly. Below is some of the secrets of using body language in mlm recruiting.

When you are recruiting LIVE and in person, there are many parts of your body that add to the nonverbal message. This type of nonverbal communication is called kinesic code.

It is made up of emblems, illustrators, regulators, affect displays and adapters. 

These behaviors are each communicated in different behaviors and movements of your body.

The first important aspect of kinesics is posture. Standing or sitting in a relaxed professional manner is a positive posture nonverbal.

Also, being comfortably upright, squarely facing an audience, and evenly distributing your weight are all aspects of posture that communicate professionalism, confidence, attention to detail and organization. Nonverbals communicated by moving the trunk of your body are called body gestures.

Several different body gesture strategies are to move to change mood or pace, draw
attention, or reinforce and idea. Some examples are stepping aside for a transition or stepping forward to emphasize a point. Hand gestures are what are most often identified as nonverbal communication.

One reason is because they are so obvious to a receiver and seen to be partly conscious. It is important to let your gestures flow naturally as if in conversation with a close friend.
You may also use gestures to specifically describe shape and size, emphasize a point, enumerate a list, or picking out a specific item. In conjunction with hand gestures is touching.

This is a very powerful communicator especially for establishing a link to a receiver or conveying emotion. However, touching is dangerous because it invades a persons intimate space and may be perceived as unwanted or breaking norms. It is important to pay attention to the other person’s nonverbal cues before deciding to initiate a touch. 

The last area of physical nonverbal communication is facial expression. Facial expression is partly innate and also partly learned. Because of the number of muscles and features, such as mouth, nose, lips, cheeks, in your face, it is extremely expressive. A face can ask questions, show doubt, surprise, sadness, happiness and a wealth of other messages.

Here are some other body language clues for your mlm recruiting:

1. The Head

Rapidly nodding your head can leave the impression that you are impatient and eager to add something to the conversation — if only the prospect would let you. Slower nodding, on the
other hand, emphasizes interest, shows that you are validating the comments of your prospect, and subtly encourages him to continue.

Tilting the head slightly, when combined with eye contact and a natural smile, demonstrates friendliness and approachability. The tilt should be momentary and not exaggerated, almost like a bob of the head to one side. (Do not overuse this technique!)

2. The Mouth

One guiding principle of good body language is to turn upward rather than downward. Look at two boxers after a fight: the loser is slumped forward, brows knit and eyes downcast, while the
winner’s smiling face is thrust upward and outward. The victor’s arms are raised high, his back is straight, his shoulders are square. In the first instance the signals we receive are those of anger, frustration, belligerence, and defeat; in the second, happiness, openness, warmth, and confidence.

Your smile is one of the most powerful positive body signals in your arsenal; it best exemplifies the up-is-best principle, as well. Offer an unforced, confident smile as frequently
as opportunity and circumstances dictate. Avoid at all costs the technique that some applicants use: grinning idiotically for the length of the recruiting session, no matter what. This will only communicate that you are either insincere or not quite on the right track.

It’s worth that the mouth provides a seemingly limitless supply of opportunities to convey weakness. This may be done by touching the mouth frequently (and, typically, unconsciously);
“faking” a cough when confused with a difficult question; and/or gnawing on
one’s lips absentmindedly. Employing any of these “insincerity signs” when you
are asked questions when recruiting, will confirm or instill suspicions about your honesty and effectiveness.

3. The Hands

A confident and positive handshake breaks the ice and gets the interview moving in the right direction. Proper use of the hands throughout the rest of the recruiting session will help to convey an above-board, “nothing-to-hide” message.

Watch out for hands and fingers that take on a life of their own, fidgeting with themselves or other objects such as pens, paper, or your hair. Pen tapping is interpreted a s the
action of an impatient person; this is an example of an otherwise trivial habit
that can take on immense significance in an interview situation. (Rarely will
an prospect ask you to stop doing something annoying; instead, he’ll simply make a mental note that you are an annoying person, and congratulate himself for picking this up before making the mistake of enrolling with you.)

The Feet

Some foot signals can have negative connotations. Women and men wearing slip-on shoes should beware of dangling the loose shoe from the toes; this can be quite distracting and, as it
is a gesture often used to signal physical attraction, it has no place in a home business recruiting session. Likewise, avoid compulsive jabbing of the floor, desk, or chair with your foot; this can be perceived as a hostile and angry motion, and is likely to annoy the interviewer.

These are success body language signals that are powerful revealers that tell what the prospect ia really thinking and where you need to go with the recruiting session- or NOT GO.

These Body Language Signals will help you in your mlm network marketing home based business recruiting.

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MLM Recruiting- How to Turn Your New Recruits into Superstars

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mlm home business network marketing

MLM Recruiting Tips on Recruiting Stars.

How would you like to know how to turn your new recruits into superstars for your growing team in your home business?

Are you looking to develop stars on your network marketing team?

How would that work in mlm?

Here is an article from Smartbriefs and I recommend you reading this several times IF you are serious about recruiting superstars in your organization!


In 2001, Michael Jordan was president of basketball operations and minority owner of the Washington Wizards. After three losing seasons, including a franchise low 19-63, the team needed a turnaround. They had the first overall pick in the draft, and Jordan chose high-school phenom Kwame Brown.

In 12 years in the league, Brown’s played for 7 different teams (soon to be 8) and in his best season, he averaged 11 points and 30 minutes per game. In his fourth season with the Wizards, he only started 14 games, after which they traded him to the Lakers.

In the same year as Jordan’s epic draft pick, the Golden State Warriors selected a relatively unknown guard from the University of Arizona in the second, final round. He was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player of the Year in his second season, and the Warriors subsequently lost him to the Wizards as an unrestricted free agent. He became a three-time All-Star (2005-2007), contributing far more to the team than Kwame Brown did. I’m talking about Gilbert Arenas.

Here’s what Arenas said upon receiving his award in 2003:

“I’ve always had confidence that I’ll be up there with the Jason Kidds and Gary Paytons. I just need to keep working hard…As long as I’m in this league, I’ll still be thinking about the 30 guys that got drafted ahead of me…You just make it into a motivation. That’s one of the reasons I work so hard.”

Arenas has one quality that Jordan couldn’t give Brown: motivation.

Personality Predicts NBA Performance

Twenty-three professional sports teams and six colleges (across five sports) incorporate Caliper in their recruiting decisions. The segments in the chart below (average per player per season overall)are based on Caliper’s draft recommendations.

The athletes whom they recommended significantly outperformed those whom they didn’t.* Their track record is based purely on a proprietary personality assessment, suggesting that hard-to-measure characteristics such as motivation and attitude deserve heavier weighting on draft night.

(I’d like to compare the college stats for these groups in the draft year. Did recommended players outperform in college too, in which case their stats indicate their inner attributes?)

This point holds true in business as well, where 30% of new managers and executives fail and leave within 18 months. Nowhere is personality more a factor in business than in sales.

Sales Success Starts From Within

In the second edition of their book, How to Hire & Develop your Next Top Performer, Caliper’s Chairman Herb Greenberg and President Patrick Sweeney claim that internal motivation distinguishes the top 20% of sales people from the marginal producers.

Because motivation cannot be taught, Sean Sweeney (no relation to Patrick),Philadelphia Insurance Company’s president and COO, prefers to hire only former collegiate athletes into his sales organization.

“[They’re] grinders. They understand that they have to practice and to give it their all to win. They are competitive, self-disciplined, and resilient. They know how to come back from a setback,” he says. Athletes possess many of the same qualities as top sales performers.

Caliper distillsthe essential sales DNA into the following three traits:

  • Empathy. The ability to sense a customer’s needs while not sympathizing to the point of losing objectivity.
  • Ego-drive.The desire to persuade others for the sake of self-enhancement.
  • Ego-strength. The ability to turn rejection into a motivation and not get discouraged.

According to Caliper, more than half (55%) of people working in sales lack sufficient empathy or ego-drive to ever succeed. Providing them with world-class trainingor enticing them with lucrative financial bonuses isn’t a solution.

External Incentives Can Backfire

Money has always been used as a sales motivator. But often times, sales reps pulltransactionsinto one month or push them into the next to hit a temporary bonus target. In these cases, the incentive program fails to generate incremental results – these sales would’ve occurred anyway.

Worse, when incentives are poorly structured, theyhave the potential to drive out your best people. One insurance agency refuses to pay their reps commission on the life of their sales, a standard in the industry.The best reps bail after a couple years when they realize that they’re building a valuable asset (i.e., their book)that they cannot keep when they leave. They do, and the cycle repeats when the company recruits a new batch of college graduates. It’s not a sustainable talent strategy.

Hire For Potential, Not Experience

In addition to administering personality tests, there are several ways to increase the odds of hiring a sales all-star:

  1. Spend more time with your best sales people.Don’t waste too much time trying to change people.Instead, study your top reps. They’ll appreciate the attention, and you’ll learn what separates them from the rest. Hire those who resemble them.
  2. Don’t let the empty seat haunt you. It’s easy to make a rash decision and settle for a mediocre candidate when you’re short-staffed. Be patient. More importantly, keep a prospect list: you should always be recruiting for top talent.
  3. Forget about years of experience. All things being equal, take the candidate with more experience. But what good is a candidate with 10 years of mediocre experience? And what makes you think that they’ll kill it for you, especially if you’re not the market leader?
  4. Look inside. In general, only 30% of employees are in roles matched to their personality. It’s entirely possible that your next top performer is hiding in plain sight as an executive assistant or financial analyst.
  5. Beware of interview stars. You know the type. They’re incredibly focused on making a favorable first impression. They really want you to like them. And that spells disaster for a salesperson who sometimes needs to push to close a sale.
  6. Get a second opinion before hiring someone like you.It’s only natural to like people who remind you of yourself. But this bias can get you in trouble, especially if you’re a strong manager. The best individual contributors are often not the best managers. The roles require different DNA.

Experience is less relevant in a rapidly changing economy. Hire and recruit people who’re not only motivated to sell but also willing to learn. Both employers and employees need to grow.

*While professional sports teams do incorporate Caliper into their draft decisions, Caliper is just one element in a multitude of different factors. Some of these factors are outside of the team’s – or Caliper’s – control of course, including another team selecting them first. By the time the players are brought to Caliper and the team is investing in having them assessed, those players are already seriously being considered. That said, the Caliper assessment can confirm what teams are already seeing in these players or bring up some warning signs.

 This is an amazing article on how to turn your recruits into superstars- from a corporate view and will help your mlm network marketing home business!

MLM Training- Are You Working Your Business or is It WORKING YOU?

mlm home business social mobile marketing

mlm home business social media

MLM Mobile and Social Media Recruiting.

Are you using mobile media or social media in your recruiting for your home business?

What are your plans on using mobile marketing for your mlm?

How do you use mobile recruiting in your network marketing efforts?

Sometimes adapting and engaging new tactics and strategies is the most difficult and
challenging requirement for a new or veteran distributor. You can get in “ruts” and patterns of working and thinking that often will work against you. There are many good sites like bridge who can guide for business.

But how would you like to actually have for once, MORE QUALIFIED prospects to talk to
then you could ever contact?

How would you like to have MORE APPOINTMENTS than you could actually attend and they happen with your mobile?

How would you like to have MORE NEW VOLUME and RECRUITS than you ever have had in your business EVERY MONTH?


If you quit working your business…yes, you read that right.


And then…

Let your business START WORKING YOU.


You can and WILL- if you quit working your business…

And let your business START WORKING YOU.

What do I mean?

How would you like for your business to be on auto pilot while you sleep and when you
wake up every morning you have literally 10 – 20 new leads in your email and people wanting to be your friend and wanting to know what you do? It happens to us everyday.

That is your business working you.

How would you like for your business to open up doors to people and leaders that you
could never have met, and they are contacting you and wanting to connect-while you sleep?

Sound too good to be true?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to hold an event in your home and have people from all over the country attend your event- from New York to L. A. to Tampa to San Diego and you sign them up online? Then you have an archived version of that video that people from all over can view daily-while you are doing something else – and they ask to connect with you?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to have your own TV program or radio show talking about your business
and folks from all over the world watch it on their mobile device while you are with your family at dinner in a restaurant?

That is your business — working you.

Either you are working your business or your business is working you. That is really one of the best kept secrets to Success in network marketing…


  1.  It must create leads while you sleep.
  2.  It must create exposures in multiple places while you are with your family.
  3.  It must do your recruiting while you are busy doing something else.

Then, when you come back to your business, it has work for you to do already in motion with
new leads and prospects who want to connect with you.

 That is your business working you.

And if you do not know how to accomplish that, then let us show you how you can, with Home Business Social and Mobile Media FUSED.

It is a Combined Media Marketing Tsunami that is coming and it will be huge in a couple of years in network marketing and home business.

Let me be blunt:

Social and Mobile Media is something that you really need to embrace. Social and Mobile Media is in it’s infancy in Network marketing with the power of technology working for you to be able to recruit 24/7 even when you are asleep.

Combined- it is a JUGGERNAUT for prospecting and recruiting 24/7. Most people do not realize that 70% of ALL social media is now connected to on mobile devices.

You can be on TOP of the social and mobile media wave when it hits- or on the bottom – and get crushed. That is your call.

These are how you can get your business working YOU in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 8 Powerful EYEBALL PULLING Landing Page Headlines

mlm network marketing landing pages

mlm home business landing pages

MLM Landing Pages Tips.

Do you use landing pages in your efforts for your home business?

How do you use funnel marketing for your mlm business?

What should a landing page say to get your prospect’s attention for your network marketing business?

What IS a landing page in your home business online efforts?

A landing page is an online “greeting page” that GETS YOUR ATTENTION and motivates you to take action like opting in to get a FREE report or watching a video. A Landing page is to GET A MESSAGE ACROSS and to catalyze ACTION by the prospect.

There are many ways to create a good landing page- but it ALL starts with a MAGNETIC headline that PULLS THE EYEBALLS into reading it and then- MOVING the prospect to take action.

There ae three things that can move the prospect to take action:

1. Fear of Loss.

This is a powerful emotion that MOVES the prospect to take action as they do not want to lose out.

2. Hope of Revelation.

This is the hope that something will be revealed that you have been looking for-a solution or answer or little known fact.

3.  Triggers a Desire for INCREASE.

This is where a person hits your landing page, and the message triggers something on the inside to GET MORE, DO MORE, and INCREASE a part of their business or life.

What does a GREAT landing page STARY with?

A HOT and EYEBALL PULLING headline that draws the prospect into reading MORE. I have done more than 500 landing pages and all the copy is focused on one thing:


Here are some killer….

Landing Page Headlines.

Marketing online in the Cold Market with landing and squeeze pages is popular and powerful. They are the “doorway” to getting the prospect to move into your message and funnel.

But you MUST get their attention FIRST.

If you do NOT, you will not build a Cold Market list.

Here are some Eyeball Pulling headlines that have proven to WORK.

 1. “There is a Reason why Most People will Not <lose weight/have great skin/spend too much on travel/etc.> And most do NOT know this reason. Click here for a FREE Report/Video/ebook.”

 2. “”Isn’t It Time that you learned how to actually SUCCEED in your home business beyond all the hype and promises? Get the TRUTH and discover HOW to Accelerate your Success NOW.”

 3. “Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days? If you READ THIS you WILL.”

 4. “10 Ways to Beautiful skin that NO ONE will Tell You- Guaranteed.”

 5.Why have over 10,000 people DOWNLOADED this Video? The Home business/skin care/weight loss/travel/energy/work out –Secrets in the Video WORK Amazingly. Download NOW!

 6. ‘Which Recruiting field is for YOU? Online or offline? How would you like to work BOTH and CRUSH IT? Free Mastery Guide on HOW!”

 7. “FREE 15 Minute Success Consultation for your Home business! We will look at it and give you business transforming tips that will help you Accelerate your Success. Just fill out this form!”

8 “Forget ALL You have learned in Sponsoring! This closely held Video will be a GAME CHANGER and will help ACCELERATE your Success NOW!  And it
is FREE! Fill out the form for access.”

These are some powerful landing page headlines that have proven to work for mlm network marketing home business professionals.

FREE Social media Recruiting ebook-Social Recruiting ebook- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- 6 Powerful Ways to Approach People on Social Media

mlm social media home business

home business social media

MLM Social Media Conversation Starters.

Are you using social media for recruiting in your home business?

How do you approach people about your network marketing business in social media?

In your mlm, is social media even a factor?

Social Media is critical in today’s world of home business. That is why that you need
to be aggressive but polite in your efforts. Cold Market Social media is powerful IF done correctly.

There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries and in every country have begun to appreciate how app developers and their mobile applications can increase engagement with their customers. These efforts allow them to market their products in a way which relates to the modern consumer

It ALL starts with the CONVERSATION.

You must get the person’s ATTENTION and then move them to CONNECTION. Many people do not use effective ways to connect and start the conversation. But if you do not somehow get their attention FIRST- then you will not be able to turn them into a prospect.

A huge mistake many people make I have observed on social media, is that they “AMBUSH” the social media person. They want to pretend that they are connecting with you for social reasons, and then…..


Here comes the wave of communications telling you how you would be perfect for their business, that you would make a great distributor or consultant, and you get pitched out they waazoo on their most current deal- which changes almost quarterly.

How about this…

What if you could grab their attention by being honestly interested in THE PERSON and not just the business for them.  This would garner a whole new type of reply and results. If you choose to go that route, then you may be pleasantly surprised at how the prospect starts moving towards you.

BUT- it ALL starts with getting the social media prospect’s ATTENTION.

These are ways that you can move them towards you and accomplish that, one of the best ways to become popular in social media, for either personal or business goal, is by getting ton of subscribers on youtube, at the beginning you will need to start buying YouTube views until you reach the top 100 of the most viewed channels, then youtube system will start redirecting users to your content.

Here are 6 ways to comment and start a conversation.

1. “I love this video. Wow. I have a question. Do you have more videos like this? Please let me know.”                                                                            

2. “This really helped me. Thank you. Do you have more information like this? Please let me know.”

 3. “This series of videos I LOVED! I would like to interview you for my blog. When would that be possible?”

 4, “I have watched you and love what you are doing. You truly have a gift. Would like to ask you a couple of questions about  your work. When can we connect?”

 5, “I loved your webinar. I learned a lot. Would like to chat about possibly doing one for our team. When can we connect via phone?”

 6. “I see you are quite fond of fitness. I love to work out / network with others that do. I would like to chat with you sometime about your ideas for fitness and nutrition/ Skin care and beauty/ weight loss and diets/travel and fitness equipment as the URBNFit Yoga Ball that is great for training.

These are great ways to approach prospects in social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social media Recruiting- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secret!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Classified Ad Tips NO ONE Will Teach You

mlm classified ads for home business

mlm home business classified ads

MLM Classified Ads Training.

Have you ever run a classified ad for your network marketing business?

have you ever ANSWERED a classified ad for someone’s home business?

What was it that caught your attention about that work at home mlm?

Running classified ads are good if you know how to, and the rules.

Today, there are regular classified ads and social classified ads. Both work and both cannot work.

The focus of a classified ad is ONE THING:

To get the prospect to REACH OUT to you and CONNECT with you- usually by telephone.

What are GOOD ads and what are BAD ads for Cold Market Recruiting?

Good ads are the ones that create an IMPACT with the opening line and then the copy pulls them in the message.

Bad ads are scanned –and then forgotten.

Here are three ads that have proven to make the phone ring or fill your email box up!


“Who says that you cannot earn a significant income out of your home? We are doing it and we need HELP! Give me a call if you would like an extra 1000.00 a week. Call_____________

Are YOU a Leader? Call me.

“National company seeking Leader to help lead a marketing team in this region. Powerful income, great rewards, and bonuses. Call 555.1212 for phone interview.

75.00 an HOUR?  Yes.

If you are seeking somewhere to earn more money, we would like to talk to you. National Company looking for person who wants to average 50.00 to 75.00 an hour. Please call 555.1212 for phone interview and information.

Rules for Classified Ads for Recruiting in the Cold Market:

A) It all depends on whose looking.

Simply, there are weeks that there are not many people looking at the MLM Recruiting ads, and there isn’t a thing you can do about that. If that happens, just understand it, and
move on. Next week will be better.

I ran ads that pulled nothing one week, and ran it again the next week and got a lot of calls. Don’t be too discouraged if a bad week happens and you get no calls. Sometimes that
is gonna happen. Accept it and wait till next week.

B) It all depends on whose looking and what they are looking for.

So true. People may be looking, but if they are not looking for what you are offering, then you still may get limited response.

Continue on and know that the people you are looking for will eventually see your ad. Maybe not today, or this week, but it will happen.

Again, I ran a ton of Cold Market Recruiting ads, and I knew there were people looking as they called me. But they weren’t looking for what I had to offer as many were looking for a

God blessem, move on to the next response which there will be more.

C) Ads must be run consistently, not just once.

Cold Market MLM Recruiting Ads that run for weeks at a time have a better response in the long run then short run ads. I had many people I recruited tell me they looked at our ad for
several weeks before calling, as they were curious to see if we would be around
for a while.

Don’t be afraid to run an ad for weeks as you will get calls from folks who don’t call ads the first week they run.

D) The first 5 words MUST grab their attention.

The first 5 words in the headline, and copy MUST grab their attention. If they don’t, you lose them. And the first 5 words must create some form of curiosity, and compel them to pick
up the phone and call. I have run many ads that I didn’t realize the first 5
words were horrible.

E) Asking questions will draw them into your ad and increase
your response.

If your headline is a question, and a HOT one, you will increase dramatically the response ratio to your Direct Sales ads.


It draws them into the ad, and creates some curiosity and compels them to call. Questions can be powerful and impactful to grab a person’s attention. Use them and again. Use short,
provocative questions or statements in your headline.

“Has this ever happened to you?”

“Maybe this is what you are looking for…”

“I doubt it!”

“Don’t tell me they have done it again!”

Use IMPACT questions or statements to draw them into your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power -over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 7 Ways YOU May be Working Yourself OUT of Network Marketing?

mlm network marketing home business begging

home business mlm begging

MLM Success Tips.

Are YOU working yourself out of your home  business?

Are YOU unknowingly getting ready to exit network marketing?

How will you know what you are doing with your mlm business?

There are many distributors in our home business profession that actually are slowly working themselves OUT of network marketing and mlm- and they have NO clue they are doing it.

Are YOU?

Let me explain….

We all have heard it.

It echoes over and over and over.

 “Work hard and you WILL Succeed! Be a busy beaver! Put the hours in! Hard work is all you need! Who needs sleep?”

But yet, many network marketing work at home distributors work very hard and long hours and do not ever succeed and end up leaving this business.

I know thousands of people that actually worked themselves OUT OF THIS BUSINESS!

How did this occur?

 1) These distributors were working very hard and very long hours and became totally exhausted with little results to show-so they left.

 2) These distributors were trying to be in too many places doing too many things at the same time-and got burned out.

 3) These distributors were talking to people who were not really interested –and led the distributor on- which started creating resentment for the industry from the distributor.

 4)  These distributors were trying to find people who would talk to them—not find prospects that were looking for them.

 5) These distributors were trying to “keep the plates spinning” so none would fall and break. But they were not aware that they were spinning the wrong plates – the wrong way.

 6) Theses distributors were being way too busy, spending way too many hours – “working this business, being BUSY”- but not BUILDING this business.

 7) These distributors were listening to the WRONG PEOPLE in their upline – who were not willing to do what they were asking OF THEIR DOWNLINE.

And I could list another dozen reasons…

These distributors attempted many of the right things for success—but did them totally wrong, totally exhausted, or totally discouraged.

They became frustrated, and many even became desperate.

And they ended up practicing in their business, without even knowing it, something that
creeps up on you and takes over your business:

“Net-BEG Marketing™”

 They end up begging people- without even being aware of it – to give them some time or to
join their business. So if you want your own business InventHelp is there to assist you at anytime with many researchers, illustrators, writers as well as customer service representatives and other staff.

This business is Net-WORK Marketing. It is NOT “Net-BEG Marketing.” You do NOT have to spend your time begging people for an appointment, or to buy something from you, or even to listen to you. There are MILLIONS of people looking for you and want to talk to you, but you must be where THEY ARE and Visible in that Market,

You move into “Net-BEG Marketing” slowly, and quietly. I have seen many people move into it their first couple of years, and someone had to steer them out of it-IF they could. You lose your power in this business and come across with a “NEEDY focus” — not a power focus.

You end up NEEDING the prospect, not the prospect needing you.

The prospect feels it and backs away. And it eventually gets to the point that many folks are mentally “on their knees” begging people for their time and money, and not even aware they are doing it.

They literally are “working themselves OUT of mlm home business network marketing.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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